Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Changing a Room With Slipcovers

Well, campers!!!!!
For those of you who asked about where we got the rugs for this room.....
I'm sorry that I forgot to give you that info.
They are from Ballard Designs.

OK, now onto today's wonderful post.
I finally finished the #$% pair of slipcovers for my Niece Miriam's living room.
Yesterday, I coerced asked my buddy Kris if she would please, please, please care to take a ride up to Miriam's with me to see the room?????
Oh, yeah, and maybe on the way we could stop off at the sewing machine place and drop off my machine, 'cuz it's started to make a strange clicking sound.....

my lovely buddy agreed, not realizing that she would have to:
  1. help me carry the chair I had been using to make the slipcovers, down the stairs from my sewing room and out to my car.....
  2. put the sectional slipcover on, once we got to Miriam and Ross's house.
  3. wait while I photographed the room.
  4. tell me how talented I am.
  5. tell me what a great friend I am.
  6. tell me what a great aunt I am.
  7. tell me what a great human being I am.
  8. tell me that if I were an alien from outer space, I'd be a great alien......

For anyone who has ever put a slipcover on a sofa, you know what a pain in the @$$ it is.
this was no exception.
I informed Kris, that I had now had my exercise for the day.
With no further ado, I will now unveil the room in all it's slipcovered glory!!!
 This is a great shot of the back of the slipcovers that I made for the chairs, if I do say so myself!!!!!
These chairs looked like this.....
From the front.....
They looked like this.....
And now, they look like this!!!!!
I even made the seat cushions puffier!!!!!
In my next post, I'll show you how I did that.
For those of you who get bored by my sewing tutorials.....
Be forewarned.
My next post will show how I made the slipcovers.
Just a word of caution.
As you can see, I still have the footstools to do.
The little one on the left is going bye bye.
I was careless when I made advised Miriam to buy it.
I wasn't careful about matching the size.
But I've snagged another on Craig's List that I am going to pick up tomorrow.

Sooooooo now lets turn around and see the sectional!!!!!
Remember, it was in a brown ticking stripe that a lot of you already liked.
now it's in an off white fabric that I feel works better.
Now I want to change the cover on the ottoman.
I'm thinking of using the drapery fabric.
I brought over the floral, so we could see how it will look as toss pillows on the sofa.
I had Miriam order a sample of the blue and brown braided rug.
This was my first choice, originally, before we found the rug that Ross and she bought.
It's much darker, so would make the room feel darker, but it would be more forgiving with dirt and the digging toenails of Perla the Wonderdog.
Ross hates braided rugs.
And it's very dark.
And we love the blue and white rugs.
But they're already getting dirty.
I suggested to Miriam that
She claims that they do, but that Perla doesn't.
I informed her about the wonderful invention of towels.
I used to wipe my dogs feet off if they were muddy WITH A TOWEL.
MY dog never digged the rug.
Well, Perla turned out to be a digger.
She's messin' with my decoratin' darn it all.
back to the room.
Now that we have the basics in place, it's time for the layering of color and texture.
I had this watercolor from my beach house.
It is a favorite of mine, but I had no place to put it.
This is what family's for.
You still get to see the thing you love, but can clean out your house.

I am looking for a little table to go next to the sofa by the fireplace.
I had this little stool, kicking around in my basement.
I think under the fabric is just some foam that somebody in the past tacked on to this sewing stand.
The top is on a hing and opens.
So I will make it back into a little table and clean it up for the youngsters.
It's the perfect size to place a coffee cup or bottle of beer.

I just had to show a close up of the side of the slipcovers.
For my second attempt at slipcovers, they didn't turn out too bad!?!?!
So, guys, it's lunch time, I have to go.
Don't get between me and my food.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Unknown said...

Chris and I sat in the slipcovered chairs to watch the Sox game last night and they are very comfortable! My Aunt is a whiz, everyone. Oh and does Perla have to insert herself into every post about this room? What a prima donna.

Cindy said...

They look great! I also like the blue rug better than the braided one.. but i sure know about how dogs can make messes!


Anonymous said...

Of course it has come together beautifully, we are talking about a Betsy Speert job!! Now if I can get her to just help me with my place.....

Divine Theatre said...

Just came by to drop off some extra punctuation I had lying around.

. , ! ?

You're welcome.

Chris said...

I like your first choice of rug, please share the source. Oh, I read many design/decor blogs. I moved to an entirely different part of the U.S. complete with different culture and different style of housing, think cookie cutter neighborhoods controlled by developers, bad design along with bland decor. The thing with all these blogs, including even ones by well known or trending designers is, even when they are clever, there are so many trends going on at once, It's all too much. Your designs have just one stand out element. It is just plain pretty, every single design. Thank God you share, may you never stop.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

The room is looking great!

this quote..." This is what family's for. You still get to see the thing you love, but can clean out your house." deserves a high five! I have done this with my three sons and four brothers for years! Thank goodness they are all sentimental and I am the only female in our family (excluding my bothers wives who dare not say anything about their sister given treasures) and my sons are still single, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your work and creativity...and perhaps more so, the distinct way you have of "getting your point across" ha, ha! ...been reading your Blog for over a year-I think? I have a a small room like this, wouldn't custom 2-inch shutters on the windows work as well as drapes-especially since drapes will get smooched against the wall by the couch? Could you have put shorter drapes up perhaps? I see the fabric is GORGEOUS-especially the color tones, so I understand why you added the element of this pattern on the blank wall. But could you have made a material valance over shutters and same in pillows on couch? Just wondering...I'm trying to copy what your doing at my "cottage" and the wooden shutter idea popped into my head's my daughters fault! She said I was "Wasting money on fabric that no one would see behind my couch ". Then I got the idea for the shutters still in keeping with the cottage "look". Do you think they (shutters) would look ok? Off the subject, but...I LOVE, LOVE, THE DINING ROOM you did!!!! THANKS for giving us such great detailed "how-to"! My husband especially NEEDS to SEE everything before he will do anything! But the great thing is he will try doing far !! Ha, ha! Thanks, Betsey, your a great Interior Designer and Blogger-we're very fortunate that you Blog! Nonni

Anonymous said...

Betsy...sorry about the type-o on your name! Geezzzz! Nonni

Betsy Speert said...

Nonni, shutters are fine, but if you have a piece of furniture in front of the window, you won't be able to open the window.
I always put draperies on windows with shutters, anyway.
Draperies add so much visual warmth to a space, and they help tremendously with accoustics.

Betsy Speert said...

Chris, the braided rug is also from Ballard Designs.

Anonymous said...

Looks great !

Divine Theatre said...

Since you are allowed to stalk my I am again!
I never mentioned that I love the slipcovers. I figured you knew. That's why I visit. I like your style.


Anonymous said...

Tell the ‘youngsters’ to keep a box of baby wipes by the door- it’s what I use to keep my standard poodles feet clean( er). Works a treat! And if the rug is dirtied beyond hope, maybe Plan B would include a sea grass rug. Tell them that it can’t be killed! Last night one of the dogs somehow knocked over a 6’ Norfolk pine that may need a more stable urn to live in... well, there was wet dirt all over the rug, but once I vacuumed up the solids, the rug dried perfectly, and without spots.
Betsy, you have outdone yourself on the room, it is so wonderful, light, airy and livable. Just love it. I am not surprised that your slipcovers turned out so well- it is a given; love, love love the button detail on the back.

Rhonda said...

Cute, cute, cute! I wish you were my aunt! And I love that little "table" that was kicking around in your basement!

Anonymous said...

Betsy, I love watching you transform this cottage! It's getting homier and lovlier with every post. Great job on the slipcovers! I want to know how you plumped up the seat cushions. Barbara in Mn

Anonymous said...

So impressive - those slip covers! You really, really are great. And awfully nice.

td said...

You did Fabulous on those slipcovers and I can't wait for the
tutorials. I like that yours are very detailed, otherwise what's the
point. It's not a tutorial and just a few pics and a before and after.
The blue rug looks lovely, but I can see how the braided one would
work as well and look a little cozier and less feminine. It also looks
great with the drape fabric. Interesting how one thing can change the
total feel of a space. I have long-haired cat, so I can understand the
dilemma of designing around a pet. Before I saw the charming sewing
table I was going to suggest moving the green table next to the FP and
having the magazine rack by the door. I've never seen one before. It's hard to get a feeling of
the actual spacing around furniture from a picture. It's fascinating
to watch you add the layers until it all comes together. Thanks for
taking this approach.

Unknown said...

Betsy the slipcovers are wonderful! You are very talented....gosh only your second time making slipcovers! I wish you were my sister, aunt.....friend....anything! Your designs are perfection!

fixitfaerie said...

Dammit! I have posted this 3 times. And I keep loosing it. The slipcovers are incredible. I like the blue buttons on the back of the chairs. Looking WONDERFUL. Paula

fixitfaerie said...


Di said...

Betsy, I love the buttons you used on the slipcovers nice job. Oh course though I still like the ticking sectional, I do think the slipcover makes everything flow. I'm loving this room and the watercolor is perfect. Can't wait for the tutorial !

Katie Mansfield said...

You did an amazing job on those slipcovers. I think you are a wonderful aunt and friend! I can't wait to see what is under that fabric on the table. I love that you were able to use the watercolor in this room.

Anne Boykin said...

Hi Betsy, You sure do beautiful work and I'm looking forward to seeing how you did your slipcovers. It's very interesting seeing how you approach layering of texture and pattern. I love the colors you are using. Having 3 dogs, I'd have to go with the darker rug too. Love your blog!

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