Friday, June 7, 2013

The Most Popular Yellow Kitchen in the World*

*According to Betsy

As promised....
Here's Connie and Chris's Vermont Kitchen
Traditional Home Magazine 2004
When Chris and Connie bought their home in Vermont,
the kitchen was just a small room in the back.
There were lots of small rooms in the back.
And....lots of hallways.
Les Brown (the architect with whom I collaborated) reworked the whole back into the kitchen, a den and a back entry.
I wish I had before shots, because it is an amazing transformation.
But I didn't have my digital camera back then.
I don't even know if they had been invented yet.
Traditional Home Magazine 2004
Connie didn't want wall cabinets, so the storage for all her plates and pots was in the drawers.
Then I drew the shelving unit for next to the stove and had it built.
I found a wonderful yellow and white damask pattern wallpaper
 (don't ask me the manufacturer, I can't remember.....)
and I matched the yellow of the  pattern to the paint for the cabinets.
We were able to fit in a wine fridge, a trash compacter, a dishwasher and a regular fridge, along with the range, so Connie got all the modern conveniences in her country kitchen.
I continued the use of wide plank pine floors into the space, loving the way the golden tone worked with the yellow.
We hunted for the whitest granite we could find, and paired it with a cherry countertop for the island.
The amazing thing about Connie, is that she is one of the few clients I worked for
 that wanted a big kitchen, and actually uses it.
The woman loves to cook.
And she ain't bad at it.
Over the next few posts, I will delve into greater detail and show more of what I did.
Today I am in the middle of a family reunion.
We are celebrating my parents (wait for it.....) 70th anniversary!!!!!
They've been married longer than I've been alive!!!!!
I pointed that out to my big brother, and he laughed at me.
So, I hope everyone has a great weekend.
It's going to rain.

On that note....
Latah, Gatah


bmayer said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents. Wow....70 years? That is a gorgeous kitchen. My aunt had a tiny yellow kitchen (Cabinets AND appliances) in the late 50's, early 60's. It was SO cheerful! Love it!

Amy Chalmers said...

I loved this kitchen when I saw it in a magazine. That was way before we got to be friends through the power of the internet and blogging~!!!!! Woohooh! Now I can say I know the lady who designed the most popular yellow kitchen in the world personally. Pretty heavy stuff. And congrats to your amazing parents!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Congrats to your parents....they have to be an amazing loving couple!...I remember that I so love yellow...gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen!

2LittleFishies said...

Boy! I only waited a year and a half for this : ) Lovely! My kitchen is done but this was a great inspiration pic. I bought the Traditional Home magazine it was published in on eBay!

Nita Stacy said...

Gorgeous kitchen! Can't wait to hear more about it. How fantastic that you are celebrating your parent's 70th. That is sooo wonderful!

Beth C. said...

Now I can't decide...yellow or coral cabinets. Both are gorgeous. That wallpaper is stunning and so unexpected in a kitchen. And congratulations to your parents. Now that is an achievement! Best, Beth C.

Ellicia said...

I didn't know how hungry for color I had been until I saw this yellow kitchen and the coral used in the Florida house. Beautiful. I am so tired of the white slips, gray walls, sea grass rugs, garden seats, and chevron accessories era. It has been done to death. I read that design trends last about 10 years. Please tell me we are at least into year 8 of this one.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Gorgeous the wallpaper!

Enjoyed the peek of the dining room...would love to see it!!!


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