Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Cottage Hallway

Let's get back to looking at my friend Connie's beach house.....
I want to go over what I did in the entry hall and stairs.
Then we'll be done with the main living area of this house, 
and move on to the bedrooms.
I know, I know....
how exciting is this #$% anyway?????
I've shown you this picture before, 
I want to set up in your tiny minds where the other shots were taken.....
Across from the table is this gallery wall.
I can't seem to get away from gallery walls,
they follow me around.....
This is how it started out....
this was before we crumbled and added wallpaper to cozy up the house.
There just didn't seem to be 
enough stuff on the walls!!!!!
Connie had gotten this mirror from The Previous Designer she had been working with.
So I was stuck working with happy to fit this into my design!!!!
I started by adding these two shell prints on both sides of the mirror, 
but it just didn't feel like enough.
We went to the Boston Design Center, and found these fun collages in an art gallery there.
They worked in wonderfully with the shell theme I had goin' on!!!!
I trolled ebay for the shell plates.
They aren't old, but do the job!
(But they are second hand!!!!! We do like used stuff!!!!!)

Going up the stairs, I had a custom runner made to match the coral color of the living area.
I really like the beachy feel of the striped cotton rug, and the way it works with the downstairs....
For the walls going up the stairs, 
of course I wanted to do another collection.....
but I wanted something in the same naturalistic vein as the rest of the house, 
but still a new theme,
if you knows what I means......
I chose what any sane designer would choose!!!!!
This is the way the wall looked before the wallpaper.
It's always amazing to me,
what a difference wallpaper makes!!!!!
let me show you some closeups of the frogs....

Aren't they great?????
Then, in the upstairs hallway, I needed some more,
but we had run out of frog prints,
so we just did one in the middle, and the traveler palm prints on either side.
believe it or not, 
now I've run out of things to say.....
while everybody is silent in amazement, 
I'll sign off.....
Latah, Gatah


Divine Theatre said...

Knee deep in frogs! Get it? Get it?
Thanks for stopping by but I was more worried that you would complain about the ginormous birdcage than the settee. You said nothing. Weird.
I am always so excited to see what you have up your sleeve!
I posted the armoire tutorial...



Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG said...

I truly am in LOVE with this home...I wait with anticipation for each post about it - I am book-marking it to reference for our next home...I would love a house at the beach!

Anonymous said...

Betsy - I love the grasscloth/wood grain wallpaper! Question: Does the paper have a "repeat" and do some paperhangers line up the grain pattern and you chose not to? Just wondering....Beautiful home!

Jeannie and Linda said...

I love the wallpaper and the frog prints. The stair runner looks fantastic- great idea. As always Betsy, I love your design. Please do a post on decorating the wall above your sofa. I need help.

Linda at The French Hens Nest

Cynthia said...

I love what you have done here making the best of the mirror and the runner on the stairs is lovely I like the colors.


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