Sunday, January 1, 2012

Design Questions Answered!!!!!!


For the new year I've had an IDEA!!!!
(actually, Amy from Maison Decor suggested that I do something like this awhile ago; but I'm just tweaking the idea.)
Twice a month I will answer decorating questions.
Until I think of a better name; it will be called "Tuesday's Answers".
I am open to suggestions for a better name, my brain is dead, dead, dead. 

Amy wanted me to call it "Rip me a new one", because of how I ripped her house apart when she asked my advice. I will try to be as kind and helpful as possible. She thinks I shouldn't dampen my personality (she thinks it's funny), but I don't want you guys to be afraid to ask questions.
O.K. it will go something like this:

on the first Tuesday of the month, (starting at 5:00 PM) link up to the "party" by linking a particular post, add your question to the end of your post with a link back to my blog.
For those of you who don't have a blog, you can email pictures with questions.
email me at:

It's easy, just click on the blue box at the right; over the pictures of my members.

I will then post your pictures with my suggestions and answers on the following Tuesday.
If this becomes popular ('cuz, no one may even join the party), I will answer the questions I think will interest the most people.
Then the Tuesday in the  middle of the month, we will do it AGAIN!! And so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.........
I will choose the best questions the next week to share with everyone.

O.K on to the pictures!!!!!!!
Lisette emailed me the before pictures of her kitchen before she took the wall down, so I can now share them with you!!!!
Remember this kitchen??????
I posted it just two days ago, but with New Years Eve............

Here's what her kitchen looked like when I first met her.

Same view, isn't that amazing? She is one smart cookie.

She ripped down the wall....................

This opened up the kitchen to a large part of the pantry closet that was so narrow it was practically unusable.

She had bead board added, and the cabinets I wrote about on Friday.
Then she changed the counter top to marble and added white subway tile for a back splash behind the other counter tops in the kitchen.


O.K. don't forget to come back Tuesday!!!
I can't believe I'm giving out free advice!!!!!!!!!!!
That is, if anyone shows up.
Please post something, I don't want to feel like that fat kid in gym class that was always picked last.
My weight fluctuated, but I was ALWAYS picked last. At least that's how I remember it.
It's amazing how many people remember being picked last, makes you wonder who the @#$& was  picked first.


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dee dee said...

We just did our home complete with a new kitchen. We finished out with similar finishes... white cabinets, light granite(our family is too messy for beautiful marble) and subway tile on the back splash. I love the crisp clean look of your friend's kitchen! What a great idea to open up the back wall and add the cabinets!
Dee Dee

Anonymous said...

First, am amazed that your friends actually let you do this, so they must trust you a lot (besides, you have great taste) and second, this is fabulous! What a HUGE difference in a nice, but lacking "something" space. You did a great job and it must have been fun to have everyone working together. Kudos!

{northern cottage} said...

wow I absolutely love all your elements - those stools rock! I would love love to have you link up for my first linky GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

Come on over & join in the fun! xoxo

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Gawwjus! Seriously - it's beautiful!

Comeca Jones said...

Instant character! I love it!

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