Friday, September 2, 2016

All Right All Ready, I'll Write A Post

I'm sorry, sorta, I know I haven't written for a million years, and some of you have been kind enough to email me to see if I'm OK.
(or to nughe me) nudge 
I don't know how to spell nughe, and auto correct doesn't know either.
Or it doesn't know what I'm trying to write.
I'm going with the first scenario..... 
I flunked spelling in third grade, and it's only gone down hill since then.
EVERY REPORT CARD the teachers mentioned my abisomal spelling.
Now I can't spell abisomal.
Oy Vey.
Let's pretend I'm doing this for comedic effect!!!!!!!
It's nudge!!!!It's NUDGE!!!!! my brain just unlocked!!!!!
spellcheck is useless when your spelling is so far off that no one has a clue what you mean.
My brother suggested that I just write a post telling everyone that I am busy as hell, and that I will post in a year or two.....
but that seemed mean,
today I will show you guys my new slipcovers.
I briefly showed them to you last fall, but today I've taken better photos.
This is my TV/Family/Eating/Reading/Napping room.
The slipcovers are made of a 100% cotton fabric that the slipcover guy prewashed for me so they wouldn't shrink when I washed them.
The prewashing also took the shine off the chintz which I love much more.
The name of the fabric is Althea, and it is one of the Lee Jofa signature patterns.
Even though
the wallpaper has been discontinued and the chintz has been discontinued.
It is still available in linen.
I was lucky to get the last of the cotton.
I freaked out and bought all the remaining yardage.
62 yards.
All mine.
ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
My family room used to look like this.

I also changed the rug.
I had had a cotton woven plaid rug from Pottery Barn, that was wearing out and getting a lot of holes in it.
So I decided to spend the money and buy a woolen striped rug from Stark in green and natural that has the appearance of jute.
It will wear like iron, and it is also the small rug in my kitchen area.
I had two made for my kitchen, the extra one is stored in my basement for future use when I destroy the current one.
Below is my view in the morning when I read the paper on my iPad and drink my tea.
It looks out on my little terrace.
The chair to the right and below is my super duper TV watching chair.
I turn the ottoman the long way, and it makes it feel like a chaise.
Betsy's rule # 1374
When one is watching TV, it is important to be in as lazy a position as possible.
To help with my lack of effort to have a lack of effort, I use a lumbar pillow to support my back, so my back won't need to support itself.
I needlepointed this pillow around the time of my 40th birthday, when my Mom 
(after my begging)
allowed me  to take the family name of Klee as my middle name.
I had no middle name, and it was very hard to have a good looking monogram with just two initials.
(Actually, for the record, for accuracy, she didn't make me beg at all.)
(When I tell my father this story he gets that look he gets on his face when he thinks I'm out of my mind.)
(Now that I think about that, he gets that look a lot.......)
I just love the way a room looks with lots of the same pattern.
I find it very cozy.
I also love slipcovers with gathered skirts.
But the skirts have to be a loose gather, not tight because that's too much fabric and looks too prissy to my eye.
I've had this chair since 1986. I remember when I bought it.
It first looked like this.
oy vey
I thought I had a picture of this chair straight on, but all you can see in this shot is the back of the arm.
This was my living room in Watertown in 1986.
This was a  photo shoot for the Boston Globe Magazine that Eric Roth shot.
Then the chair had another life as a greeny.
Some of the bobbles on the fringe are missing due to my brothers cat, but we don't want to point any fingers......
you know who you are.....

On the back of sofas and chairs I like to hang throws.
This accomplishes two things.
1) when you get cold, you can snuggle up!!!!!!!!!
2) it keeps the back from getting dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got the one above from Pottery Barn, last year.
I gave some thought to whether or not I was going to do contrast welting.
I usually do, but in this case I felt that the look I wanted was one of smooshiness, not crispness.
These are very important design terms that I just made up, so take notes 'cuz there will be a quiz.

I'll let you know when that is.
I am grading on a curve.
So you better hope that there are no smarties in the class, especially ones that can spell.

on that note,

P.S. I'm am balls to the wall working on my fabric.
We're hanging the line this month in the Boston Design Center in Studio 534.
I am a good way into designing my next collection.
Josh, my partner in crime, wants me to crank out at least one a year.

As for those of you who have asked after my parents, my Dad turned 101 in May and my Mom is 95, so they are just ticking right along. Thank you for your thoughts.
Once again,
Latah, Gatah


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous room! Love the terrace view, too! Where can a regular person see your fabric and can it be purchased without the need of a designer? Fingers crossed!

Betty said...

You make me laugh ... love this post, and I'm so glad you didn't make us wait forever!

Dolores said...

So glad that you are back! I actually checked your blog a few weeks ago to be sure I hadn't missed an entry..:-)
I love the ALTHEA- I have it in my bathroom in the rose/with a bit of blue, and downstairs I have a chair done in the same color but in a linen.I's just so perfect that I never tire of it. You'll NEVER believe that I found almost three yards of the linen in the same color way as you have- for all of $45.00. Yup..45 smackers.:-) I was such a happy camper!

BettyGA said...

Can you tell me about the plates that are hanging in your living room? I had one that my housekeeper broke. It was one of those things I inherited and I don't have a clue what it was or how to replace it. I think mine was butter pat size. Thanks so much. I adore your blog. Have missed it.

Mary said...

I am glad you posted. I was in Boston last week but didn't know where to find your fabric line, otherwise I would have!

Your family room looks perfect! smoochiness achieved!

I have always liked your window/French door fabric and style.

From Virginia

defaziolinda said...

Soooo happy you are alive and kicking! I did miss you though, glad you were just busy and not sick. I love your family room and all that greenery. I kinda have a gardening thing going but not too many flowers (I do not have a green thumb). Thank you so much for all the encouragement you give us. Someday my apartment will be a thing of beauty.

Bonnie Schulte said...

Love that room, and really really love that chair in the new slip cover. Glad to see your post,cuz we all missed you. Oh..Just a note, I can't spell either, so maybe we are soul mates.. maybe..whatever...

Linda said...

Beautiful! (As always). I thought you were probably vacationing on a deserted island in the South Pacific! I'm excited to see your fabric line. Think I'll put off buying fabrics for the living room refreshing just incase I fall in love with a Betsy Speert fabric.

bmayer said...

Welcome home! So glad to have you back that I wont even make any snide remarks like "it's about time", or "nice of you to grace us with your presence", because that would be rude, and that's just not my style. I actually have some of that cotton chintz fabric....probably enough to make a pillow or two (my cousin is an upholsterer in Fl). I should get right on it and tell people I have them because Betsy does. By the way, until I got married, I lived with the initials "BS", which now I think is kind of kick ass..... How lucky to still have your parents at 95 and 101! Which means you have good genes, and the rest of us can look forward to harassing for years to come. Glad you're back in the fold. Dont let it happen again........

Betsy Speert said...

For BettyGA, the name of that type of pottery is: Wannopee, you can find it on eBay! I would cover all my walls with it if my friends didn't forcibly restrain me and hide my hammer.

Unknown said...

So good to hear from you! So glad you are ok. I know you would be so much fun as a friend with your wonderful sense of humor( not counting your awesome decorating advice). My husband's father will be 100 in December. That is awesome that your parents are with you and still ticking right along! We all know that you are busy busy busy but we need a fix once in awhile for a good laugh and to know you are ok!

Lisa said...

There you are! So good to hear from you and know that you are well and working your behind off. Can hardly wait to see your fabric line! Maybe try not to wait a whole 'nother year to post again, eh??

Mari said...

What a gorgeous every single thing about it....oh my but that chintz fab is gorgeous! You lucky gal you to have purchased all of the yards they had available.....


cotedetexas said...

GOD - where have you been?~?~?~?~ ok - love this and i'm more than jealous. I bought 20 yards of linen and it nearly broke me. when did linen get soooo expensive? love the althea. was it already wallpapered in it? it look s fabulous.

cotedetexas said...

Never mind dahling. I went back and am reading all about your house - before/after - and saw that it is the wallpaper. loving your house!!!!!!!!!! so much!!!!

cotedetexas said...

Sorry I'm bugging you !!! But I saw your opaline chandy - I collect blue opaline!!! so does my mother. of course!

Joy said...

Welcome back Betsy. I missed you!

Unknown said...

I missed you too! so.....your chair. In it's new look the cushion looks oh so wonderful and comfy....did you have the cushion re-stuffed with some down? Inquiring minds want to know.......

Betsy Speert said...

No, I just poofed the cushion!

Casa de Carrens said...

Please keep blogging! We've missed you! I love your style and it is the look i want for my own home.

Katie Mansfield said...

I've missed you. I'm so glad that you are doing well and your parents too. Your cottage look is beyond amazing. I love that chest of drawers next to your T.V. chair. Gorgeous. I've probably seen it in magazines from back in the day. Cute fabric.

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