Monday, July 7, 2014

My Coy Koi Pond

I'm sorry I haven't written in a week, it's been very busy in the Speert family, and my mind has been elsewhere.
Since many of you may have been occupied over the 4th of July weekend, I hope you didn't miss me too much.
If you did.....
get a life!!!!!
Today, I'm going to show you my fancy schmancy koi pond!!!!!
It's the pond in the center of my condo development.
Isn't it purdy?????
This is what I walk around every day for my exercise.
This is the bench that my folks sit on, half way around the pond, to rest before they tackle the return trek.
this pond has TONS of carp.
I looked up what koi were, and couldn't find the difference between our colorful carp and koi.
If you're interested, I read this article in Wikipedia, click here.....
This year there seem to be more fish than ever.
All you need to catch them is a net and to stand alongside the pond.
I know all the following pictures look like I'm shooting the same fish over and over, but if you looked at the markings, you can see that they all are different fish.
I was just standing at the end of the pond, taking tons of pictures!!!!!
There are white ones too.....
These are shots of the same guy.
They are more unusual.
They are way cool!!!!!

On hot days they like to frolic around the fountains.
I have no idea why, if some fish expert person out there knows, leave a comment!!!!!
You can just barley see them to the right of the fountain, so I'll give you a closer look.....
Here's a guy jumping for joy, cause the fountain is so much fun!!!!!
 I think this is like a single's bar.....
I find this pretty amazing.
I think of all those people out there, fussing with their special koi ponds, and we have this overflowing natural situation.
WELL, it's not natural completely.....
Carp are not native to this country.
These guys are descendants of some imports.
 I believe they were released into the wild in an attempt at a food source......
I read it somewhere.....
I can't remember.....
I'm probably wrong.....
this week has been really busy!!!!!

that's my post for today.
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Unknown said...

Super awesome!! Gorgeous place!!

Vikki said...

Love your Koi pond and I know you realize how lucky you are to have this for your viewing pleasure as you take your daily walk. Best part is, unlike in Florida, no nasty alligators to worry about. Vikki in VA

Jeannine520 said...

I'm not a fish expert, just speculating, is the water more oxygenated where it's splashing and that may be the reason the fish gather there??

momtofatdogs said...

I agree with Jeannne520. The fountain creates more oxygen in the water. Prince Charming manages multiple landfills. the sediment ponds have to be oxygenated to keep them from becoming (sort of) septic. All the turtles & fish gravitate to the pumps.

What do Koi/Carp even taste like? (cringing as I type that...)


Mary said...

The carp at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia are UGLY! You have prettier fish. Enjoy your walk and don't fall in.

from Virginia

Unknown said...

Pretty cool pond but oy to eating koi.


What a lovely pond - how lucky you are to have such a nice place to walk. I have to drive miles to find a place anywhere near that nice, and my husband and I often do. I once caught a carp while fishing - creepy looking thing! I'm visiting from Daffodil Hill's Blog. She mentioned your great sense of humor and she was so right! I'll be following your blog now! Cindy from

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