Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lake Sunapee Cabin Continued.....

First, I post the Tuesday Q&A on the wrong Tuesday.....
OK, this is my excuse....
Ya see.....
'cuz I had done it the week before.....
I didn't see any point in repeating it THIS week!!!!!
(Are you buying this????? 
'cuz that's what I'm selling.....)
Anyway, I have SO MANY questions from you guys, I didn't need any more.
And while we're talking about this.....
You are asking me questions 
Cut it out!!!!!
Just ask on the 
First Tuesday of the Month.....
@#$ #$% #$% #$%

Now lets get back to my cabin.....
I sold it 10 years ago.
Marion, one of my readers, informed me that my old cabin was back on the market!!
Isn't the internet great???
It's like we're all super spies.
So thanks, Marion, I never would have known.....
Before I winterized the house, and added another floor with a bedroom, 
this was the master bedroom.
A whopping 9 feet by 9 feet!!!!!
It was so little that the picture was taken 
by reflecting the room out of the dresser's mirror.

The ceiling and one wall were clad in pine v-groove paneling.
The other walls were open framing which were sheet rocked over
 when I winterized the place.
I bought some Ralph Lauren king size sheets,
 and stapled them over the sheet rock.
This was before I knew what I was doing
and did an amazingly bad job of it.
One of the wonderful things about having so much stuff in a room, 
is the mistakes aren't soooooo glaring!!!!!
(I was able to grab this shot off the real estate website, and I did a leetle editing....)

So there I was,
 standing on the bed, 
hot gluing gross grain ribbon over the  staples.....
when I burned my finger, 
put my hand in my mouth with the hot glue on it and burned my tongue....
lost my balance and started falling off the mattress....
and stubbed my right big toe on the back of my left heel, bruising it....
I hurt my finger, tongue, toe and heel, all in a matter of two seconds!!!!!
I've snagged some more of the real estate agents pictures off her website, so I can talk about some stuff for which I didn't get shots.
I want to share what the view was like from this little paradise....
This is the view from the lower deck, just outside the new master bedroom
(which I haven't shown you guys yet....
You'll just have to come back on Saturday to see it!!!!!)

That's a sundial I set on  the trunk of a tree I had to cut down,
 so I had the tree guy cut it off at a good height for a pedestal.....
I can't believe,
 10 years later
and the new owners still have it in the same place!!!!!

42 Highland Ave, Newbury, NH 03255
This is the view down at the dock!!!!!

42 Highland Ave, Newbury, NH 03255
I had the stairs rebuilt, and had 
Adirondack railings 
They were made out of cedar fence parts. 
The carpenter who built them was a real artist. 
I gave him a sketch of what I wanted, and let him play around with each section, as he felt the wood wanted to go..... 
42 Highland Ave, Newbury, NH 03255
Down at the end, it you look closely, you can see the chain saw carved bear. 

I named him Winston, after Winnie the Pooh.....
42 Highland Ave, Newbury, NH 03255
I got a real workout on these stairs......
(every time I had to pee.....)
(whether I was drinking a lot of beer, or diet soda...)
(up and down, and up and down.....)
42 Highland Ave, Newbury, NH 03255

I mean.....
come on!!!!!
Look at all those STAIRS!!!!

Every 4th of July, instead of fireworks, the properties lining the lake would buy flares, with the proceeds going to the local fire department.
Then, at sundown, we would set the flares on our lakeside decks and docks, and light them.
The whole lake would be rimmed in sparking red.
It was
I owned this cabin for 17 years, and have a lot of great memories.
Spent weekends with a lot of guys......
but that was a distant time and place!!!!!
Now I go to Flerida, and stay out of trouble.
Less drama,
more DIY!!!!!

Latah Gatah


Patti said...

Well your last few lines answered my question.... I was wondering if you would want to buy it back... The cabin and the lake look wonderful

NanaDiana said...

What a great place. It is nice to see that you still love it but are in a different mind set now and are happy where you are. Blessings- I'll be back to see the new master-xo Diana

Honey at 2805 said...

What a wonderful cabin, Betsy! I view must have been truly beautiful!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I just love this cabin...the cabin you brought back to life ever so beautifully...I am sure it was sad to see you leave...

I am sure you are happy in stairs!!! One level!!...

Rita's Recipes said...

Great lake cabin. It does have a n ice Golden Pond vibe.

laney said...

...i love it...i just love it...

Marian said...

Don't worry, I don't stalk people, just cabins I like. I was lucky to find your blog to be able to see it again and hear your story on it. The flares are such a great idea.

Pondside said...

What a gorgeous place!

Amy Chalmers said...

hahha this is so funny to read. you do make me laugh and yell to dave what you wrote!! i love this cottage, must have been tough to sell it. I can just picture the red flares ringing the lake...magical is right!

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