Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh No

I just screwed up my blog. I meant to doodle around with my blog template design, and changed my real blog by mistake. So bear with me while I freak out and try to fix it.
Of course I did not back it up first, because I thought I was working on the test blog.


NanaDiana said...

OH- That happened to me day before yesterday- It is scary and awful! xo Diana

Christine said...

Hi, Betsy:D I'm Now a Stalker I mean follower..:D I Anyway, I'am So Happy to have found your lovely Design Blog. I have a Couple of Design Questions...No I don't need you ro redesign my "tincancottage"...but My Realy Cottage...I am STUCK between "cute" and "formal"...My taste in my Home decor style is on the lines of your Traditional Home magazine days , but, on my Poor lady Pocketbook. Not escuses though, I just can't seem to pull my part shabby chic, part french country style together. What to do? I would love to join your next "Tuesday's Answers". I will watch for your Return and Blog link to it and join in then. Sorry about your Blog turmoil...believe me...I've been there"D
So glad you joined the blogging community...Hang In There Betsy! :D

Christine said...

My "real" blog link is
" (not the link you go to on my nam) I have no idea who (my tin can cottage is) But, I am THE...this is what happens in Blogland when you do not have CopyRights on Your on Name...Shish..."D

Babs said...

Hey, I've been there with messing up things on the computer. I was trying to learn Picasa 3 the other day, and somehow deleted some photos that were in my blog. I'm pitiful on the computer, so I understand. Hang in there,

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