Friday, August 24, 2012

Hey!! What Smells So Good?????

I don't usually write about products that I can't stick on a wall
 or cover over a piece of furniture.
But a big part of the experience of a home is its scent.
Some folks are big into scented candles, 
Some folks aren't.
I was in the undecided camp.
So when I was contacted by
to review one of their scented candles;
 I had to sit my tokes down, and think about how I felt......
I was willing to give it a try.
They were sending me the candle for free, and I was going to get compensated for my opinion!!!!!
I could write the truth and I'd still get paid!!!
Don't they know I'm a wild card???????
You never can tell what's about to come out of my mouth
 (or out of my keyboard.....)

When I informed my father of this situation, he wanted me to request
two candles
for the purpose of comparison.
I felt that would be pushy......
(I know, I know,,,,, can you imagine I was worried about being pushy?????)

The candle arrived this week to much excitement in the Speert households!!!!!
(For those of you who are new to my blog;
 my parents live in the condo next door to me.....)
I ran next door with my booty and butane lighter,
 and my parents and I fired the darn thing up with much anticipation!!!!!
Then we just sat in the living room looking at the little fire burning.....,
Waiting for the smell.....

Pretty soon a sweet appley flowery sent started wafting into the room!!!
At this point, I grabbed it and took it next door for the experiment to begin in earnest.....
 This is the Victorian style jar that the candle comes in.
It has a nice metal cover that  has a plastic gasket around the inside 
to tightly seal the jar and hold in the scent, 
preserving the life of the candle.
So, you can burn it in short periods, 
add aroma to your home, 
cover the jar,
 and it will last a loooooooong time....
 When you've burned the whole candle,
 you'll be left with a pretty jar you can transform into something great for storage that has a nice tight seal.
I like the fact that there is no big label on the jar,
 so it looks nice on a countertop, no need to hide it.
I was allowed to choose any one of the popular scents.
Being a foodaholic, I chose the one that was supposed to 
smell like apple pie.....
It's in their American Heirloom collection.
It's called: Apple Bourbon Scented Candle.
It's fragrance description is:
Country favorite -  apple pie topped with luscious hot caramel sauce, warmed with a touch of Grandpa's bourbon and topped with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. 

So, I was really excited to have my house smell like I was actually baking something, 'cuz that doesn't really happen here in this house too often.....

This is my take on how it smells.
It has a sweet fruity flowery smell.
I definitely smell the surgary tones of the caramel sauce. 
Not sure about any bourbon scent.
Flowery apple scent.
maybe a little vanilla overtones.
Overall, a very pleasing aroma.

Not sure it smells like I was baking anything.
but then my friends and family would have just been confused when they came to visit.
It definitely took care of last nights oven poached salmon oder!!!!
There are times, (now that I think about it.....) when my house doesn't smell as fantabulous as I may want.
So, it could be useful if I lit it after I cook some god awful dish that didn't turn out so great.
Or, on really  hot days, when the garbage can needed to be changed due to the wrapping from the chicken breast from the night before......

Or, I don't know, maybe I'll go crazy, and light it just to make my house smell pretty!!!!!

If you like scented candles and potpourri, 
you will definitely like this stuff!
The container is attractive, 
It smells pretty
It lasts a looooong time.
Just go to Goose Creek Candle's website by clicking HERE, and entering this code: 082312,  when you pay for your candles.....
The coupon code is good till September 30th.

If you buy the same candle I have.....
our houses can smell the same!!!!!

Latah, Gatah


Courtenay@Creek Line House said...

I have one of these puppies on its way to me right now! Can't wait! I'll be trying out the "mulled cider" scent, so we won't be smelly house twins, but I'm still pretty sure it's going to be great!

Amy Chalmers said...

ah I just might have to try this!!

must love junk said...

Wow-you got a pretty sweet deal! :)
They sound (smell?) interesting...thanks for the info!

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Thanks for the info Betsy! I'm big into having my house smell yummy...from melted waxes to scented candles to those little oil burners that burn your favorite it all! I just hope I'm not giving myself some dreadful illness down the road from all of the weird stuff I burn...hmmmm....I should maybe stick with soy candles? What do you all think?

20 North Ora said...

Betsy, I have seen and smelled these candles and they are wonderful. They are really great to have around the home without just knocking you over.


Anonymous said...

I have allergies to artificial scent and get seriously illl from being in homes with candles, potpourri or scented cat litter. It would be helpful if all candles sealed as these do for allergy prone people. It is very appreciated when a hostess asks before lighting candles so I can explain. I have left gatherings many times due to the headaches. Personally, I prefer the poached salmon! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I second that, anonymous. The chest pain and headache are bad enough, then the eyes water and sting. I really hate to mention this, but I wonder what the chemicals are and if they are contributing to the increase in allergies and other health problems. If I had small children, I wouldn't allow them in any place that burns scented candles or uses other "room deodorizer" and room scenting products. To clean odors from
the air, put coffee grounds in a skillet and let it sit on a low to medium hot burner for a few minutes, stirring as needed. Don't let it burn or that smell will get you. To deal with the chicken packaging, put it in the freezer until the day you dispose of the rubbish.

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