Monday, July 28, 2014

Denim For a Teenager's Bedroom

Oy Vey!!!!
Kris has been giving me a hard time about not writing my blog.
I know you guys don't care, but I am under a deadline on getting my first couple of fabric designs completed,
so I can have strike offs printed,
so I can have something for Traditional Home to photograph when they come here next month.
If I'm lucky, they will push back the photoshoot till September, so I have a little more time.
Since I am not a graphic artist,
and I am having to learn two different graphics programs.....
plus figure out how to design fabric,
which I know nothing about.....
It's taking me a leetle bit of time.

I figure this is good for my brain box,
learning a new skill.
Please tell me this is good for me.

back to my blog.

We left off in Kris's son's bedroom.
We tucked a small upholstered arm chair in the other corner of the room.
We found it in a junk store and had Drape It recover it in a blue denim that matched the Pottery Barn curtains we had hung.
I had them do a baseball stitch at the boxing of the seat in red thread to go with the feeling of a true jean.
But since I didn't think to shoot this detail when I was in the room, I blew up the picture, and the detail blurred.
Just another wonderful blog post by your's truly.
Kris had a pillow made out of pennants she found on eBay.
The girl can be very clever!!!!! 
The yellow throw is from the 2011 Bruins Stanley Cup!
Go Boston!!!!
(The Bruins are a Boston team, right?????)
The stuffed dog (AKA floppy ears) he's had since the dawn of time.
Along side the chair we hung a trio of 1930's football etchings that Kris found in her hunting and gathering OCD.
They were drawn by Rosamond Tudor, daughter of Tasha Tudor.
If you have never heard of them, don't feel bad, neither had I, and Kris made fun of me.
I did what I always do, and googled it!!!!!
click here to read  Wikipedia Tasha Tudor

I know this is short, 
and you probably all are mad at me.....
BUT I have to go grocery shopping as I have no food in the house.
How can I have my glass of milk at night, if I have no milk????????
On a different note,
how can I have dinner if I have NOTHING IN THE HOUSE?????

I am truly excited about my fabric collection,
but I absolutely haven't a clue what I'm doing.
Reinventing myself after I closed my design business has been a blast!

P.S. next post I will discuss the wall of cabinetry we added for extra storage.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


bmayer said...

You are a better woman than I. When I designed fabric (for the quilt industry, which, by the way is a 4 Billion dollar industry these days) I hand painted everything. I bought a book on fabric design to figure out repeat. I did the "old school" method with graph and tracing paper to make sure everything lined up whether it was a straight or drop repeat. Everything had to divide evenly into 24. Meaning you could have a 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,or24" repeat, but not a 5,7, 10" for example. AND they wanted each colorway painted separately! (Thank God I only had to do that once). Instead of learning any computer graphic programs, I retired! I've got the itch again though.'s been about 4 years. I was totally unimpressed with what was presented fabric wise at the last Quilt Market (twice a year trade show). Sooo, my question (and I hope you'll answer)is what programs are you using? Do you have a preference? Is it possible to teach an old dog (meaning me) new tricks? I cant wait to see your designs!

Betsy Speert said...

I use a program called gimp GIM P and it's a open-source free graphics program that you can download from the Internet. I watch a lot of tutorials on YouTube and bought a couple of books to learn how to use this for textile design. I spent around three weeks learning how to use the program for fabric repeats and indexing colors. Now I'm trying to learn about vector design. Now if I only could design fabric I'd be all set!

Anonymous said...

I check my email to see if there is a message for the blog. When I see there isn't one, I think, "Oh good. Betsy is working on her fabric line." Because if there is one thing we need right now, it is some wonderful fabrics out there. As they do not exist. So I hope this new venture is a complete success for you, as we all will benefit from it. Gail

Unknown said...

I'm amazed at all the talent here. Betsy, so very excited about your fabric line and will be anxiously awaiting its debut. Interesting read about Tasha Tudor. Moral of story is not to p*#@ your mother off? lol

Andi's English Attic said...

What a great colour and a great room. Makes me think of Sam Malone in Cheers (the only thread of baseball I know). Good luck with the fabric design. xx

Lisa said...

The fabric line takes priority...we can wait! But did enjoy seeing this room!

bmayer said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer my computer design program questions, Betsy. I have an old chair that needs re-upholstering (good thing we have an upholsterer in the family) so could you design something that would go with an pale Aqua sofa for my Florida living room? ;-)
Just trying to be helpful. Now get back to work.

Anonymous said...

Where's Betsy??? We miss you!!

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