Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why I Hate New Years Eve!!!!!

I hate New Years Eve.
Actually, I hate most holidays......
 I don't like small talk, so I hate parties.
I used to be able to drink, so it made people at parties much more interesting.
Now I can't handle more than a glass of wine, and folks have become very boring....
Parties used to be fun, because not only could I drink!!!!! I could flirt!!!!!
when I was younger, I enjoyed getting dolled up... with makeup... nail polish... big hair and sexy clothes.

I only want to wear sweat pants.
Make up is just one more thing I have to clean off my person, 
before I can hit the hay.
Nail polish isn't an option for someone who paints as much furniture as I do,
 besides, I don't like the fumes and I just don't give a rats behind about my appearance anymore.....
 like I used to.....,
Nail polish isn't a necessity with sweat pants.
And a sweat shirt.
And sneakers,
with big bulky comfy socks.....
if I can't wear clothes that a hooker would don for business on the side of the road, 
what's the point of going out??????

So .....
to all of you out there.....
Happy New Year!!!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Full Year of Projects.


Another chance to tell Betsy what you think!!!!!

First project of 2013 was making something out of almost nothin'!
Click here to read how to create a vintage print from the internet and a custom looking frame and mat.
Then, I did a piano bench for Miriam and Ross.
Click here, here and here to see how to paint, add an upholstered top and make a small slipcover for the damn thing!!!!!
Then I painted an old metal magazine rack/table for them.
Click here !!
I made a needlepoint pillow for Connie
(click here to see)
I painted another table for Miriam and Ross....
(click here)
(click here.....)
Then I painted a coffee table, making the top look like stone!!!
(if you want, click here, otherwise.....don't)
I painted a lattice pattern on the top of a chest of drawers.
I showed you guys the first piece of furniture I painted, before I discovered Chalk Paint.
(click hereeeeee..)
Then I undertook redoing a chair, it almost did me in.
Here are all the phases.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 
Then I started getting into some sewing.
I made a coverlet for Kris.
click here and here.
Then it was time to sew the pillow shams.
click here and here.....
Then I sewed living room draperies for Miriam and Ross.
click here....
Next, I attacked a pair of chairs for them, and made slipcovers.
Click here and to see how to sew them....here.
For next to Miriam and Ross's sofa I painted a little table and showed you guys how to get a layered paint finish.
Click here already....
I reupholstered some chairs and showed you how to do it to get a cushier seat.
click here.
I showed you how I created a Gustavian finish.
And lastly.....
I nearly lost my mind sewing this duvet cover with a million buttons.
So that's the recap of 2013.
I did a lot more than I realized.
I wonder what my mental health would have been like if I hadn't found these projects?????
That's a scary thought.
On that note,
Have a Happy New Year and may the next one be really really good!!!!!
Latah, Gatah

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Pillow Results Are In!!!!

That's right kampers.....the results are in!!!!!
I will show you guys each pillow according to their popularity and how many folks voted for them.
The rabbits won hands down, but a couple of readers felt they were creepy.
It's important to have creepy things in a guest room.....
otherwise the guests won't leave!!!!!
They got 9 votes.
Next in popularity was #3
6 votes for the beds and 1 for the chair.
Then came a tie for third place....
numbers 2, 5, and 7.
Each received 4 votes.

In fourth place we had another tie!!!!!
How exciting is this?????
It's like a horse race!!!!!
Two votes apiece for numbers 1, 4 and 8.

Poor number 6 only got one vote.....
One of you guys noticed that numbers 9 and 5 would make a nice pair.....
I think numbers 2 and oops!!!! (I didn't show you this one,,,,,) would also go together....If I cut off the fringe.
But all this is moot, if Kris chooses the wabbits.
Here's a side by side with the room and the pillows...
First the wabbits.
Next a soft look.
Last is the red border.
I like the red border ones.
Kris likes the rabbits, because she is a Liberian, and she uses glasses when she reads, and the rabbit is wearing glasses while reading to little chickees, so she likes it.....
Tomorrow I hope we can get together at her house and decide this very important decision.....
I'll keep you posted.
Destiny is ours!!!!!
(What ever the hell that means.....)
On that note,
Latah, Gatah

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pillows, Pillows, What to Chooooose.......

HoKay Kampers!!!!!
As my holiday gift to you.....
I am going to let you leave your opinions in the comments section below.
Tell Kris and me which pillows you'd like to see against the bed pillows at the heads of her guest room beds.
To refresh your fading memories.....
here's a shot of the room.
I want a splash of color against the pillows.....
Just a nice small needlepoint, we figured something 16" square, or 16"x 18" 
Off to eBay!
Below are some of the choices facing us.
The discussion is whether or not to go with some whimsy, and do the rabbits, 
or to stay more "pretty" and go with the flowers.
Rest assured.....
your opinions won't matter at all.....
(doesn't mean I don't want them, I have to have something to laugh at while everyone is celebrating Christmas.....)
We will do what we want, take pictures of it.....
and then make you look at them.
I am a gracious blogger.
I am sensitive to the feelings of my readers.
here we go,
let's look at some pillows!!!!!
(I will be cutting off the tassels from some of these, it depends on whether or not they look to TOO, if you know what I mean.....)

First up, the florals.
(this is just like the one above, just upside down in in a different colorway.....)
# 6

Then we found these rabbit ones.
Kris thinks they're funny and quaint.

They remind me of someone reading a newspaper on the pot.
But that's just me, my mind works in lyrical ways.
I like how they are mirror images of each other.
We also need a pillow for the chair I redid.
Kris would like a round one.
Of course she does.....
because there are none like that on eBay, so now I have to make one.
I like to pretend that I am put upon,
taken advantage of,
used and abused....
but I live for this stuff.
Just more crap in a craptastic world!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah
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