Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Full Year of Projects.


Another chance to tell Betsy what you think!!!!!

First project of 2013 was making something out of almost nothin'!
Click here to read how to create a vintage print from the internet and a custom looking frame and mat.
Then, I did a piano bench for Miriam and Ross.
Click here, here and here to see how to paint, add an upholstered top and make a small slipcover for the damn thing!!!!!
Then I painted an old metal magazine rack/table for them.
Click here !!
I made a needlepoint pillow for Connie
(click here to see)
I painted another table for Miriam and Ross....
(click here)
(click here.....)
Then I painted a coffee table, making the top look like stone!!!
(if you want, click here, otherwise.....don't)
I painted a lattice pattern on the top of a chest of drawers.
I showed you guys the first piece of furniture I painted, before I discovered Chalk Paint.
(click hereeeeee..)
Then I undertook redoing a chair, it almost did me in.
Here are all the phases.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 
Then I started getting into some sewing.
I made a coverlet for Kris.
click here and here.
Then it was time to sew the pillow shams.
click here and here.....
Then I sewed living room draperies for Miriam and Ross.
click here....
Next, I attacked a pair of chairs for them, and made slipcovers.
Click here and to see how to sew
For next to Miriam and Ross's sofa I painted a little table and showed you guys how to get a layered paint finish.
Click here already....
I reupholstered some chairs and showed you how to do it to get a cushier seat.
click here.
I showed you how I created a Gustavian finish.
And lastly.....
I nearly lost my mind sewing this duvet cover with a million buttons.
So that's the recap of 2013.
I did a lot more than I realized.
I wonder what my mental health would have been like if I hadn't found these projects?????
That's a scary thought.
On that note,
Have a Happy New Year and may the next one be really really good!!!!!
Latah, Gatah


Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hi Betsy,
My favorite was that beautiful arm chair with the linen fabric. It would look lovely in my living room!!!
Happy New Year!
Laura, eastern Ontario Canada

Kelly said...

Hello Betsy! I loved everything ! I know that we are suppose to choose just one but, it is the Sabbath and I cannot lie. Everything it is ! I just keeping hoping that you will bring back question and answer Tuesdays. Thanks once again for your blog .

Amy Chalmers said...

Wow! You worked your butt off this year!! Beautiful projects too, Betsy!

Joan said...

I just love that piano bench, I need to do that to my poor beat up one.

Leslie's Garden said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about all you did! All that painting makes me envious. I tried my hand at painting a piece of furniture and was so sick of it. It took 4 coats. I hated every minute! I'm sure if I had known what I was doing it would have gone smoother!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy seeing how your mind works when you redo a space. But that darn chair was so hard and turned out so amazing that I have to choose that as my favorite project. Suzi

Bonnie Schulte said...

I am so happy I held your hand...oh wait, I didn't, did I, through it all. but I sure did have fun, watching you do your magic!!!

Susie H. said...

I have really enjoyed all your projects this year. How do you have all that energy? I love your attention to detail like the buttons on the duvet. My favorite project though is that darn chair. I love how it turned out!! I saw the same chair for sale at a consignment shop but could never have attempted it. Congratulations.

bmayer said...

all are great but love the painted magazine rack (probably the easiest of all your projects) and the duvet covers with the different buttons

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

My favourite is the painted linen press. I like the colour choice and the monograms on the doors.

Donnamae said...

You.were.busy! My favs...all the projects for your niece and her hubby! Like I! ;)

Unknown said...

It is so hard to choose just one...but since you made it is the table that you made the top to look like stone! It is so unusual and I love it so much! Your work is so amazing. Gosh I sure wish I was a friend or relative!!!!!

Unknown said...

This is tough call because everything you do is fantastic but I would have to say the upholstered chair is my favorite and I really want it! Happy New Year Betsy!

Unknown said...

An amazing lot of work you've got done this year! And everything is so lovely I have a hard time picking a favorite! I love it ALL!

Anonymous said...

Your "princess" chair with the bow and points is my favorite and from your narrative it seems that you learned the most from this project. You painted, matched stripes, dealt with stuffing cushions, had to add little pieces, double welting - some of them were not easy - yet you persevered and did a beautiful job. BRAVO! BTW, my husband enjoys your blog simply for your style of "whining" and superb use of font sizes to create voices and thoughts. Not only are you educational but also extremely entertaining and thought provoking. We discussed your comments about Christmas many times. Thank you. RSmith

mray said...

Wow, you have an impressive list!! I have only followed your professional advice and love that you have gifted your time and energy to family & friends. I am up for adoption......My idol, that would be you!

Unknown said...

My vote goes to the chair you upholstered for your pal Kris. This past week I have systematically, carefully, and chronologically read each and every post. It reads like a novella! I had begun to doubt my stubborn love for cabbage roses, chintz, and color. Well, I no longer doubt! I have been affirmed, my love renewed! I did not know I had such nostalgia for barkcloth (as a girl I loved the deep rich colors, bold images, and funny looking texture).
Your devoted kamper, Mardi

Mir said...

Linen Press!

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