Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Last of the Cape Cod Showhouse Bedroom

Hey! Did you guys think I fell off a cliff and DIED?????
Well I didn't . 
You're probably sick of hearing this by now, but I've been working my considerable a$$ off trying to finish my "Spring Collection" for my "Fabric Line".
Well, boys and girls, let us liberate these words from their quotes!!!! 
As my people busted out of Egypt,
 so shall my supposed fabric line
 bust out of supposition into the real deal!!!!! 
It was supposed to launch last spring......well it didn't.....
Then it was supposed to launch last fall......Well it didn't.......
I've got 10 patterns, 10 colorways each (more or less...) and they are all in their cozy little files of one full width repeat ready to go to the factory.
There are strike-off sample fabrics all over the floor of my living room and the dining table and the coffee table and the chairs.....
so it's lucky that I don't have any friends to come visit...... 
I have a little sitting room with my kitchen.
I've even had my logo (designed by me me me) federally registered!!!!!
I am a big girl.
I am a bidniss woman.
We have one more meeting to decide how we will display them in the wings at the Boston Design Center in Studio 534,
 and then we need to get them all printed out and sent to get the samples and wings sewn.
We need to get the tickets printed that will be stapled to each sample.
We need to staple them to each sample.........
I believe that someone else will be doing all that as I am already designing
 the "Fall Collection".
This time it's going much faster, as I now have a better sense of what I'm doing, and I don't have to reinvent the wheel.
(The wheel is square, isn't it????)

Back to the room we were looking at before my ginormous gap in blogging!!!!!

Just a little refresher, here's an overall picture of the room.
It was a showhouse room I designed in 1767,
 way back when I was still working for people who could complain to me while I stood there and smiled and took it like a champ.
If you think it's fun to be an interior designer, you're out of your @#$ gourd!!!!!
it was fun to do showhouse rooms.
Lots of work and frustration, but fun.
It was like an HG TV show, no time or money, but you had to make it look really good.
The best way to do this economically was to try to use as much from you house as you could.
Or to plan a use in the future for anything new that you had to buy.

I had found this funky chair at a junk store for just a little money. I stripped the disintegrating old yucky rotting fabric and moldy old straw upholstery from it's poor old bones. It was probably made from mahogany. I don't remember, but just looking at the shape, I'm guessing that would be what they used. It's hard to see, but the upper corners have tassels carved in them, that I just loved.
Anyway, this was in the days before chalk paint, so I lightly sanded the finish off the wood and not knowing what I was doing, forwent the primer coat, just painted white on the raw wood. Then I rubbed it with my hands, and it developed this wonderful aged look!!!!!
A little light distress sanding and she was all done and ready to go to Drape It to be upholstered.
I used the same fabric from Brunschwig & Fils that I had applied to the walls and ceiling.
The way to get a good crown on a chair cushion, like the picture below, is a 100% feather and down fill. Nothing else will give you that look. 
The pillow on the chair is one of my stellar creations. I've talked about this pillow before, as it's in my kitchen/family room. 
I made it out of scrapes of yarn that I had accumulated. 
It says, SIT DOWN RIGHT HERE, so I do.

I'm going to look at land tomorrow down here in Flerida.....
I love my house, but telling me about an open unbuilt piece of land is like waving a red flag in front of me. 
I am probably just kicking tires.
But just in case, I better be wearing my sh$% kicking boots!!!!!

On that note,
Later Gator
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