My Decorating

My Massachusetts Home

family room/kitchen 1      family room/kitchen 7
family room/kitchen 2      family room/kitchen 8
family room/kitchen 3      family room/kitchen 9
family room/kitchen 4      family room/kitchen 10
family room/kitchen 5      family room/kitchen 11
family room/kitchen 6

dining room 1
dining room 2
dining room 3
dining room 4
dining room 5

Budget kitchen step 1
Budget kitchen step 2
Beechy Keene 1
Beechy Keene 2
It's all about the curtains
Chairs for Joanie
Miriam and Ross's dining room

My Tropical Cottage
My Florida pool makeover
More on my pool!
Plantation Shutters

  My Florida Living Room
  My Florida Living Room 2
  My Florida Living Room 3
  My Florida Living Room 4
  My Florida Living Room 5                         
 My Florida Living Room 6                                 
 My Florida Living Room 7
My Florida Kitchen 1
My Florida Kitchen 2
My Florida Kitchen 3
My Florida Kitchen 4
My Florida Kitchen 5

My Florida Dining Room 1
My Florida Dining Room 2
My Florida Dining Room 3
My Florida Dining Room 4

My Florida Master Bedroom 1
My Florida Master Bedroom 2
My Florida Master Bedroom 3
My Florida Master Bedroom 4
My Florida Master Bath 1
My Florida Master Bath 2
My Florida Master Bath 3

My Florida Guest Room 1
My Florida Guest Room 2
My Florida Guest Room 3
My Florida Guest Room 4
My Florida Guest Room and Bath

My Florida Study 1
My Florida Study 2
My Florida Study 3
My Florida Study 4
My Florida Study 5
My Florida Study 6
My Florida Study 7

Florida outside 
Florida entry
Florida powder room

      Kris's House

Kris's Living Room 1        Kris's Upstairs Hallway 2
Kris's Living Room 2        Kris's Dining Room 1
Kris's Living Room 3        Kris's Dining Room 2
Kris's Living Room 4        Kris's Dining Room 3
Kris's Living Room 5        Kris's Dining Room 4
Kris's Living Room 6        Kris's Dining Room 5
Kris's Living Room 7
Kris's Hallway                  Kris's Kitchen 1          
Kris's Upstairs Hallway 1

Connie's Beach House
       Living Room 1       Living Room 3
       Living Room 2       Living Room 4
       Dining Room 1       Dining Room 3
       Dining Room 2
       Study                    Hallway
       Kitchen                  Powder Room
       Guest Room
       Connie's Room 1     Connie's Room 2      
       Connie's Room 3     Connie's Room 4
       Chris's Room 1       Chris's Room 2
Connie's Vermont House
Entry Foyer                     Living Room 3
Dining Room 1                Living Room 4
Dining Room 2                Kitchen 1
Dining Room 3                Kitchen 2
Dining Room 4                Kitchen 3
Living Room 1                 Kitchen 4
Living Room 2                 Gazebo 1


janek said...

I'm was surprised to read that your Fla. isn't an older vintage style-love what you've done!

Mandy said...

Betsy...just found you....have been reading post after post....I need to get up...started around 9:30am and it is now....11:56 !!!!! You make me laugh, love your style, funky, personal but BRAVE!!! I HAVE to go but will be back for more later. Need to go shopping with three teenage boys for pants and shirts for a wedding next weekend...U G H!!! You have helped me put the whole treacherous experience off long enough!!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog as I was browsing and looking for some fresh, wild and tropical ideas. Then I hit the jackpot with your blog!!! I absolutely love your Florida place. I live in Melbourne, Fl. and have what some people may call "very crazy "Keys and Hawaiian crappy chic" style of decorating. If I like something, in it goes! You are an inspiration to everything you do. If you are ever in Melbourne, come by a take a look. Thanks for sharing all your fabulous fearless ideas.
Vicki in Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, very inspirational, and glad people like you show us how it can be done. Love all all homes, and they way the are decorated, live in perth western australia, and on a budget, so your block is very inspiring to me. And yes I love to recycle as well as stuff was made a lot sturdier in past times.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I stumbled onto your blog when you were writing about your guest room. Everything about your writings and your decorating is fabulous. You have given me license to do what I want to do, even if 'others' disagree.

I have started at the beginning of your blog and worked my way thru and I feel so bad. I have made it all the way to the end. Thank goodness you are still blogging. I will probably start over again and will probably learn more the second time thru. Thank you so much for blogging. dody

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I lost my posting.

I discovered your blog when you were writing about your guest room. I sent the link to my sister and my neice as I knew they would love it.

I started at the beginning of your blog and have worked my way thru to the end. I will now start over again, knowing that I will learn more as I go thru it again. You design in just the style that I love. I know a lot of people are saying 'less is more' and I tried that for a while, but it just wasn't me. Thank you for giving me licence to decorate in the way I love.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is truly inspiring! I love the colors you use in decorating and all your DIY projects. And the humor and sass is always right on time.

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