Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to optimize your feed burner email subscribers!!!

I've had several, (no, that's a lie, I've only had two), people ask me how I  just have a snippet of a new post sent in an email to subscribers. Not the whole post. 
This is the latest letter I received:
Hello Betsy,
I am hoping you will help me with something, but first I would like to say how much I enjoy your blog!  So informative and with so much of your witty humor, it is really fun!   That’s it, fun and informative!  Great combination. J
I am following through GFC and also through RSS email feed (don’t want to miss your posts) and have noticed when I receive your RSS email feeds you are able to have it give just a “snippet” and then the reader has to actually go to your blog by click on the link provided in the email to read the post.  SMART girlie and I thought I may have know how you were able to do it, so I:
1-      Created a post
2-      Cut all but the top paragraph & 1st picture
3-      Added a “to see the rest of the tour follow the link”
4-      Posted it (thinking RSS feed would capture the first post for the email notification)
5-      Then went back in and pasted back the rest of the post
Well, I was wrong.  My thinking that the RSS feed would pick up “only” the “first” posting was wrong.  I subscribe to myself through RSS feed so I can see how things come through for my subscribers and when it came through the whole post was there!  So, I was hoping you would share some “how to do it” with me!? J
Thanks so much Betsy…

I reverse engineered how my Niece Miriam did this for me. (She's a computer whiz kid!!)

When you sign into your account, go to your blog....
You'll see little tool icons alongside your different gadgets.
Click on the one by the subscribe by email gadget.

That will take you to your feedburner opening page. 
It will say: 
Configure Follow By Email
Click on "View Stats and Learn More"

That will bring you to a page that says at the top...
My Feeds
Under that is a list of your feeds. 
I have a lot of them.
(alright, I have one)
Click on the name of your blog.

That will bring you to a page with the name of your blog at the top. 
Under your name is a line of menu items.....
Analyze, Optimize, Publicize, Monetize, Troubleshootize.

Click on Optimize.
It will bring you to a page of services.
All the way at the bottom on the left side, you'll see
"Summary Burner"

Click on that word, and you will see a check mark next to it. 

Now your emails to your subscribers should only be summaries, so your readers will need to go to your blog to read the whole post.
This will drive up your ad revenue.......
If folks don't go to your blog, how will you generate ad moolah?????

I hope that works for you.

I answered a question on Tuesday!!!!!!

Now on to some decorating.

One of the biggest problems I had decorating my Florida cottage, was the long expanses of unbroken walls. 
How to arrange pictures and not have it look too
I'm going to break this down for you wall by wall, as I know this is a major issue for lots of folks.

Start accumulating lots of stuff!!!!
The floral oil painting in the picture above, was one of the first pieces I bought for my new Florida home.
It's one of the more expensive items in my house, so of course, to set it off, I surrounded it with ebay purchases.
This wall is unified by color.
First I hung the painting.......
In my deluded little mind, I thought that was all I would hang on that wall. HaHaHaHaHa.

That's my friend Greg in the pink shirt. Pretend he's not in the picture.
I've blogged about his collections
He's a designer too 
(and has been my mentor for ages.)
(that's 'cuz he's older than I am.)
ANYWAY, back to the story.....
The single painting on the wall is very sad and lonely.
It needed siblings, soooooo....
I went to my trusty adoption agency, ebay, 
and bought it some brothers and sisters.

I particularly like the canvas to the left. It's just a painted scrap of canvas that came rolled up from the seller.
I did what any sane collector would do.....
I unrolled it and stuck it to the wall with push pins!!!!!

Then I dove back onto the web, and found these great little bird prints. The color red of the parrot just pops out the red from the flowers.
Before I added the birds, the floral painting didn't seem as vibrant.

I'm tooling around ebay some more, and I come across this pair of paintings of palms. They were mounted on black boards. Sooooooo.....
I painted the boards a distressed blue.

And of course, what gallery wall is complete without a couple of paint by numbers?????

I tend to do themes in groupings. I find it's more fun when I'm hunting for specific subject matter. In these pictures I was going for a tropical theme. As you can see, blue was the uniting color.

The flowers don't fall into the tropical category, but I bought that painting first, before I had a plan.
 (or a clue!!)

When I do a large arrangement on a wall, I think of all the pieces creating one large shape. Then I lay out the items on the floor, shoving them into the dimension I want them to fill on the wall.
Then I measure the spacing, and hang them up as I had laid them out.

This works like a charm. 
Trust Me!!!!!
(Remember, you get what you pay for, 
and this advice was free!!!!!)


lvroftiques said...

Thank you Betsy! I was really curious about your process...And I'm one of those "picture arrangement challenged" folks *winks* Love your grouping! And thank you also for the HU on the snippet of text for email subscriptions! I'm off to do exactly that....Vanna

Cindy said...

Oh my god, i had no idea that was even there! I just did it! I did something technical, it's a miracle! Thanks!
You know i think my favorites on your gallery wall are the paint by numbers... and the paintings you put on the boards. I used to do paint by numbers, and you can learn alot about the structure and colors and techniques of painting from those kits!


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Thanks soooo much Betsy...I've updated my feedburner settings! Great artwork and I love those chairs! The colors in the stripe fabric are wonderful!

Honey at 2805 said...

I just updated too! Love, love, love your Florida cottage! (I want one too!) The living room transformation is beautiful as is the artwork!

Victoria said...

I the email I sent you I was referring to the
Aerosmith kitchen did not realize the tartan home
also had the same floor.
Once again love your sense of style.

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