Tuesday, August 7, 2012

9th OY VEY!! Q&A!! TUESDAY!!!!!

Welcome to the 9th OY VEY!! Q&A!! TUESDAY!!!!!

Some of you guys
 are really into this!!!
I started getting questions yesterday.....
You aren't supposed to start asking me @#$ questions
 until I get THIS post up!!!!!

This is a question and answer party!!!!!
Only questions, please you guys. 
If it isn't a question, I'm taking the @#$ link down.

This is how it works.....
On the first Tuesday of the month
You ask some design questions,
and I answer them for FREE!!!!
Just remember-----
(Just sayin')

So ask your question at the end of this blog post.
 link up to the "party" by linking a particular post's url, add your question to the end of your post with a link back to my blog. My button is on my sidebar. 
It looks just like a button!!
For those of you who don't have a blog, you can email pictures with questions.
email me at:  betsyspeert@gmail.com.
If you just have a question, with no pictures, leave it in the comment area, below.

It's easy, just click on the blue box at the right; over the pictures of my members.
I would also love it if you became a subscriber.

I will then post your pictures with my suggestions and answers on the following Tuesday.
I may not be able to answer all the questions.
If there are a lot of them, I will choose the ones most likely to interest the other folks in the class.
So link up below!!!!!


Before I get to the link party.......
I would like to share some more pictures of how my dining room is coming along.
To all of you who don't like what I'm doing to the walls.....
I DON'T GIVE A @#$!!!!
I have finished all the panels, 

and now just have to paint the backs of the two china cabinets!!!!! 

For those of you just tuning in.....
There has been QUITE a lot of discussion about my painting the recessed panels in my dining room.
I wanted the room to feel a little cozier.....
Some folks love it.....
And some folks haveNOT BEEN SHY 
about letting me know that they don't like it at all!!!!
What I can't understand, is why they would think I give a rats behind it they don't like it?????
Do they live with me????

I will be going over how I did it, and why, in one of next weeks lovely missives.....
I still have to paint the two cabinets and the table top.....
I am a very busy lady, 
yes in deedy do!!

So, anyway.....
link up below if you have any questions, and you are brave enough to deal with my answers.

Latah, Gatah


Janette - The2Seasons said...



I think your house looks gorgeous...who cares!! Thank you for hosting, wow, I'm the first entry, how fun!


Ok, here goes my question..thank you, I didn't get it, it's my first time here, but I do have a question: My antique Italian gorgeous chandy it's already up, but I decided I'd love to place a round rossette, (is that how you call them?) around the chandy after I've already placed it in the ceiling, so is it at all possible to do this??
I am your follower and I'm taking your bottom to my side bar. Thank you in advance.

ShopGirl said...

Hi Betsy,

I have another question for you - I feel pretty comfortable choosing colors and fabrics, but furniture arrangement feels so HARD ! I just agonize - with time I can tell when something isn't right. BUT WHY can't I tell by looking at the room ? I feel like I have to make my choices quickly because I have people who are doing the heavy lifting ! I feel so frustrated, is this something a person can study and apply "rules" to in order to get a formula ?? I am just agonizing over another spot in my house and it just bugs me so much !! I did a floor plan with graph paper but I still struggle with this.

Thanks Doll,
the other Betsy

Paula said...

I also have huge furniture arrangement issues. Our open plan kitchen/living room is 20 x 23 with windows on the west wall, sliding door and window on the north wall, kitchen sink, counter, cabinets and oven on the south wall, and stairs and hallway on the east. I hate the couch floating in the middle of the room, simple because I don't like looking at the back of a couch when I walk up the stairs. Plus, if a burglar breaks in how will I know what they look like if they can sneak up behind me? Not a good situation. Here is one picture from my blog of the space...http://lh3.ggpht.com/-V6CO6MV7ixg/T6bEbrVeGNI/AAAAAAAAAq4/pY9K7IlXEnA/l%252520room%252520aft%25252002%25255B11%25255D.jpg?imgmax=800

Decdreams said...

Since you don't give a rat's ass re: rookie opinions I feel free to give mine since I don't give a rats ass that you don't etc. etc.
The chandelier looks like Amy not you and the faux painting in the panel recesses is marvelous, just seems so wrong. Puhleeeze just think wallpaper on top...........just give it a wee little thought ok? and aren't you flattered that your fans out here are so passionate about your cottage!!! That intense involvement is true flattery!!!! Put that in your rat's patoot!!!

Anonymous said...

Betsy, Recently downsized to smaller house and in the process of decorating, taking my time. My question is, Do you stick with one metal in a room? I talking about for lamps, light fixtures, or even other decor. I thank you if you choose my question and if you don't. I love you blog.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Betsy,
By george I think I finally figured out how your Q&A works..I was one of those early people (sorry) I linked up the right way this time...
I love how your paneling has turned out, I think the blue is beautiful. While shopping for carpet I saw some of the most elegant flooring and it was faux wood designed in different shades of blue and wood patterns. So I think faux blue paneling is very genius! Also your chandelier is so pretty and romantic. I am a fan of your style and I adore your room can't wait to see how you paint the backs of your china cabinets.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Diane Kojabash said...

The paneling re-do is awesome, the chandy is out of this world perfect! THE DECORATOR HAS SPOKEN! (p.s. If I ever get a show on HGTV, that's gonna be the title, don't steal it!)

sweet violets said...

Take a chill pill....you asked and we answered....and I don't give a rats hindy if you don't like it.....I love all the framed paintings in the dining room.....you are not the end all for decorating......its your home, do as you please, as we all do......

Floral Bags said...


Anonymous said...

Love everything about the room. It is so homey and tasteful. Love what you did with the panels and of course I love the florals.
Sandra White

Scribbler said...

I share your philosophy -- the person who lives there gets to say what goes!

Is that floral still available? I could use a few yards if it is. Share source?


the misfit said...

So I have a question. I don't "follow" because that requires me to use google reader (as I understand it), which I don't. But I have read literally all of your posts, so I personally think I'm better than a follower. But I guess you don't have to answer my question if you don't want to.

Here's my question. You mentioned, in discussing your lake house, that you bought ripped paintings. I assume that you then repaired them (or maybe you said so. I said read, not remembered :)). I was wondering whether you could share how to repair them. I bought a pretty oil painting (for just $30 in a magnificent frame!) at an auction, in perfect condition, and wouldn't you know, I damaged it by the time I got it home. It's a very small tear, and it's not a valuable painting, but I feel like the biggest idiot, and I'd really like to fix it.

Your wisdom is much appreciated.

Diane D. said...

I for one love what your doing to the panels! If the others don't like it they not look at your blog. Very simple.

Cindy said...

I LOVE your dining room! It's gorgeous. I adore the color you're using, where you've used it and the mismatched old chairs are lovely. I'm always surprised at people's negative comments. If they don't like what you're doing, they should move on to the next blog...that's what I do when I see what they've done and I don't love it.
Have a great week, Cindy

Shingle Cottage said...

I love the panels Betsy i think it looks wonderful!
Gosh it such a pretty room,i love that shot looking through from the other room x

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of making a change. The" same ole same ole" gets boring after a while. After all, it is only paint. From now on when I contemplate a change I will say to myself WWBD?

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