Saturday, November 26, 2011

Miriam's Dining Room with Furniture!!!

O.K.!!! Here it is!!!! Just as promised!!!
Let us continue our story. Let's see..... I was really, really tired. I had put fabric on the walls.......We had hung the chandelier.....I had added the double welting to the fabriced walls.....We had hung the draperies.....And then we put down the rug!!!!!

It's a sea grass bound rug from Pottery Barn. The color works really well with the fabric. I'd like to pretend I knew that was going to be the case, but it was a really pleasant surprise for me. We got the rug before we chose the fabric. At least, that's how I remember it, but it's been soooooo long, that I am no longer sure. It's just that when things work out, I just assume that it's by accident.

Here's a picture of some of the double welting to cover the staples in the fabriced wall. Don't worry, don't worry, I really am going to do a post on how to cover walls in fabric, just not today. (Ha! Amy at Maison Decor, this is just to torture you!)

Here's a picture of the painted sideboard.......

It came out really great, if I do say so myself. I'm not so crazy about a faked look of distressing, although, that's usually what my painted
stuff looks like. But, this looks really old and beat up.

The lamps are from my antique accessory business. They originally were for sale in The Boston Design Center, but my bidness partner, Kris and I, decided that we loved these lamps so much, that we didn't want no stinkin' strangers to get them, so we gave them to Miriam and Ross, supplying us with just one more thing to hold over their heads. Leverage is very important in family dynamics. Whoever spouts that sugary sweet stuff about love, isn't being truthful!!! It's all about the guilt trips.
Then we (Miriam and Ross) dragged up the table parts from the basement. We had taken it apart into many, many pieces, in order to get it into Miriam's car when we hauled it home from Gloucester Ma.
These are the legs!!!

O.K., get ready, I am now going to make fun of Ross.
He thought we could put the table back together without turning it upside down. HaHaHaHa. Boys are so silly.

I have to interrupt this broadcast, you wouldn't believe what's going on outside my window. There are 23 wild turkeys, and they are very upset with a neighbor's black cat that has come to visit. Before I was able to run and get my camera, they had all massed together about to attack it. (Well not necessarily to attack, but to aggressively discourage it's visit.) So here are some pictures.

Yeah, they're acting like they just weren't ganging up on one little cat. Hunh!

He just came by for a visit, jeesh!

O.K. back to the story.....
So, as I was making fun of Ross..... I convinced him to reattach the legs by turning the table upside down. Good boy, he followed my suggestion. You know, sometimes Miriam and Ross act like my suggestions are commands. I don't know where they get this stuff from. I am sooooooo easy to get along with as long as you do everything my way. What's so unreasonable about that? I mean, when was the last time I was wrong?????
Look!!! It's an action shot of Ross!!!

(Now, some might say that I just shot a blurry picture, but again, when was the last time I was wrong?)

I have been informed that I have been spelling their dog's name wrong. Her name is Perla, not Pearla. But since I'm never wrong, I'm a little confused. Maybe they just don't know how it's really spelled. I mean, have they asked her?

However it's spelled, she's a really good helper.

I find this picture really irritating, no ones doing any work at all.

So, here we go!!!! The furniture in the room!!!

We haven't put the doors back on the china cabinet yet and we still have to accessorize the room. But the lions share of the work is done, and we are all ecstatic, and relieved and HAPPY. There was a big push to get this done, as I am heading down to Florida sooooon.
Here's the king at the head of his table.....

He's a very happy boy.


Amy Chalmers said...

Hey, where is the post? There is no content here~I would love the see the furniture inplace!

Amy Chalmers said...

Ok, the pics are up~I came back Betsy (to everyone else, she hit publish with nothing to publish since she is a newbie blogger)!!!!!
Love that fabric on the walls~it is sooo pretty! I bet Miriam loves it which also makes Ross a happy boy. I cannot wait to see where you put your plates since you love hanging them everywhere. This time, are they just going in the cabinet?

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

The dining room is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finishing touches and the tutorial on covering walls with fabric. On a side note, I recently had my cat tied up outside and some wild turkey's started surrounding him. I was watching from the house and thought the cat would scare away the turkeys; however, I do believe the turkeys would have attacked my kitty. Smokey (my cat) started scratching at the door and crying. I opened up the door and grabbed Smokey, and the turkeys scattered.

Lissette said...

I caught up tonight and read about 10 posts. Laughed my @$# off! This is your stage friend, shine! See you very soon!!!! (Those are for your bro).

Karen said...

It's beautiful, love those lamps and the fabric on the walls...gorgeous!

Connie@Connie Nikiforoff Designs said...

Beautiful room! It'll be very nice to see the completed room. And even if something appears to be "wrong" that'll most likely be we, the viewers, perception of it. Cuz we all know you're never least that what you tell us. Gosh! You are SO funny Betsy! Do you do stand up comedy somewhere? Cuz if you do, I'll be there :-)

Amy said...

I wish that was my dining room!

Donna D said...

They are so lucky to have such a gorgeous dining room!



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