Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cottage Study, the Last Post, maybe.....

Today I'm going to finish showing off my study.
Enough about this room already,
 there's so much more to share with you guys!!!!!
I only have the desk area to go over, and then it's across the hall to my bedroom.....
 The desk is a regency period piece that I've had forever.
I really love the legs, they're almost as good as mine...

I can't tell you the number of hours I've sat at this desk,
playing computer games working on my  blog!!!!!
I still have to make the cushion for its chair.
I think that I'll do that within the next week.
I have to get all this done because I'm finally lettingTraditional Home Magazine do scouting shots.
Estelle Bond Guralnick, the regional editor, has been after me for 8 years.
Since I was retired, I didn't see any reason....
but now!!!!!
I'm blogging!!!!!
And I want to get the word out......
I've been painting and sewing my little heart out!!!!!
I've make the den slip covers.....
painted the panels in the dining room.....
still need to sew some toss pillows, paint the dining table and make a small rod run gathered sheer curtain for my bedroom armoire.
A really good way to finish off a house, is to set a publication deadline.
It's like inviting folks for dinner,
 it forces you to clean up the #$% house!!!!!

So, this morning, I'm thinking about the paint I want to use on my dining room table.
I am really excited about the new milk paint coming out by 
Miss Mustard Seed.....
I don't want to wait till September!!!!!
I need to paint the table by YESTERDAY!!!!!
Amy at Maison Decor (who will be selling it in the Boston area)
said it would be alright if I contacted
 Marion of Miss Mustard Seed fame directly
 to see it I can get my hands on some of this here paint 
This is the way the dining table looks at the present moment....
So, before I heard back from her, (Marion) I was panicking, 
so I started mixing up some Annie Sloan chalk paint,
 in case I couldn't get my paws on the milk paint..... 
I mixed a couple of colors together, looking to match the color of a small painted antique stand I have.
 Then I waxed the color on the right with dark wax....
Then I looked at my email,
and Marion had come through for me!!!!!
She is a trouper!!!!!
So, I am very flattered to be one of the first bloggers to be able to buy a color from her new line of Milk Paint!!!!
I can't wait to see how it will naturally distress on my old dining table....
I bought Lucketts Green, and will be reporting from the trenches about how I do!!!!

I'm supposed to be writing about my study.....
OY VEY.....
I'm like a little kid that wants everyone to know everything I'm doing.....
OK, back to my desk area.
 The curtains in the room are left over from a show house I did on Cape Cod. You can read about that room here.....
The bobble trim is made up from a gimp tape, and a cheap rayon trim with white plastic balls. I had the blue gimp cover the cheap rayon.
This way, I was able to take an affordable detail,
and make it more expensive!!!!!

 I have two computers on my desk.
I couldn't get rid of my 8 year old laptop, because my favorite computer game, Civilization II, isn't compatible with Windows 7.
The funny thing, is now that I'm blogging, I don't really play games on my laptops anymore.
 Maybe it's time for just one computer.
It looks better......
More room for all my 
There's my rebuilt vintage phone,
 that looks great,
but the receiver is so heavy, that when I sit at my desk and answer it,
 I ask the person to hold on,
 while I run into my kitchen, and get my lighter cordless one.....
Let's see....
How does that saying go?????
Function follows Form?????

Here's my pencil cup!!!
It has some dogs on it!!!!!
It holds my pencils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know anything else about this baby.....
 Here's my pen holder!!!
It has a dog on it!!!!!
It holds one pen (that I don't use)!!!!!
I don't know anything else about this baby.....
 This is a picture of my mother's brother, 
who just happens to be my Uncle!!!
The cut out of a little girl is my mom when she was a little girl!!!!! 
 This brings us to the conclusion of my study, 
please form a single line and exit in the back.
Thank you.....

Latah, Gatah


Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, but Ms. Betsy, you're being too modest! I do love your home, and everything in it. LOVE the old phone, but doubt I could hold it under my chin without it falling and breaking my foot! And I've still got the ankle to heal! You go, girl! Maybe Helen Reddy wrote that song about being invincible just for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy! I love your desk area - your desk and all of your pretties! That's a cute little standup of your mother. I need to do something like that with a picture of my grandbaby! :)
That's so exciting you're getting special treatment with the paint! Can't wait to see how your table will look. I've never used that kind of paint yet!
Okay, okay, I'm exiting and I'm looking for the cookies and lemonade! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Nutbird said...

Thank you for being the study docent. I hope you like MMS's paint as much as I like MMS. I think the green might be perfect. Can hardly wait to get my hands on some. Guess I'll have to start a blog. I have it all set up, just waiting for inspiration.

Connie@Connie Nikiforoff Designs said...

I think we're all excited to hear what you have to say about MMS's milk paint. You'll be comparing how it works/looks to ASCP..maybe?

There's a store in our little town that sells milk the old, old fashioned kind. I've never tried it. Wonder how it works. Can't wait to see your table all "Betsied up" :-)

Anne Boykin said...

Hi, Betsy, How exciting about the MMS paint! The Lucketts Green will look great in your room. Thanks for a lively & lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to you painting your table Lucketts Green, please post lots of pictures of the process!

laney said...

...good grief...i thought you meant your LAST in good bye blog...after i realized that was not what you were saying i could really really enjoy myself...a perfect room...that is all yours alone...there is not another like it in the whole wide world...and THAT is what makes all of your home special... it speaks your name alone...and says all that you are...thanks for sharing with us...blessings

Amy Chalmers said...

Oh its gonna look great! Remember MMS milk paint self distresses, so you cannot control where it flakes off unless you add bonding agent. I think it is very exciting stuff and I can't wait for the shipment to arrive!

Mary Ellen said...

I am enjoying your blog so much. I am a new follower, but I so look forward to my daily emails so I can wander over to your house. Would you mind sharing how this wonderful photo of your mother became this statuette? I have some of my parents and I would love to have this done too. Thank you.

Decdreams said...

No! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Don't go!!! Your study is my most favorite of all your rooms and I have a folder of most of them and your book. I was very ill last week and crawled to the pc for my "fix" ...........this blog has been just fascinating to watch it all emerge into pure wonderfulness!!! Please do another book, ewwww, I just heard a barrage of blankety blanks!!!

Decdreams said...

P.S. Traditional Home could use a Speert infusion, they have become so sterile and boring!!! They need you, charge them for the privilege!!! Will miss your study, it will cost a fortune in color ink but I must have it at the ready in my "Favorites Folder" to delight my senses. Bedroom?? OK, but no way can anything top your study!!!!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Betsy,
Perfection! but of course..
I always injoy reading your posts and having the grand tour into your dreamy home.
I will look forward to seeing your dinning table trasformation.
Enjoy your weekend,

Lamp Tramp said...

Just found your AMAZING blog and have devoured it for the past 3 days. I remember so many of your professional projects back through the years. You have just given me the kick I needed to start doing some things around Lamp Tramp land. Love that you are sharing your advice to bloggers and I might just get up the courage to ask you for help with my blah bedroom. Thanks for the inspiration!

Betty Stapleton said...

wow, I am going through old blogs,, your bedroom was gorgeous. I had a room years ago with the blue toile and had to change it as it wore out. But still love it, your den is also out of this world, going to check all your old posts.

Anonymous said...

Betsy, Did you ever finish this dining room table? Would love to see it! Gin

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