Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Connie's New Bedroom!!!!

OK you guys.....
I am sitting at my computer and ready to write my next post.
So pour yourself a cuppa joe
 (or tea) (or glass of wine)
 and sit down for a good (in my opinion) read.
Last year in the early spring, I had started writing about helping my buddy Connie with her new Flerida home.
If you want to catch up on those posts.....
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OK, now that your memory is all refreshed.....
which room should I start with?????
Let's go with the Master Bedroom.
When we first saw this room, it looked like this with the previous owners furniture and window treatments.

They had installed screens and blackout shades that rolled down with the use of a remote control.
They are VERY convenient, but the big boxes over the windows and door were eyesores.
Some of you had suggested a solution that I had already thought up, so when you see how I treated this problem.....
You just happen to be as brilliant as I am.
I tend to think with a pencil and paper.
So I got the dimensions from one of Connie's helpers,
 (since I was back up in Massachusetts)
and I drew up a design for my workroom in Florida to follow.
If you're wondering what that squiggly stick figure is to the right, in the drawings.....
I always draw myself into my elevations, so I get a sense of scale.
As you can see, I've lost some weight. 
Since I wasn't in Florida, 
there was some confusion about the draperies.
I mean.....
I only drew a picture and wrote out in mind numbingly picky detail how they should be made.
But this is Florida, 
so's you gots to roll with the punches.
the workroom made everything right in the end, and that's all that matters.
I originally wanted the buttons to be nickel, to match the nailhead trim on the bed, but the workroom didn't think that they could find any.
I changed the buttons to be a contrast fabric, like the cuff on the edge of the valance, 
and then....
they showed up as nickle.
I wanted a scalloped edge on the tiebacks.
And a contrast lower edge.
And a mophead welting cord on the top edge.
Two outa three ain't bad in Flerida.
For those of you confused out there in blogland.....
a mophead cord is a thin welting cord, 
like you would see in a mophead.
(I wonder why they call it mophead cord??????)
 I felt the best way to handle the bay window was unifying it with a large valance outside the bay.
This was the way the previous owners had done it, and I approve!!!!
lets's do a comparison of the way it was before Connie bought the house, 
and the way it is now.
That wooden box holding the mechanics of the roll down shade and screen is completely hidden.
the roll down screen is really wonderful.
Check it out, here it is down.
You have to be careful not to walk through it, because it is almost invisible, so Connie puts an ottoman in front of it as a reminder.
She is sooooo smaht!!!!!

I'm in Florida right now, sooooo
on that note,
Later, Gator


Carol said...

Loverly! Been missing you Betsy.

Unknown said...

And SO Classy too! The whole room is much more soothing without all that pattern and ruffles of the previous window coverings. How clever of you to come up with that gorgeous way to cover those boxes.

Patricia | The Black Sheep Shoppe said...

Hi. I'm a new-ish follower to your blog. When I first saw the "before" picture I thought it was the "after", and I thought it was beautiful. Then I saw the real "after" and wow it is so elegant! Your design style is stunning!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Genius! Unless those shades were added later, I can not imagine that the 1st designer didn't think of that. So much more light into the room by raising that valance. Nicely, nicely done. (& I have been doing upholstery for years & have never heard welt / cord called mophead... thanks for the new info : ) )

Beth C. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy! You've always been the smartest most creative one! This looks wonderful and her house is so beautiful. She's lucky to know you! I know, I'm laying it on thick this morning! :) You deserve praise!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Beth C. said...

So, you HAVE been working behind our backs! Brilliant! Carry on. Best, Beth C.

Mary said...


Love those chairs too!

Unknown said...

Looks way better.wonderful job Betsy.

Unknown said...

The room is much more brighter wirh the new curtains, it's wonderful.

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