Saturday, November 19, 2011

My new china cabinet

When I redesigned the china cabinets in my dining room, for some reason I can't remember, (I'm serious, I can't remember what the @#$% I was thinking) I changed them from corner cabinets to straight on cabinets. I also decided to leave the top open for a more casual look.
This is the way it looked when I bought my condo....

I really don't like a low chair rail. They are set that height to keep the backs of chairs from bumping the walls, but since I don't have any chairs placed against the wall, I moved it up for a better visual proportion in the room. I had wood installed to make a fake paneled look, just like I did in Miriam's dining room and my renovation project in West Palm
Beach. If I ever do another dining room, I promise to come up with a new idea.
Here's the after shot.....

I had the cabinets built to look like the wall was deeper, and that they were recessed. To make the entry from the living room look nicer, I added some simple wood strips to the doorway side and doorway ceiling to create a paneled effect. This looks much nicer than just a flat side.

I added touches of blue glass on the shelves to repeat the feeling of the chandelier.

This is the left

And this is the right side!!!!!!!!

The blue glasses are called hobnail glasses. They were produced by the Fenton Glass Co. I collected this stuff from EBay. I love these glasses and never use them. The reason I bought them, is 'cuz I just wanted them to look pretty on my self.

This is more hobnail glass that I love. I don't use these either. I am not exactly the most practical decorator.

Aren't they pretty?

This is a pretty vase I DON'T USE.

These two shelves hold all the glasses and dishes I use from the whole two sides of my china cabinet. I use the plates and glasses to set my table when my family comes for one of my "HOME COOKED" meals. The plates are my "special" majolica from that exclusive boutique, Home Goods.
I have to leave now to go pick up dinner from Bertucci's. I'm taking it to my brother's because my sister and her family are in town. I'm the youngest of 5 siblings, and there always seems to be one or another wandering in to visit.  Mod Vintage life has added this post to her party, you can see it at


Nita Stacy said...

All very pretty. I especially like the chandelier. I've been wanting one like that for quite awhile.

Anonymous said...

OH, I just love what you've done in your dining room. I've always like corner builtins, but I love that you put them straight on the wall and it makes your room look even larger! Your chandy is so pretty and your dishes and glassware in your shelves are so pretty! You pull those pretty dishes out and set that nice table with them! :) You don't have to put food on them! :)
Happy Thanksgiving,
Shelia :)

Amy Chalmers said...

I liked getting a closer look at the cabinets and the contents too. Love those big blue vases with the birds on them! And all the blue hobnail, so perfect with the amazing chandy! I am also one of five siblings~go have fun.

Connie@Connie Nikiforoff Designs said...

Love it all! You're so danged funny to read! Are you sure you're not a stand up comic disguised as an interior designer? ;-)

Holly said...

Just gorgeous! It doesn't even look like the same room! I love the blue and how the built-ins flank the entrance to your living room.

Claudia Fabiana said...

I just found your blog via Mod Vintage Life and am now following. Stop by for a visit real soon....


Donna D said...

Very fresh and pretty! I, too, shop at that exclusive boutique!

Anonymous said...

I can tell by all the dust collectors without doors to keep them clean that you do not have nasty oil furnace blowing dirty air into your living quarters. What kind of heating system do you have, pray tell? I'd like to get the same kind in my next (???) house so i can have open shelving in my DR. Thanks for your help with this long range project of mine. Meantime, I adore your unused china and your WHITE dining room and your lovely painted furniture. If I could be you, I would be, in a New York minute. XXX

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