Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Touch of Glam for my Friend Connie

Let's continue looking at the miracles I wrought in Connie's bedroom.
(I am so modest.....)
Connie's biggest goal in her new home is to create a feeling of peace and calm.
Her bedroom is all white and cream and soft bluey green.
We went for a Hollywood Glam feel because I am a star Connie is a star.
We chose an upholstered bed covered in a soft cream linen that has nickle nail head trim.
The soft white of the bed against the painted green walls is lovely.
We needed to find new lamps, as the ones in the picture below are from her old bedroom.
We wanted more "glammy" lamps.
Flanking the bed are two contemporary night stands in white lacquer.
They could fit right into a 1940's movie set.
To find a pair of lamps, 
Connie and I went to a very high end retailer that is renowned for its classy offerings.
We found ONE lamp.
We needed TWO.
the nice lady at the checkout line called around to neighboring stores and found another to match the one we had snagged.
Connie went racing up the state of Flerida to buy the second one and still get back home in time to go out for dinner.
The scheduling down heah in Flerida is very tight, 
what between shopping and going out to lunch and dinner.
It's exhausting.
The lamp is made of solid crystal pieces stacked up in a column on a nickel base.
They are beautiful.
Unfortunately, they are clear, and don't show up well in the photographs.
As we all know.....
it's not about how things look in real life.....
but about how they look in the pictures!!!!!
Connie doesn't care about the pictures, she loves the lamps and won't exchange them.
The bed has some really pretty detailing.
The nickle nail heads set the tone that made me want to use lots of mirror and glass.
As I showed you in my last post, 
I brought this detail up onto the valances of the draperies.
Some of you had voiced concern when I mentioned that we would be going for a more modern look.
Have no fear, my rooms always end up having tons of old stuff.
(No, that's not in reference to Connie and Chris.....)

I got up and started writing this before I even made my morning cuppa tea,
So I will end here and go bang around in my kitchen.
Have a good day....
Later Gator


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Gorgeous. I love it all.

Joy said...

The room is beautiful. So peaceful and calming. Great work!

Unknown said...

Lovely room i could sleep there contentedly.

Patricia | The Black Sheep Shoppe said...

I just love all your posts; they always put a smile on my face. Beautiful room, too.

Dolores said...

I would love a fully upholstered bed like that- but since I have three standard poodles I can just imagine how that bed would look in no time at all, and no way to clean it..So I made a slipcover for a plain upholstered headboard that is available online through Target. Very nice quality at a great price.
Lovely room!Serene and calm..

Donnamae said...

What a retreat...just gorgeous! ;)

Di said...

I love this room it appears very serene. The added touch to the valance is perfect, you are so smart Betsy!

RWC said...

The combination of windows, mirrors, glass and white is simply fabulous. It looks both welcoming and luxurious.

Diane Stewart said...

Yes, it looks calm and peaceful. Love the lamps too.

therelishedroost said...

Its a fantastic bedroom! Sharp and yet serene, great job!!

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