Monday, July 21, 2014

A Teenage Boy's Room, part II

Last post I'd started showing what my buddy Kris and I did when we decorated her teenage son, Kieran's bedroom.
let's continue where we left off.
Kris and I placed a desk across from his bed.
We had visions of him working on his homework there.
I don't know if he ever did, 'cuz these days kids use laptops and sit just about anywhere when doing their work.
The rosewood desk and chair are Anglo Indian.
We found them in a local antique store.
Anglo Indian furniture is very often made from rosewood, which is native to India.
I tried to do some research for you guys on this style, but got bored and didn't finish.
From what I could gather, it's highly carved and turned and
made from rosewood!
So that's all I know, 
and now you know it too!!!!!
We wanted to hang a shelf over the desk, to hold his trophies and memorabilia....
 We found this one at auction.
It's called a whale back shelf and is American from the early 1800's.
The sides of this type of shelf are shaped, many of them resembling whales, giving it it's name.
I stole this image off the internet to explain this better, since I didn't take a better shot.
Since the boy was growing up, we gave him a desk lamp with a little more sophistication,
 not that he gave a rat's behind.....
Kris and I did!!!!!
It was another Pottery Barn find,
here is a side by side of the bed and desk, so you can see how the room was coming together.....

Next post.....
the other corner of the room!!!!!
on that note.
Latah, Gatah


bmayer said...

Glad you told us us the shelf unit was an American antique from the early 1800's. It looks just like a shoe rack my dad made out of plywood that is sitting in my garage. Please tell me it was a real steal! Love your design sensibility, although I agree, the desk and chair (grerat legs!) probably wasn't used much for studying. Are you going to tell us about the white built in (?) cupboard on the right? That caught my eye.

Unknown said...

I bought my son a desk and chair from a used furniture store, painted it real purdy like (not nearly as nice as yours) and he never once sat at it. Parents have such high hopes. Sigh. Anxiously awaiting to see the other corner of the room. :)

Anonymous said...

Betsy, Off topic but I thought of your Florida house with all the parrots when I saw this:

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