Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to Hang Pictures on Stairs and the 12th OY Vey Q&A

Today is the 12th OY VEY!!! Q&A!!! Tuesday!!!

I am only going to answer questions that I feel would interest lots of my dedicated and loyal readers.
(translation: only questions I find interesting)
I know, I know.....
I am a meany!!!!!
Don't be offended if I don't answer a question you've submitted.
It doesn't mean it's a silly or stupid question.....
It just means that I've been around a looooonnnnnggggg time,
and I find

with that said, let's get on to today's story, and you can ask your questions at the bottom of the post.
On Sunday, I went over to my buddy and bidness partner, Kris's house.
I've been showing you guys her living room
I am going to continue with that room on Thursday,
 but with Sunday's experience fresh in my mind,
 I would like to regale you with our exploits.
Kris and I sometimes channel Lucy and Ethel. 
We take turns, 
sometimes I'm Lucy,
sometimes Kris is Lucy.
When things get really hairy, we are BOTH Lucy.
On Sunday, we were both Lucy.
Kris needed help with hanging pictures on her staircase.
We had lucked out at an auction, and she snagged a 
wonderful set of hand colored framed botanicals for a pittance. 
We don't know why no one else bid on them.....
Here's a shot of them piled up ready to be hung.
Kris didn't want to hang them without my fabulous expertise.
You think she'd have learned by now......
I have been compared to a bull in a china shop.
(but only in the nicest way.....)
So I laid them out on the stairs, to figure out how they would hang.
And I started with the bottom one.....
I measured and did mathematical equations and used a laser level and furrowed my brow.....
I had figured out how they would hang so that they would work out 
I measured side to side, and from the step to the top of the frame.....
Not so great.....
Thank goodness the wallpaper hid my boo boos.....
Now let me just say at this juncture....
These prints must have been hung in a hotel, 
because they had to be hung on two brackets on the back,
 so I had to use two nails for each picture,
 and the nails had to be level.....
So my goof caused two holes in the wallpaper.....
No problemo!!!
We hang so much #$%  on the walls that the boo boos get covered.....
So I took the print down, and decided 
"$%# It! I would just eye ball everything, screw measuring stuff!!!!"
This worked much better!!!
So I kept on going.....
All the way up the stairs.
We don't stop with just framed prints!!!!
That's right folks, we now hung 
Kris had found some wonderful Arts and Craft style floral hand-painted plates on ebay.
They worked beautifully with the prints and the wallpaper.
So here's the first one....
Check out this plate....
OY, now I still had five more to hang....
So when I was pounding in the nail for the second plate.....
We had a leetle problem....
I guess the nails we were using didn't have big enough heads to hold the prints.
One fell off, knocking the next one, and plummeted down on Kris.
She wasn't hurt, 
but more importantly,
the prints didn't get broken!!!!!
The baseboard had a little contusion, though.
Thank goodness I've gotten so good at using Elmers wood filler.
Kris is going to replace all the nails with screws, 
so when her heavy footed gigantic son comes home from college,
 and he goes galumphing up and down the stairs, 
the pictures won't jump off the walls and commit suicide.
back to hanging the plates....
I love the combination of all the golden colors.
Here's a shot looking up.....
Here's a shot looking down.....
The plates just are beautiful.

We still have the downstairs hall to do.
Years ago I found this terrific antique settee for the front hall, 
and had it upholstered in a paisley.
I just love mixing patterns.
Makes my toes curl.....
So, this is the view from the living room.
The whole house flows from room to room with these warm colors and rich patterns.
So, that's our story.
If you think designers are perfect, and never make mistakes. 
all I gots to say to that is.....
So, now on to the questions.....
This is a question and answer party!!!!!
Only questions, please you guys. 
If it isn't a question, I'm taking the @#$ link down.

This is how it works.....
On the first Tuesday of the month
You ask some design questions,
and I answer them for FREE!!!!
Just remember-----
(Just sayin')

So ask your question at the end of this blog post.
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For those of you who don't have a blog, you can email pictures with questions.
email me at:  betsyspeert@gmail.com.
If you just have a question, with no pictures, leave it in the comment area, below.

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I will then post your pictures with my suggestions and answers on the following Tuesday.

So link up below!!!!!

Latah, Gatah

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Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Love the mix of botanical prints and plates! It's good to know designers use the eyeball method, too.

Denise Marie said...

Love every lil detail!!

Suzanne said...

I love your house. I love your bidness partner's house. I especially love it that the pros use their eyeballs on these sorts of things!

April D said...

Wow. Those plates are worth stealing. Haha.
I love that you just eyed the whole thing and made it happen. "almost" is my favorite measurement.
The settee is FABULOUS.

Nutbird said...

Geez, I'd be AFRAID to ask a question. I like her hall, those are my exact colors. I really WANT those plates. Okay, I'll bite. Mrs. Howard (Phoebe) says that a red dining room is outdated. What do you say? I have one. I am selling my house in five years. I don't exactly want to redo it. It is the Jane Churchill tomato red stripe that goes with the heraldic lion and red and white large striped fabric. About 1991. Ann

Connie@Connie Nikiforoff Designs said...

I'm with you Betsy...I went to eye balling quite awhile ago. Hey if it looks right, it's gotta be right! Right? :-)

I LOVE botanicals. I have several around my house but not nearly as expensive as I'm sure these are. Mine are just printed from my computer...OK..now everyone knows..Haha!

Donnamae said...

Love, love the plates...I am now a convert. I've been eyeballing things for years, glad to hear that you big time decorators do that too! ;)

Cyndia said...

Those botanicals are gorgeous, but the addition of the plates ramps up the style unbelievably. I'm a huge fan of eyeballing things. Nothing like measuring and measuring and it still comes out off.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Here is my question...I have a brand new house with "builder's beige" walls. I love the colors that where in style 15 years ago...rich reds, navy, burgundy, mustardy golds,hunter green,etc...Everyone wants their friends and family to come into their new home and say"I love what you've done,This place is gorgeous ", I am no different...I want people to think my home is beautiful,and not leave and say I am stuck in a time warp!!!!Is there a way to paint the walls in these colors without having my home looking like it was decorated in the 90's? Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey Betsy! How about seeing more pics of your bidness partner's home! I love both your styles!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Betsy,
I really love the style of Kris's home. All the colors sing to me. The carpet and wallpaper really caught my attention, the pattern's are lovely. The staircase wall looks great! I eyeball too but my husband always brings out the laser leveler. I have been using museum putty on the corners of my pictures to help keep them in place, it really works out well for our home.
I look forward to seeing more of Kris's beautiful home.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

I am an eyeballer, always have been, always will be. I hang lots of stuff too so I figure I can cover up all the boo boos of which I usually make a few.
I love her house colors too! And the plates....they look a little like BWM which would be awesome to find a set in such good shape! Very pretty either way and they look great with the prints and paper and carper. I love it all!

nancy said...

Those plates are beyond beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautyful !

Lady Courtney said...

What a SCORE! Both, prints and plates, gorgeous. Wallpaper is perfect backdrop! You did good, very good! Of Course! ;)

Anonymous said...

pretty, gorgeous, bautyful, what can I said ....so nice I love it !!!Chantal

Sue said...

I just had my dining room painted red even though I was told it is out of style. I LOVE IT! I am also painting the living room gold. Who knows, maybe it is out of style too. I love the cozy homey feel I see when I look at Betsy's work. I am going for feel and not style. Style comes and goes, feelings of being cozy and at home are personal preferences. Far more important than what is in style right now. My DIL has a house that is sporting the new yellow/grey combo. Lovely and looks great for her- but I still prefer my earthier cozier colors. And I too am an "eye baller". I must be doing ok as I get lots of compliments on our home and we love it!

When we sold our last house the realtor told me that my colors were too "taste specific" so we painted every wall beige- well almost every wall. That meant covering red walls, taking down some beautiful cabbage rose wallpaper in the bedroom and carpeting over wooden trompe l'oeil painted steps. It was no longer our home. Ironically the new home owner loved the color we did leave and would have loved the cabbage roses and other painted walls too.

reclad Auckland said...

Renovate to your own desire if you are planning on staying there a long time. Life is short.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. . this is exactly what I'm trying to do with my stairway. .thanks for sharing.

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