Friday, October 10, 2014

It's ME, betsy!!!!!
Did you miss me????? Do you remember who I am?????
In honor of the fact that I am finally writing the next chapter of the adventure of redoing Kris's porch.....
take a deep whiff, and let's get to it!
(don't you wish this was one of those scratch and sniff thingies?????)

We left off at this point in the transformation.
Kris had a fantasy
 (that has now been fulfilled by the designer genie....Betsy)
 to spend lazy days on the porch spying on watching the people of the neighborhood walk by.
In order to do this,
So we went place putting tushy shopping, and chose outdoor wicker by Lloyd Flanders.
There's a convenient shop near where we live that sells all sorts of garden stuff.
It's called Seasons Four and is in Lexington Massachusetts.
Kris did a lot of in depth research.
Placing her tushy all over the store.
She's a reference librarian, so she's very good at research.
She be workin' hard!!!!!
We chose the Nantucket style as it was appropriate for the period of the house.
I was able to stuff in do a floorplan that accommodated plenty of seating for Kris's family and friends.
I placed a sofa and chair on one side of the porch, and three rockers on the other side. 
We used the dining chair for the seat perpendicular to the sofa, as the porch wasn't deep enough for the width of the lounge chair.
I also liked that the back pillow was small, allowing the open weave to show.
There was room for four rockers on the other side of the porch, but we were worried about it looking like an old folk's home.
(even though she and her hubby ain't the young chickens that they once were.....)

We then dove into eBay and Craig's List looking for old tables to finish the floorplan.
I have yet to take the final pictures, as I was waiting for the last table to arrive.....
and then Kris had to go on a trip to the southern tip of Africa.
She is very inconsiderate of my readers.

I just remembered that I told you guys that I would write about finding the antique carriage wall sconces in this post.
It was going to be a really go one too.....
I'll do it next time.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah
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