Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy As A Pig In @#$

Let's go back up to Connie and Chris's Vermont home, since there's nothing to share with you guys down heah in Flerida.
Outside their kitchen is the powder room.
Keeping the country theme.....
Connie and I thought it would be funny to do the bathroom around pigs!!!!!
I first found an Osborn & Little wallpaper that captured the sophistication of our tiny little minds.
Knowing the way all the stuff I love has been discontinued, 
I wouldn't be surprised if this is no longer available.
What's happening to the world?????
I mean.....
you can never have enough pig wallpaper!!!!!
Over the sink I hung an antique English faux bamboo mirror.
Faux bamboo is such a wonderful look and mixes with a ton of different styles.
Flanking the mirror I had a pair of sconces installed with custom basket weave paper shades.
Once again I'm blowing up old pictures I took with a crummy camera.
These were the days before I blogged.
Below is a wonderful attractive shot of me taking a picture in the mirror.
For curtains, I decided on Priscillas, as they have a quaint cottage vibe.
These I had trimmed with a bobble fringe.
You can't git more country den dat!!!!!
Over the toilet we hung some theme appropriate artwork.
Between a couple of studs I had the builders insert a small shelf unit for our
 tasteful, refined, glamorous collection of porcine porcelains!!!!!
Here's another fuzzy closeup!!!!!
I love to be a little silly in powder room decoration.
I don't know why.
They're small rooms in which you can go a little crazy with the decor.
Remember Connie's Flerida powder room?????
And don't forget my own Flerida one.....
If you can't be silly in the room where you go for some quality alone time....
Where can you be silly?????
On that note,
Later, Gator


therelishedroost said...

My daughter loves pigs.. she would really love this one!

Anonymous said...

I think I need to sillify my powder room.


Mary said...

cute room! You are truly clever!

Unknown said...

Thinking now that I need owls in my powder room, what hoot that would be! LOL

Jaybird said...

Ah-ha....here is my affirmation for having a guest bath full of......raccoons :^) At least everyone who visits comes out with a smile on their face!!!!
You are GREAT!!!!

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