Friday, October 4, 2013

Draperies For Miriam's Cottage

I had several folks ask me what the color was that I chose for my 
niece Miriam and her hubby, Ross's living room.
I didn't remember....
 I didn't write it down.....
But Miriam knew!!!!!
So, now I can share with the class.
Benjamin Moore HC144.
It's a very pretty blue.
Yes in deedy do!
the room is coming along.
We chose a blue and brown and cream fabric for the draperies.
Don't worry, the rug is being changed.
We found it at Calico Corners.
It isn't a light weight drapery fabric, but a heavier weight upholstery fabric.
However, I am a rule breaker, and I used it for the draperies.
I found some fun looking rods from West Elm.
They look like plumbing pipes.
They looked almost as good in real life.
The elbow couplings are part of the end part, molded all together, not as clearly separated as their picture shows.
I'm the only one who would care about this kind of #$%..... 
I bought some oiled bronze rings from that very exclusive shop.....
Home Depot.
Since the fabric was so thick, I didn't like the way it gathered in a rod pocket, so I changed the design to having it hang on the rings, that's when I found the drapery rods, and convinced asked Miriam if rings were OK?????
Because she's clueless so agreeable, she said yes!!!
I sewed small pinch pleats at the top of the drapery headers.
Then sewed the rings in between the pleats.
It was hard to sew it through all that fabric and get my big fingers in that little space...........................
Then I realized just how stoopid I was.....
and figured out that if I sewed the rings on first, and then pleated the fabric.....
I only pleated the fabric on every other ring, as the panels would have been too narrow otherwise.
Since the fabric was a heavier weight than normal, I only made the drapery panels one width wide.
It was a lot of work.
Then I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought a steamer.
Steaming and dressing in the draperies are a very important part of making them look good.
Dressing in the draperies is what the big dealio guys do to make their windows look spiffy.
It is how you arrange the fabric of the draperies once they are hung.

One they were all sewn and ready.....
I brought everything over to Miriam and Ross's house.
The three pairs of draperies as well as 
all the tools needed to hang these suckers!!!!!
I had charged up my drill and was rearin' to go.
Ross doesn't like to think how to do this stuff.
He feels it's over his head.
He's wrong, he's a natural.
I put him to work, and the boy just shines.
Here are Miriam and Ross putting up the first panel.
I was having a really good time, 
'cuz they was doin' evera ting I was askin'!!!!
We got the first window done, and were
very excited!!!!
This is going to look great once I get the damn slipcovers made for the pink striped chairs.
Oh, yeah, and place the new rug.
Once again....
Perla the wonderdog is a big help.

Then it was time to hang the wall sconce that was going over the sofa.
Since the sofa was a sectional, there was no way to have a lamp in the back corner.
We found this one online.
First we put up the backplate.
The reason I'm showing you this.....
is because we didn't realize it came off when we started, and we were having a lot of trouble hanging it on the screws.....
It was really easy once we realized that the back plate came off.
Then it was just a matter of attaching the plate and them setting the sconce in place and tightening the side screws.
Here's a shot of the draperies up, and the sconce hung.
Now we just need the slipcover for the sectional......
And a different rug......
And stuff on the walls......
Ross liked the new room, especially with a new beer!!!!
here's a side by side of the room with and without draperies.
It's slowly getting there.
The important thing is that the kids are happy.
OK, that's a lie.....
The important thing is that I always have projects to keep me busy.....

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


cindy hattersley said...

You have such a way of making everything you do seem so simple....but you are amazing!

AndeM1 said...

I love this room.....and would have loved it more with a beer/or other drink!

Anonymous said...

Loving how this room is coming along. Great draperies. Hmmm.....I've used a lamp behind a sectional couch even in a very small room. How'd I do that? ;-) That's OK...I like the sconce too :-)

Karin said...

I love the fabric you used for the windows. Love it. This room is going to be fabulous.

Anonymous said...

You're clever to pleat every other ring. I'm going to remember that trick. Thanks! This room is aready sooo much more inviting! Can't wait to see what you hang on the walls! Barbara in Mn

Anonymous said...

The room is looking so warm and comfortable already, and even the rug looks perfectly acceptable once you placed the little red pillow on the sofa.I am sure it will be stunning when you are done.Your ‘kids’ are soo lucky!!

Jennelise said...

That is a beautiful wall colour and I love the drapes!

Beth C. said...

Ben Moore Palladian Blue--I thought so! This is my go-to blue. In my VA home I've got it on the ceiling of my dining room and the walls of the master bedroom. When we make the move to Fleridida at the end of the month it will have a starring role down there too. If you were on the Gulf Coast I would drag you out of retirement. Best, Beth C.

Di said...

The drapery fabric looks really good with the ticking sectional. I'm sure the white slipcovers will look equally good and the wall color is excellant.

Amy Chalmers said...

Love the fabric and that hardware is very cool Betsy!

bmayer said...

Love the room and draperies (yes, even "simple" ones can be a pain) but I would have gone with a longer rod so they wouldnt be so "bunchy" at the top, and wider at the bottom. It's just me.

Mary said...

Pretty pretty pretty! Love it all and wish you could make me a bunch of stuff like Miriam and Ross are getting!

From Virginia

Divine Theatre said...

The Alchemist is YOU!


No, I am not done with the secretary.

fixitfaerie said...

Everything is coming together, teacher. Do you know what theme you are going to do with the art and accessories? Do they know how lucky they are to have you for an aunt?!? I hate to sew for other people. I guess I am selfish. Oh well bummer. Have, oh your on the east coast, so have a nice evening. (I'm in Calif.) Paula said...

I just love the fabric and wall color!

Anne Boykin said...

Hi Betsy, You do stay busy, don't you?? Love the drapes and love the drapery hardware. You have such good taste! What rug do you have in mind for this room?

Gail said...

Hi Betsy - Your books are well thumbed editions in my house, and thanks to the blog I had a great Ah-Ha moment. We have moved many times (many, many times). We decided to stay in our kit built chalet when we retired last year. But it took until today (sigh) reading about your niece's home, that the light dawned. I love the way the home is coming together for your family.

The house I am living in, is MY HOUSE. I can do anything I want to do. So thank you - I am ready to finish things in a way that works for us. And with your great books, and fantastic blog - I know I will succeed. Gail

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