Friday, August 29, 2014

An Epiphany of Mind Blowing Proportions!!!!!

This week I realized something that should have occurred to me  
years and years ago!!!!!
Although I love me my fake flowers.
(You guys who have been reading me for a while know this.)
I have no shame when it comes to using fakes.
I've repeatedly made the joke about how women love to fake things.......
(wink, wink)
I mean....
look at how lovely these look after 10 years and counting....
and these.....
and THESE!!!
And what I did for my niece Miriam......
this week I decided that I would take a vacation.
I admit,
I lied to you guys!!!!!
Yes I did, I have not shame, I'm a big fat fibber.
When I told you I was just lazing around, when I didn't post my blog for two weeks,
 I was actually working like a dog on my fabric line.
I'm still trying to figure out what programs to use.
I feel like I'm caught between the Scylla and the Charybdis!!!!
Photoshop or Gimp?????
Illustrator or Inkscape?????
OY VEY!!!!!
I am so out of my element.
I wish there was a graphic arts class for old farts who don't want to leave their home, and sit in a classroom with a bunch of younguns.
And while I'm talking about classes....
After 5:00, I don't feel like goin' nowhere, nohow.....

Where was I.....
I always go off on these tangents.....
Oh yeah, taking a vacation!!!!!
So this week I gave myself permission to just do whatever I wanted,
which meant sitting out on my back patio looking at the sky
 and reading my books.
Getting in my two mile walks every day so my hips don't freeze up on me,
 and playing stupid computer games.
If I don't take breaks from creativity periodically, 
I shut down.
I need to recharge my batteries.
This involves doing nothing long enough that I get bored, and then I'm glad to get back to work.
An indication of this, is that I'm writing this blog today!!!!!

I was talking about my epiphany......
I was looking out into my side yard where I have my grill and little table.
(below is a picture from a few years ago, before everything went to hell.....)
And it was a big fat mess!!!!
Everything was overgrown.
There were so many flowers that I could barely walk by.
Below is a picture AFTER I cut some off.
I have tons of white hostas too that get in my way when I grill.
I hate cutting pretty flowers. I like to leave them on their mother plants to keep looking gorgeous!
these were in the way.
for the first time in 10 years of living here, I made a bouquet of fresh hydrangea and hosta flowers.
They were really pretty.
And now it's easier to grill my dinners of healthy low fat stuff.
it hasn't even been a week.
And the bouquet of fresh flowers looks like @#$.
It's all drooping and dropping pollen and making a big fat mess.
I tried the natural, organic, local produce.
And I'm sticking to the polyester fakes!
But I just might try me some of my knock out roses.
They sure are purddy.....

what was the point of this blog?????
I was trying to make a point.
never mind.
Pretend you didn't just wast a minute reading this.
Have a nice weekend.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rant #547


Yeah, I know, it's been another couple of weeks with me playing hooky.......

I've been busy doing lots of nothin'.
This is something for which  I am eminently qualified.
I have had a LOT of training, so for those of you at home, it may not be safe to try this yourselves.

I have discovered the world of paranormal writing.
the list goes one and on.....

Sometimes it's just great to get away from anything that is remotely real.
The Newspaper is enough for me these days, and I read two.

But one thing I don't like in my books is lots of gratuitous sex.
I find it boring and jump ahead to when it's over.
After all, at my age.....
been there, done lots and lots of that.
It's not boring to the participants....
but it's very boring to me to read about it. 
The author just needs to write:
"the sexual tension built, and then things took their normal course of action....."
The dot, dot, dot, is where the reader can add all the juice she wants.
That's just my editorial opinion.
The thing is; 
if I'm reading a book for sex, then this stuff is great!
But if I'm reading a book for plot and character development; 
this stuff is just filler,
and uses up good pages that could be telling me more cool stuff, 
like there are all sorts of dimensions all around us with walls thinning in places where the inhabitants are sneaking through!!!!!
 They look just like us, but can't talk because in their universe they use telepathy!!!!!
Stuff like that.
That's good stuff!!!!! 

Although I'm Jewish, and not big into any religion.....
I find I LOVE the Mormon writers.
They love to write supernatural stuff, and they add a little romance, but leave the dirt at the door.
Now don't get me wrong!!!!!
I used to be a very dirty girl!!!!!
It's just that in my old age, 

It's like living a life of eating ice cream sundaes.
Loving ice cream sundaes.
Trying all  different kinds of ice cream sundaes,
By the time you're in your 60's, 
you really, really don't need to read any more about ice cream sundaes.
if you'er reading a book with a real fun plot, 
and the heroine is checking out an ice cream sundae.....
all the book needs to say is that she REALLY liked that particular flavor and felt great after eating a whole bowl of the damn stuff!!!!!

I don't know how I got to this.
I was going to write about creating a better floor plan for a really tiny house.
I'll write about that next time.
In the mean time,
If you have any authors you love that have aliens or supernatural characters within their pages, please let me know!!!!!

Another thing I need help with is.....
What to name my fabric line, if I ever get it off the ground.
I was thinking: Betsy.
'cuz that's my name.
Any ideas?????

On that note,
latah, gatah

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Extra Storage in a Bedroom

Alright! Alright! I'll write my blog.....
a person takes a couple of weeks off from the grind of pushing out blog after blog after blog.....
and all she gets is grief!!!!!
now I'm back
So there.
Let's continue with my good buddy Kris's youngest child's (Kieran's) bedroom.
Which is hardly ever used because he is now a big fancy schmancy college graduate.
And has flown the nest.
Which means that we will soon be tweaking this room.
We just wait to be sure that they (the chillin's) are
not coming back...... 
before we rip apart change their bedrooms.
Since it's been two weeks, I will show a couple of pictures of the room so far, to refresh your memories.
Not that I'm dissing your mental faculties....
some of us aren't as young as YOU used to be!!!!!
As you guys can see,
to the right of the desk is a wall of cabinetry.
When I started working on this room.....
It's like magic!
I just wielded my little pencil, drew a few lines and presto chango, 
This is what happened.
There was a small crappy closet in this room.
Since this house was built at the turn of the last century,
people must not have had as much shit stuff as they do now!
So they just had small, tiny, teeny, little, cramped closets.
I was going to tell you how I incorporated the depth of the closet into the new built-ins.....
but I can't remember what I did.
It has been over 10 years.
Give me a break, I be old.
I designed this wall of storage so that Kris could use some of the cabinets for her stuff too!
The units were so large, that the cabinet maker had to hoist them through the bedroom windows.
Lots of drama ensued!!!!
I wanted these cabinets to look original to the house, so I had the crown molding wrap around the top, and the baseboard wrap around the bottom.
I designed a simple recessed panel, as that would have been a more likely design at that time.
I had the problem of what to do with the heating vent.
I designed the cabinets as if it wasn't there, and then created a false drawer and framed the vent with the molding of the baseboard.
To have it work with the boyish overtones of the rooms decoration, Kris and I chose large wooden knobs.
Now that Kieran is a college grad, with a job and an apartment.....
Kris's stuff is migrating into these cabinets.
It's a wondrous and mysterious phenomenon that is experienced across the nation!!!!!  
The movement of Mom's stuff into grown children's rooms.
I'll never forget the first time I came home to visit my parents after I had moved to my first apartment down in Georgia.....
Not such a subtle statement.
 But I understood the memo.
At 22 my childhood was over.
I would always be welcome in my parent's home.....
but it was time to create a place of my own.
But Kris is old school, and it's happening in her house.
We be soul mates.
Kris and Me!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah
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