Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to Dress a Cottage Bed

We"re slowly finishing up Kris's guest bedroom.
Last post I showed you guys the duvet covers I made.
This post I will show you the bedding, including the bedskirts!!!!!
You is sooooo lucky!!!!!
We still need to find toss pillows for the heads of the beds, and Kris needs to buy nice new puffy pillows.....
but the rest of the bedding is finally done.
The duvet covers add a nice soft touch at the foot of the beds.

The dust ruffle fabric was the same one that I used for the window treatments.
I had flat ones made with simple inverted pleats at the corners and in the middle.
Kris doesn't like a lot of what she calls "froofy" stuff, so no gathered dust ruffles for her!!!!!
The dust ruffles were a challenge, as the beds were different, and each one  had to have a little template made for the part that went over the side rails.
The workroom I use, Drape It, did a stellar job.
The trick to holding a dust ruffle in place is these little corkscrew twist pins that sewing stores sell.
We use lots of them to hold the bed shirt in place.
You just push one in a little, to get it started, and then screw it into place.
Sometimes, a custom bedskirt ends up a little shorter than the workroom wants.......
(it happens to the best of them.....)
Drape It, in all their brilliance....adds a little fabric insurance to the top deck of their dust ruffles.
They sew in a fold of fabric, that can be opened up if more is needed.
In my case, the length was perfect.
I wanted them somewhat short, as I like that look with iron antique beds.

For the sheets, blankets and coverlets.....
we went for a cream on cream texture story.
The sheets are smooth, the blanket is a little nubby and the coverlet is matelasse.
Kris found the blankets, and fell in love.
They are by Brahms Mount, and called Starry Night.
here's a shot with the texture of the duvet covers, too.....
Here's a side by side, to see the difference adding the duvets made!!!!!
We are going to be adding more art to the wall shown above.
Big surprise.
I can't just do one painting on a wall.
I just can't.....
Kris recently purchased another little portrait of a girl, which we hung in place of the floral.
I will use the little floral on the other wall.
We just keep trying different things between the beds.
We started with the needlepoint.
So many walls.....
So much crap.....
So little time.....

So, we still are getting the lampshade for the chest of drawers.
Kris wanted a nicer one than the one from Home Goods.
I've corrupted her.
I've exposed her to the decadent life of custom lampshades.
the one below is being replaced.
I will take you guys behind the scenes to show you what goes into making a custom lampshade!!!
It's haute couture for lamps!!!!!

We still need to choose accent pillows for the beds.
Next post, I will be showing you options, and we will want to hear you opinion.
Here's your chance!!!!!
You'll be able to leave you opinion without me biting your head off!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Thehouseofhampton said...

I love how this room is coming together. Digging it!

Kathy said...

It is so refreshing to see floral wallpaper in the sea of endless white and beige decor. I love everything about this bedroom, the antique beds, the light fixture on the ceiling and yes your crazy beautiful duvet covers. I have been wondering why you made the duvet covers but had the bed skirts made?
Looking forward to further installments on this room. It is very very good!

Now last but not least while I do celebrate Christmas, I have reached the point of Christmas blog exhaustion and your blog provided such much needed relief!

Rhonda said...

Kris' guest room is perfection! Love the old fashioned wallpaper and fabrics done in my favorite colors!

Nutbird said...

Well thanks for the heads up on those screwy pins. I've had a designer or two and no one has ever mentioned them. Then again, I've only had one bedroom done. It's amazing the difference the three framed things make over the night stand. I finally get why you like large paintings, or portraits. They stop the eye, and also break up the busyness of the walls. Would you ever consider another table on the left side of the left bed? I always have tons of things I need to put on a nightstand.Ann

Anonymous said...

So excited to learn about custom lampshades. Yippee.

Penny Tucker

Carol said...

I have enjoyed seeing the room come together as I have all the rooms you have shared.

As one who also celebrates Christmas, I echo Kathy's sentiments about Christmas blog exhaustion. Yours has been a welcomed respite from it all.

Woodside Park said...

So charming! I loved the tailored lines with the cottage florals - nice balance. I want those iron beds for Maine :)

mariondee-designs said...

I too love how this bedroom is coming along and especially love how you guide us through it step by step! thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and your witty sense of humour! take care, Maryann

Unknown said...

What an exquisite room and the duvets are to die for. I acquired my mother's button box after her passing and you have given me a terrific idea as to how to use all her beautiful old buttons. I too am excited to learn how custom lampshades are made, what a treat for us happy campers. Oh and thank you for not posting yet another Christmas themed tablescape. :)

Divine Theatre said...

Am I the only one who has the strongest urge to bounce from bed to bed until I can no longer breathe? They're so FLUFFY!
Yes, I am paying attention. I learn stuff here. I do.

But now I want to jump on the FLOOF!



Di said...

I so enjoy watching and learning as these rooms come together. Thank you Betsy for the comedy and lessons of decor. Have a Merry Christmas! Can't wait to learn about the custom lampshades.......

Mary said...

Love it all, and I am going to buy some of those little screw things for my dust ruffle. I had forgotten about those; my grandmother used them on her summer slip covers.

Can't wait to give an opinion! =)

from Virginia

Mimi said...

Betsy, thank you for the great pics of the bedskirt and the extra fabric Drape It puts in to make it adjustable. Can you explain the corner/slit area next, please? This is great info!

Anonymous said...

I have the ‘Lampshades’ by Katrin Cargill book- it’s unused because making the lampshades just seemed so daunting!
Now I am counting on your tutorial to give me to ‘push’ to try..
PS Bedroom looks beautiful, just so timeless and sweet. I like it very much.

fixitfaerie said...

You crack me up.(not literally) The bed skirts look really nice, I like the tailored ones. I like the new pictures and placement too, pretty. I know you already know it is pretty. So you are going to add more to the walls, that is not a surprise. Every room you do looks beautiful. Paula

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