Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beach House Guest Room

My blog is acting up!!!!!
The titles aren't showing on the side bar and on the main post.....
For two days the text didn't show up on ipads.....
this is driving me nuts!!!!!
Tomorrow I am getting help from Sarah who runs tech support for bloggers.
Her ad is in my sidebar.
just a little plug.
She doesn't even pay me for the ad,
 but I want to spread the wealth and let other folks know,
 that if your blog or computer starts acting like your enemy
laughing in your face while you scream at the keyboard....
She's the one to call for help!!!!!

let's get back to decorating.....
We've gone over all of my buddy, Connie's, living area 
in her beach bungalow.
Let's move on to her guestroom.
It's off the hall area by the stairs, creating a nice separate space for Connie's company.

But wait!!!!!
I just got my new order of underwear from Fruit of the Loom delivered!!!!!
I am such a ding a ling, that after I washed them,
I arranged them by color,
like a rainbow!!!!!
because I am such a wack a doodle, 
I took pictures to share with you guys!!!!!!!
I really need to find some other stuff to fill up my time.....
Knowing that I have an audience is doing strange things to my brain.....
let me show you all the cool different colors of white that they come in!!!!!
Just like Benjamin Moore paints!!!!
There's: Betsy White, Morning White, Night-time White, Bathroom White, Laundry White, Blogger's White, I'm sitting too long at my computer White, This joke is getting old White.

Take a breath..... 
Back to decorating!!!!!
In Connie's guest room, I inherited the yellow shell themed fabric from 
The Previous Designer (TPD), along with the bed, nightstands, wicker chair  and chest of drawers.
I wasn't crazy about this fabric, but Connie likes it, and she has been pushing me to give her credit on my blog.
So this fabric was her choice with TPD.
Being the brilliant designer that I am.....
I was able to make it work!!!!!
So there! Connie!!!!
I found a cheerful yellow wallpaper with blue dots, that pulled in the pillow fabric nicely.
And then I was able to find a nice soft yellow and white fabric for the draperies.
The bed that Connie chose with TPD I love!!!!
See, Connie????
I gave you credit!!!!!
The night stands were a disaster, so they had to be reselected.
The ones that TPD had specified were 
too short for the bed, at just 24" high.
I like a night stand to be at least as high as the mattress.
these little white tables came from Maine Cottage Furniture.
Connie and I fell in love with the fun fish prints, and I hung them all over the guest suite.
Connie chose this pretty scalloped coverlet,
I had
absolutely nothing to do with it!!!!!
(Connie, let me know when you've gotten enough credit....)
I think this room is really inviting now, 
although guest rooms are problematic, because then you sometimes get guests.....
Here'r some more shots,
I took time to edit them,
so now you have to look at them.

Across from the foot of the bed is the chest of drawers.
TPD had ordered this in a waxed pine finish that looked really cheap to me.
I handled it like I do every thing that has a finish I don't like.....
I had it painted white.
Connie and I found those fun life guard chair lamps at a local gift shop.
I think they are the perfect note for this whimsical room, and just happened to have lamp shades in a blue that matches the room!
Behind the door leading to the living room, is the circuit breaker box which had an ugly grey door on they are wont to do.
Charlie, the contractor, took the door home and painted it to match the wallpaper!!!!!
Here's a closer shot....
What a hoot!
Off the bedroom is the en suite bath with an antique dresser converted to a vanity.
TPD did this, so I have to give her credit.
I covered the walls in the same wallpaper.
I like it when the bath and bedroom have the same wall treatment, 
it creates the feeling of a suite.
There is a window in the bathtub/shower, which can be problematic.
The window gets wet, and people can see in.
I had Sunbrella  fabric window curtains made that can be pulled close when someone is taking a shower, thus protecting the window and hiding peeping eyes.
That's it for Connie's guest room.
No, you can't go there for a visit.
She doesn't know who the hell you are!!!!!
On that charming note....
Latah, Gatah


Pondside said...

I have to say - I like it a lot, except for the shell fabric and the plain wood dresser in the bathroom - don't you think it would be great painted white?

Brenda said...

You fold your underwear?

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

So pretty!!! I love her bed and bath vanity...gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Underwear is important. So are rainbows. right????
Bonnie Schulte in WI

Connie@Connie Nikiforoff Designs said...

Love the room...of course we had a yellow bedroom in our former home, so I'm partial to the color. I can very well imagine the dresser in pine and I would have been yucky! LOVE it in white.
The en suite look is great in the bathroom too. Preeeety preeeety! Gee, I never thought of arranging my colored undies. Now I'll have a project if I ever get bored ;-)

Lee said...

So I find out that I am not losing my mind...your last posting had me wondering if I was going blind or crazy, now I find out it was my iPad!
Sure wish you could come tell me how to decorate...I already know how to fold my underwear! LOL

sweet violets said...

Love that bed and the wallpaper.....please don't show us your underwear again!!!

Di said...

Betsy....your underwear! Now that I'm done laughing love the yellow it's such a happy color. Wondering? Are you going to leave the dresser and mirror stained?

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

while I am the first to paint most wood, I think the wooden dresser in the bathroom is perfect.

Love the rainbow undies note in the post, shows just how interesting life can be in our later years...I have a whole spare eyeglass collection I've been thinking of sharing ;--)

Beth C. said...

Glad you fixed the iPad glitch. I gotta agree with you about the fabric. It's cut and all, but looks like it belongs in a nursery. Sorry Connie! I agree about the nightstand height, although when the electrical outlet is visible I prefer a less open nightstand so all that mess is hidden.

Donnamae said...

Thanks for fixing that thing with the's nice to get text with the pics! Great that yellow. So fresh! ;)

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