Sunday, December 15, 2013

Getting a Cottage Look With Mixed Patterns

Now that I'm over my holiday ranting.....
Let's get back to Connie and Chris's third floor guest room.
Connie had found a local craftsman that made the beds for her.
I love them, they look like antiques.
I decided to go for a somewhat "Ralph Lauren" look, 
and mixed stripes with a floral print.

Just to remind you what the overall room looked like from
A couple of posts ago.....
I thought it would be more fun (funner!!!!) for a contrast ruffle, to run the stripes vertically, rather than the way I usually do,  which is to have them run parallel to the pillow.
For this room, I used two different stripes with similar colors.
The bedskirts and chairs were in one, and the pillow shams and ruffles were in the other.
I found a matching red fabric that I used as the contrast welt on the duvets as well as the button closures.
On the walls, I hung a bunch of cows.
It just seemed like the right thing to do.......
I tucked them all over the room.
They were little antique prints that Connie and I found at an antique show.
I had them framed in a simple carved wood design.
Between the beds I placed an old oil lamp that I had wired and converted into a more modern source of light.
Connie and I loved the old cruddy paint on the bottom half.
The top part of the lamp was coated inside the glass with old lamp oil that had turned a golden color.
The company that I use to wire my lamps wanted to know it I would like it cleaned out.
No, No, No!!!!
The old oil is what makes it so great!!!!!
It goes well with the crummy old table we found for between the beds!!!!!
Ya gotta love Americana!!!!!
I have to end the post here.
I am in the process of sewing 32 pearl and gold buttons on my buddy Kris's new duvet covers that have been custom made for her by 
I will be sharing with the class later this week.
go outside and play in the ice and snow just like I've been doing.
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Mimi said...

Betsy, how is the bedskirt made? Is there a muslin-type fabric for the deck? All the premade bedskirts I've purchased have the ruffles starting right at the mattress edge and the decking shows, but not on your designs. How do you do it?

Katie Mansfield said...

Oh my goodness. I love the washstand turned night table and I am wild about the lamp, too. "It just seemed like the right thing to do…" It was!

fixitfaerie said...

WOW! I like it, it has a big pop to the room. (the orange that is) It blends with the wood nightstand and the old oil in the lamp. At least to me it does. Looks great. Paula

Karin said...

Those beds are fantastic. Love! So is the lamp. I just love this room!

Di said...

I love your posts Betsy you make me laugh and this time of year I need to do a lot of that.

Eugene said...

Connie’s room was lovely. The skylights had an important role in keeping this place lively and inviting. The natural light highlighted the gorgeous details in the room. Hence, the floral pattern of the bed sheets stood out!
Eugene Head @ Roof Masters

Unknown said...

This is a great example of a cozy guest room. Just look at the whole setting! The fixtures were lovely, especially the bed sheets and the pillow covers. The skylights gave the entire room a fresh and bubbly atmosphere too! I was fascinated with how attractive the room was.
Teresa Chalsma @ The Roofing and Remodeling Company

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