Sunday, June 16, 2013

Finishing Up with Connie's Yellow Kitchen

I just have a couple more things to go over in Connie's kitchen before I move on to a different subject/room/project.
The kitchen opens up onto the three season porch.
There is a dining area on the porch, but Connie also wanted a place to sit in the kitchen.
I designed the center island to accommodate three counter height stools, so when I come to visit, she can cook for me while I sit in comfort and watch her slave away.
A counter height stool has a seat that is 24" high, for a 36" high counter.
A bar stool seat height is 30" for a 42" high bar. 
A dining chair seat is usually 18" high, for a 30" high dining table.
You generally need about 18" of clearance between the seat and the table top for your lovely thighs to fit.
The higher the seat, the less clearance room is needed, because your thighs angle down as the seat is raised.
I know this stuff 'cuz I be smahrt.
Because Connie and Chris have many grandchillens, I had the fabric on the stool seats coated in vinyl. 
This way spills are easy to wipe up.

When I think about how much time I spent choosing the grey color for the stools I have to laugh.
Who knew I would become the furniture painting demon that I now is???

The floor covering is a custom colored braided rug from Stark.
Choosing colors for a braided rug can be hard.
It's not as easy as choosing for a solid rug.
When two or more colors are combined the way they are in braiding,
 the tones visually blend to create something other than what the single yarns look like.
I wanted to bring some of the coral color from the dining room into the kitchen.
This way, when looking from one room into the other, even though the dining room is coral, and the kitchen is yellow, they still visually relate to each other.
I wanted a braided rug to go with the Americana feeling of the home.
I love braided rugs, I wish they would come back into style.
They don't have to be oval or round, but can be in rectangular shapes too.
I particularly like them with squared off edges.

My next few posts are going to be about some things other than Connie's home.
But I will be returning to it soon.
I want to share what's been up with my buddy Kris's house and my niece Miriam's living room.
I sometimes worry that I will eventually run out of @#$ to write about.....
but that ain't gonna happen in the near future.
I also have a couple more painting project I've completed.
I need to stop typing now, because I have done something to my wrist, 
and I have self medicated by putting it in a splint.
Typing ain't helping it, no way, I tell ya.....
so on that note,
Latah, Gatah


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing Connie's kitchen with us, it is very interesting to learn how much work went into every detail, you did a fabulous job. I love it all!!

Anonymous said...

I've loved seeing all the posts on Connie's kitchen. It would definitely be my dream kitchen.

Mary said...

Can I be Connie Jr. and you come to VA and I'll let you decorate?

I too am a big fan of braided rugs. My college roommate's dad braided our den rug years ago, and my son has it in his house. I still want another braided rug. I don't care if they are in or out. They look great with all the various colors.

Thanks for showing us Connie's home. She is lucky girl to have you!

From Virginia

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