Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank you for the comments

I just want to leave a quick post to all the guys who leave me comments. I LOVE THEM. I know I don't respond too often to them, but I'm not good at thank you notes either. So, this is to let you know that I read each one with great enjoyment, and wonder that someone has been kind enough to take the time to write something to me.
In honor of you, I will now take the time to share with you some of my REALLY stupid actions and thoughts.
  1. Cigarette smoke gives me migraines. I've started watching a new show on BBC America called The Hour that's mesmerizing. I was deep into the show when one of the main actors lit up a cigarette and blew the smoke out towards me. I held my breath so I wouldn't get a headache, and then realized he was on the TV.
  2. I love honeydew melons. They taste like candy. I cut them up and eat them while I’m reading. The other day I started one that wasn’t as good as they normally are, but I didn’t give it much thought. It wasn’t until the next day while I was eating the 2nd half that I noticed it was orange. Kind of embarrassing, since I’m a designer, not to realize what I’m eating is not green but orange! It was a cantaloupe. (I don’t like them.)
  3. Have you ever tried to make a phone call with your remote control? They both have number pads, and sometimes I pick up the remote, wanting to make a call, only to be confused about what I just did.
  4. I was in the library last week looking for a book by one of my favorite authors; M.C. Beaton. I couldn’t find one. Now, I know that my library has a LOT of them and I couldn’t believe they were all checked out. That night as I was lying all snug in my bed, I realized I had been looking in the M section of the stacks.
Soooo, this is just a small selection of my brilliant actions and thinking, to give you a lift at the start of your week. Tonight my family descends on my house for a home cooked meal. I'm buying take out.


Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Oh, those things happen to the best of us. Or maybe just as we get older. :) It just dawned on me that you are the Erma Bombeck of decorating.

Starr said...

Hahahahaha--I've had friends recommend The Hour. I'm going to look it up!

I love Honeydew melons, but I find it difficult to get a good one. Sorry your last one ended up a cantaloupe instead.

lvroftiques said...

Maybe you don't actually mind cantaloupe? Since you made it through one without noticing. *winks* Glad to read that you're a bit of a dork just like the rest of us lol! Vanna

Amy Chalmers said...

Coming to your blog is a treat~always something I pick up when I come over here. Katie has a point, you kind of are Erma-esque.

Unknown said...

I LOVE your decorating style, you truly are inspirational. I have been exhausted myself as of late, viral illness, so I needed to catch up on your blog. This post made me laugh out loud!!!! The dialing with the remote was just too much! Your houses are beautiful and your sense of humor is right up my alley!!!!!!!!I'm so glad I found your blog. I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog, but absolutely love reading yours!!! Finding out that you are an M. C. Beaton fan clinched it!

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