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2LittleFishies said...

SO, if I wanted to do a YELLOW KITCHEN similar to the one you did, what color paint would I use for the lower cabs? : )
I have several BM colors taped (8x8/5x9) sheets to my cabinet and am getting lost in yellows. I really was thinking a buttercream color.
My frontrunners have been America's Heartland 197 and Pale Moon OC-108. Then I wonder if they will be too pale or if I should be more daring? Our kitchen gets SE exposure.
Other possibilities are Cornsilk 198 (one shade down from Americas H), Weston Flax (HC-5) same basic color as Pale Moon but 1/2 shade more saturated, and Vellum 207.

I'd like to accessorize with deeper and brighter yellows (like the flowers in your inspiration picture and a little bit of black maybe. HELP, please! : )

Some have used Hawthorne Yellow (HC-4) but it might be too much for me. I would love to attach a few pics of inspiration colors/fabrics but I don't see how. (I don't have a blog).

shannonallsworth said...

This is one worth answering! I'm dying to know the answer!

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