DIY projects

Miriam's dining Room makeover
step 1             step 9
step 2             step 10
step 3             step 11
step 4             step 12
step 5             step 13
step 6             step 14
step 7             step 15
chair makeover


Kim said...

I love you, Betsy Speert! I may lose my job for laughing too loudly (and, apparently, at email from coworkers rather than your blog)!

Di said...

re the comment above, I know, LOL. Betsy... you rock. A breath of fresh air among the squeelers.

Keep it coming!


design on a find said...

So I have been catching up on all of your posts. There is a burn on my leg from my laptop...My husband thinks I'm having an internet affair.. I am laughing out loud....Loved Miriam's dining room story. It is like getting a good book and speed reading to the next chapter...Time to put the laptop in the freezer before it melts on my lap. I've learned a lot about myself in the meantime... 1.) I can't pull my house together and decide what my style is because I'm not you...Right now lets just say. I'm in the "Early American Junk" phase. I would love a comfy cottage-like home...Looks like I'll have to stay tuned and listen-up!!

Betty Jo said...

I just ran across your site.. I feel like a kid in the candy store.. Love it, it inspires me to do more in my home and with my friends

Anonymous said...

tremendous, hope you keep on blogging, as I have to so many remakes to do, its not funny, retired, and the house is well you know when you have not had time except work... this gives me inspiration, it will drive my husband crazy.. haha he has got some painting to do....

Kerry said...

Betsey, I just started following you and I love love love your blog!! I have almost made it through all of your past posts and its really sweet. Cheers Kerry

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