Saturday, December 17, 2016

I'm Loosing My Mind, So You Have To Come With Me....

That's right little campers.....
I'm back for another post 
right on the heels of my previous one!!!!!
You guys are so lucky.
Or, as they say in New Jersey,
Yous Guys.
I learned something from my under graduate degree.

After writing that I was definitely going to use the green colorway of my cabbage rose pattern.
I have changed my mind.
Quelle Surprisio!!!!!
(spell check doesn't like it when I make up new foreign languages.....)
(spell check has no sense of humor.....)

You may wonder why there are two blog posts in close succession...
I have a headache.
And my headache medication has caffeine in it.
I don't normally have caffeine.
Due to medical issues that are none of your damn business.
(Not that you would be interested, 'cuz my family is certainly bored hearing about them, and they are all doctors.)
when I have a headache, it is a great excuse to get a little caffeine in my system.
Which my brain box really really really really loves.

I am having trouble working out a drop repeat right now on a new design, so I am looking for any excuse to distract me from my frustration.

let's get to today's design issue for little Betsy.
We left off here.
I was going to use my green colorway.
I really love this look.
It is fresh and pretty....(if I do say so myself.....)
there was an uproar from the peanut gallery pushing the pink color back to the forefront
of my cerebellum.  
You guys liked it in the room, and pointed out that it was more what I was known for.
Not that you shouldn't allow me to evolve.
So I placed the pink on my antique French chair to show the class how it looks, because that is how I will be using it.
Like the way all my pictures are blurry?????
I am too lazy to pull out my tripod, and I am shooting in low light.
So deal with it.
I gots to admit that this colorway goes better with the rug and bookcase.
Maybe that's because I originally designed it to go with my living room.
It was so long ago that I forgot that.
Can you believe me?
Talk about a senior moment.
I expressly colored blue flowers into the bouquet to pull in the blue of the bookcase.
I worked really hard for this $%# colorway to work with my living room, and then I forgot that I did that.
Below is the way we sell it in my collection.
It is a fresher pallet.
Josh chose the more muted one that I show above to be printed on my natural linen ground.
Here is one of my fabulous side by sides!!!!!
See how the one on the right is more muted?
That's the one for me.
Below I've pinned the two samples to my current drapery panels, you can see the difference even better. 
the one on the right is the bright way it's being sold, and the one on the left is the way I will use it, and it's not for sale, unless you want it, and then, of course we can accommodate you!!! 
I had to try another colorway.
This is the French blue on white.
I am not going to do it.
But I am leaving no stone unturned.
I need another caffeine pill.
Or something.
on that note,
Latah Gatah

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Redecorating Using My OWN Fabrics!!!!!!!

I'm redoing my living room.
I'm redoing my living room.
I'm redoing my living room.......

Have I mentioned that I am redoing my living room?????

I am driving myself crazy with this $%&!!!!!

You think it's hard decorating your own house????
Try doing it when you can design your own fabrics, 
and then change the colorways to be 
anything you want.....
I have finally settled on the pattern I am going to use.
It's from my Fall 2016 collection.
(don't you just love how that sounds?)
(It's like I have a gazillion different collections.)
(when we all know I have the grand number

Josh (the boy wonder who is my partner and pain in my @$$) didn't want to sell this pattern in the large 18" repeat size.
Now that he sees how it looks on chairs he has changed his mind.
It's called Gypsy Bouquet.
Why I called it that, I have no idea. 
Don't ask me to explain myself.
You'd be waiting for an explanation a looooog time.
I have pinned the fabrics over my new antique chair and on top of my draperies, so I could see how they will look.
It lays out just perfectly for the back of a French Chair, or a toss pillow.
The reason for this is because
I am soooo fabulous.......
Due to pressure from my besty Kris and Josh, I am using this sophisticated colorway for my living room.
I think it is the prettiest one.
The muted pink one matches my carpet, but this one is more growed up.
And I am a growed up person.
I am selling this in 2 scales.
This large one, which will be available in the Spring of 2017, and the smaller scale is available now.
Unless you want to order the larger scale, and then we can talk!!!!!
I was thinking about having the walls repainted in a soft green to offset the white background of the drapery fabric, but Josh thinks the white will look nice and fresh.
What to do.... What to do.......
I stand in the doorway of the living room and just stare and wonder...
stare and wonder.

I got sidetracked onto a tangent of pink color by my muted pink colorway that isn't even in my collection.
 (Josh vetoed it, it's printed on my natural line background, but not the white linen like here.)
The pink in my collection is a brighter color that he says is more the look of today.
I'm not sure.....
but there seems to be an insult in there somewhere......
See how it lays out great on a pillow?????
(I pinned it over my old pillow)
I am da bomb!!!!!
I was considering this with the smaller scale for the draperies.
It's very pretty with the pink rug in this room.
But Josh isn't going for it, and this will be an ad.
Or a magazine story.
Or both?!?!
I think this is a quintessential cottage look for a cabbage rose in pink.
See how it goes with my rug and the way the bookcase is painted now???
I will have to repaint the outside of the bookcase if I use the cream and green fabric.
Which I am going to do.
I think.
No, I'm sure.

I thought the problem I was having was that I needed a more sophisticated pink.
I recolored the pattern in a more monochromatic pink colorway just for me me me.
It went OK with the rug....
I can never tell how a fabric will look in real life.
It always prints differently than on my computer.
I worked up 5 different levels of color.
That's 5
I must admit to the class that the lightest one looks SUCKY!!!

after all that time fiddling around with pinks....
I am back using the cream and green.
Unless I change my mind.
Or design a fabric I like better.

In the mean time,
I have designed an awning stripe for my two club chairs to go with this and have recolored my Small Diamond Batik pattern in this colorway for my sofa.
I'll let you know when I get the strike offs from my factory.
By then I will have changed my mind.
Oy Vey.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah

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