Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's All In The Details!!!!!

When I started decorating Connie's bedroom, I chose the rug as the jumping off place for my design.
It was green with pink roses.....
very girly.....
just like Connie!!!!!
As this was a lady's boudoir,
we decided to go all flowery and pretty!
This was the picture I showed you last weekend.I tweaked it to add some color and pattern.
I made a needle point toss pillow for Connie.
Ain't it purty?????
I used a kit I found online.
It came with the painted canvas and colored yarn, but the colors weren't right for Connie's room, so I changed them to match the rug.
The flower was originally orange....
 and the butterfly blue.
I also adjusted the background colors and added the borders to make the pillow larger.
If you want to change the colors on a needlepoint canvas, just make sure you keep the values (darkness and lightness) the same, so the shadowing will still work.
I also chose prints for framing that picked up the rugs colors.
(Like the reflective glare in the glass?????)
(I am such a good photographer!!!!!)

Next to the chair is a little metal table we found that had a vintage garden feel.
After searching and searching, I found this floral vase that I had made into a lamp.
I wanted some color on the table, and the white lamp we had been using just wasn't doing it for me.
So then we found a green lamp.
Actually, I think Connie found this green lamp.
You can see in these pictures, this was before I had made the pillow for the chair.
But the green lamp wasn't doing it for me either.....
I wanted something larger and with more color.
So when I changed the pillow and added the floral lamp,
it made me a happier decorator!!!!!
I tell ya.....
this decorating stuff takes 
I will be deconstructing this room for you guys this week.

Someone asked for the bederizer site, 

I am so gracious...
Latah, Gatah


Life at Still Woods said...

You are correct, it is all in the details! All of these details came together to make a fabulous bedroom. A dear friend of my has a vintage chenille bedspread that looks like it was made for that room. You did a lovely job!

Vikki said...

Another winner Betsy! I am in love with that needlepoint pillow you made. You make it sound so easy and fast. I know it takes T-I-M-E and extreme talent to do a pillow of that size, especially when you change up the colors! Bravo.
Vikki in VA

fixitfaerie said...

Love the pillow and lamp, and the rest of the room. The rug is to die for.
Have a good week Paula

Jan said...

Room looks great! I too, love the needlepoint pillow...looks great in the did an awesome job changing the colors and needlepointing the pillow. Do you do the finishing as well...or does the workroom do that?
Jan in TN

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You really do have mad skills! Amazing. Love the lamp and pillow, what a huge difference they make. Your needlepoint astounds me. Wish you would tell us how long it takes for you to do a pillow or must be super fast! I read a number of home dec blogs but you are the pro...the others are very pretty but you know your stuff! Thanks you for being so forthright with the process. I glean much.

Unknown said...

Ohhhhh, love that pillow, and the lamp, Wow!! Great job!

Judy Biggerstaff said...

I would say your details are perfect for this girly room. Love the rug and the pillow. Great job!!

Connie@Connie Nikiforoff Designs said...

My favorite room so far :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the colors in here!

Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

Oh Betsy, I just discovered you a few months ago and LOVE all of your designs. It may sound cliched, but your designs are so cheeky yet sophisticated.

It brings a smile to my face just to see that you have sent out another post. Too bad that you won't come out to California for a visit.

Smiles from My Slice of Provence,

Charlotte Des Fleurs

Divine Theatre said...

You are a Rockstar! That pillow...I have no words, my friend! Just beautiful!


Divine Theatre said...

I guess I did have words after all.

Anonymous said...

I adore that pillow!!! Where do you find the time?? The lamp and pillow make that corner of the room. The rug was a great starting off point, it's gorgeous. It's so nice to see "pretty" on your blog. I'm so tired of boring, copycat grey everywhere. Love your style!

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Beautiful bedroom! Amazing results by changing the pillow and lamp!

vignette design said...

Love this bedroom! I can't believe you made that pillow! Wow! Just gorgeous!

Joy @ Comfort and Joy said...

Lovely work Betsy. It all comes together so beautifully. The needlework pillow is a work of art - I love it! I recently bought two large floral needlework pictures at an estate sale for $5.00 each. I'm sure the grandchildren didn't recognize the hours and love that went into granny's work. Their loss - my gain!

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