Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rant #547


Yeah, I know, it's been another couple of weeks with me playing hooky.......

I've been busy doing lots of nothin'.
This is something for which  I am eminently qualified.
I have had a LOT of training, so for those of you at home, it may not be safe to try this yourselves.

I have discovered the world of paranormal writing.
the list goes one and on.....

Sometimes it's just great to get away from anything that is remotely real.
The Newspaper is enough for me these days, and I read two.

But one thing I don't like in my books is lots of gratuitous sex.
I find it boring and jump ahead to when it's over.
After all, at my age.....
been there, done lots and lots of that.
It's not boring to the participants....
but it's very boring to me to read about it. 
The author just needs to write:
"the sexual tension built, and then things took their normal course of action....."
The dot, dot, dot, is where the reader can add all the juice she wants.
That's just my editorial opinion.
The thing is; 
if I'm reading a book for sex, then this stuff is great!
But if I'm reading a book for plot and character development; 
this stuff is just filler,
and uses up good pages that could be telling me more cool stuff, 
like there are all sorts of dimensions all around us with walls thinning in places where the inhabitants are sneaking through!!!!!
 They look just like us, but can't talk because in their universe they use telepathy!!!!!
Stuff like that.
That's good stuff!!!!! 

Although I'm Jewish, and not big into any religion.....
I find I LOVE the Mormon writers.
They love to write supernatural stuff, and they add a little romance, but leave the dirt at the door.
Now don't get me wrong!!!!!
I used to be a very dirty girl!!!!!
It's just that in my old age, 

It's like living a life of eating ice cream sundaes.
Loving ice cream sundaes.
Trying all  different kinds of ice cream sundaes,
By the time you're in your 60's, 
you really, really don't need to read any more about ice cream sundaes.
if you'er reading a book with a real fun plot, 
and the heroine is checking out an ice cream sundae.....
all the book needs to say is that she REALLY liked that particular flavor and felt great after eating a whole bowl of the damn stuff!!!!!

I don't know how I got to this.
I was going to write about creating a better floor plan for a really tiny house.
I'll write about that next time.
In the mean time,
If you have any authors you love that have aliens or supernatural characters within their pages, please let me know!!!!!

Another thing I need help with is.....
What to name my fabric line, if I ever get it off the ground.
I was thinking: Betsy.
'cuz that's my name.
Any ideas?????

On that note,
latah, gatah


Anonymous said...

Old Glory by Betsy

Lee said...

I sure know what you mean about enough ice cream...
Reading the newest Janet Evanovich book. There is sexual tension but it is over in a flash. And I think you would enjoy the humor. But it is fluff and a fast read. Have you read Harlen Coben? I don't remember much ice cream in his books...or I am just forgetting (I blame that on my age!). Love a good mystery, but the supernatural stuff isn't for me.

Anonymous said...

Highly Recommended: "Duma Key" by Stephen King .... set in Florida of the VERY best!!

Names for Fabric Lines: "Heavens to Betsy" "Latah Gatah" "Snowbird"

Cheers! Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Anonymous said...

Diana Gabaldon's series Starts out post WWII with 20th century nurse Claire with stick in the mud English husband Frank (okay, I will admit I didn't even like the guy in book one) transported back to 18th century Scotland where she ends up with dashing Scottish husband Jamie. There are eight books so far in the series, and she's planning on writing a ninth book. She also has written a side series on one of the characters (a distant relative of Frank) who has a much different personality than the one she had heard he had from "old" family stories that Frank knew.

sweet violets said...

How about, 'Betsy Designs' or 'To you from Betsy'. No, don't like supernatural reading. But love a good mystery without all the ludicrous sex.......

Anonymous said...

Betsy Gatah

Anonymous said...

Betsy Gatah.2 This being a so called retirement period.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

You might want to try Louise Penny, her main character is wonderful, and the stories always have a twist. If you do, be sure to start with the first book in the Three Pines series.

Anonymous said...

Oh Betsy! I hear you, girlfriend! I am 55 and I hear you loud and clear!

Carol said...

Fabrics by Betsy? I love a good mystery. Sexual tension is O.K. but I don't need a play by play description.

Donna said...

I recently read Storm Front, the first book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher, and found it entertaining. Harry Dresden, the lead character, is a wizard who helps the Chicago Police Department solve cases. It's a mystery with plenty of paranormal activity and magic plus it's funny. I think you would enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

"The Ghost and Lady Alice" by Marion Chesney aka M.C. Beaton

Anonymous said...

The "Odd Thomas" series by Dean Koontz.

Kathleen said...

Oh my've read my mind!!!! This post was exactly what I've been thinking. So many of the current books are novels for dummies. Don't even get me started on how many focus on nothing but depressing dark issues. What the heck? I want mindless fun entertainment!!! Love your cute little sandals. Are you sitting by a pool by any chance. If so, I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

I also like mysteries, don't know anything about vampire books. Having said that, have you ever seen the movie, "Van Helsing" with Hugh Jackman. All of the vampires and werewolves you could possible want.

I like the name "Betsy" for your fabric line. It defines you. Gail

Anonymous said...

I'll go way back with "Brave New World" and it's sequel. These are by Aldous Huxley and I believe around 1923 about our future civilization. Note how many things are right on the point. He hung around with Verne, etc

Amy Chalmers said...

Betsy Speert Fabric Collection
That is what I think, then people will google you and find your fabrics!

My kids' Mom said...

The Betsy Collection! What can be more appropriate?

Best of Luck!

Kind regards, Anneli

Groovemom said...

Thanks Betsy,I totally agree. When I was younger I would have read all the 50 Shades cover to cover, while cooking meals for the family if that's what it took. Nowadays I just want a well written book, or essay, or paragraph even. For old school I suggest you read Joan Didion. For new school check out Caity Weaver. Let's get back to well written ANYTHING.

Ellicia said...

I love doing nothing too. It's just so hard to tell when I'm through. ;-)

the misfit said...

Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels are ALLEGEDLY for teens (or adults depending on the predilections of your local public library), but before there was a "teen" genre with lots of moody romance between 16yos; when he wrote them, it just meant they weren't super-difficult to read. They're about a fictional world fraught with wizards, witches, trolls, magic suitcases, enormous turtles, Death personified, spells, etc. And they're charming and really really funny. I really enjoy the diversions about the Unseen University (where the wizards teach) and the debates between the witches and the wizards. I heart Granny Weatherwax and I think you would too. And there's a delightful romance between Death and a widow, but NO SEX. (Again, that was when young adult literature was understood very differently. And I think he wrote all the books during my lifetime, and may still be writing. Sigh.)

I like "Heavens to Betsy" too. I like "Betsy" but I can't help thinking that something cute would be fun, too. Are you planning to make all different styles, or stick to one kind of genre? If the latter, maybe the name would be something that let the consumer know what style to expect ("Cottage Rose" or "A Seaside Cottage" know, whatever was appropriate).

Unknown said...

Break away from the ho-hum decorating! See Betsy's lovely fabric fondly named Bets. It's a nod to our love of cabbage roses and chintz used in English homes for hundreds of years but usable in today's homes.

Anonymous said...

I love the name Betsy for your fabric line! Can't wait to see it. Gail

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