Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Get a Layered Paint Finish

I've been playing around with my painted finishes for the past couple of years.
I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.
I wanted the look of layers of paint, naturally worn down over time.
this is how I did it.

But wait, let me show you the whole project I did on this little table that I reinvented for Miriam and Ross's living room.

I had decided to give them a little bench I had hanging around down in my basement.
I brought it over to their house to try out in the living room, and decided it was the perfect size to go next to their sectional.
I figured that it would be a simple little project.
Nothing is ever simple!!!!!
I planned on stripping the cover off the top, and transforming it from a bench into a table.
 I figured it would be easy to strip the fabric off the top.

 I figured that there was only one layer of fabric that had been added after the original design, and that this had once been a table.
 I figured I could get the fabric off in 5 minutes.
I figured wrong.
This seems to be a theme with me.
First, I took the top off the hinges.
Then I used my trusty stripping tools to remove the tapestry fabric.
There was another layer under the tapestry, and this one was put on professionally with a lot of tacks.
It was probably original to the piece, from the Victorian era. 
I'm guessing the late 1800's.
I took a picture of all the stuffing from inside the cushioned top.
It was straw.
It was dusty.
It was disgusting......
I had figured that the top had originally been a table, and would be a nice piece of wood.
I am wrong so often.
Poor Betsy.

All the tacks left the sides of the top a mess.

There's a fun little compartment under the hinged top that will be a great place for Miriam and Ross to store their remote controls.
I placed the top back on the base, just to get a sense of what it would look like if I ever finished this project.
Then I carried the top down to my basement painting studio, and prepared it for the paint.
I filled the holes on the sides with wood filler.
This stuff is great, and so easy to work with.

Then I sanded the wood filler down.

Then I mixed together the first application of paint.
I combined Annie Sloan Coco and Olive.
I gave the top one coat.
Once it dried, I wondered if I should just keep it that way.....
I wanted more of an effect.
So, then I decided to start layering on the color.
The next color I wanted was a purple, so I got out more paint to mix it up. 
 I first mixed the red with the blue.....
it was a little dark....
 so I added in some white....
 it was a little pink....
so then I added in more blue!!!!!
 I drybrushed the purple over the green.
 Then I dry brushed some blue over the purple, and rubbed it in some places with a paper towel.
 Then I drybrushed some Chateau Grey over the blue and purple and green.....

 Then I waxed it and then dark waxed it.
 Then I distressed it with fine and coarse sandpaper.
You can't tell in these pictures, but all the colors show through in subtle layers. 
I set my camera different!!!!!
Is this better?????
Once I sanded the edges, the light wood showed through, so I added a little dark wax to the raw wood.....

Then I used Walnut Briwax on the wooden base to darken the orange of the original finish, and give it a little more pizzazz.
Here's a side by side!!!
now all I need to do is bring this back to Miriam and Ross to put next to their sectional.
Those kids are soooooo lucky!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Love that you persevered, Betsy! I am totally in agreement with you, a simple {seemingly} project usually takes way more time than originally thought. But the end result is stunning, and what a fantastic place to store remotes. Love this project, they ARE lucky.

Cyndia said...

Geez Louise, Betsy, you get yourself into as many pickles as I do! I picked up a simple chair at an estate sale, thinking it would be easy-peasy to reupholster! Oh no! They upholstered it before they attached the front legs and trim! Sheesh! A total pain in the rumpus! I'll finish it but it isn't going to be fun or easy!

Anonymous said...

The quilt you set that table on! I've seen that in your work room and hoped you would tell us
about it. It's stunning. Like a color wheel. Seriously coveting the quilt.

Betsy Speert said...

My mother made that quilt for me.
Don't yell at me for using it the way I do, it doesn't go with anything in my house, so at least, this way I get to use it.
She knows that I'm using it this way, so there!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I hear you; your mother made it so it's okay for you to abuse it. However, as a quilter, I know how many hours went into making that and I bet your mother feels pain each time she sees it being used like that. So I am yelling!!
Sue who quilts

Betsy Speert said...

Wait a second, now.....
Which us better....
Making a quilt for someone that they don't use, so they stick it in a drawer and never look at it again, or having them use it like this, so they can look at it every day, and think of the person who made it for them, and enjoy it???

Nutbird said...

Amazing! That is one nice table. Ann

Anonymous said...

You find the most interesting furniture!

Jayne said...

Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Annie's paint great? Absolutely love it!! Discovered we have a dealer in town and have since done 3 plaster columns, a simple chair, a tea cart, an electrified candle log, and my next job is a music cabinet. I love painting. BUT - what is Briwax? Where do you get it? I've never seen it before and it did a really beautiful job of perking up the bottom. I'm having difficulty deciding what to do with an old piano stool with spinning top. It sits in a corner until I pull it out to use as a side table by the rocker. Maybe I should do a similar treatment as the table. What sayest thou??? RSmith

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little table and I love the idea of hiding the remotes in it!

Mir said...

Thanks, Aunt B! Perfecto!

Rhonda said...

I saw this on Between Naps On the Porch and it reminded me of your table! The table is in the fourth picture:

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