Sunday, June 15, 2014

Toss Pillows Can Make a Room

I finally got off my beehind and got Kris her feather fills for the needlepoint toss pillow covers we found on eBay.
The covers were supposedly 16" square, so that was the size I bought.
I like it when the filling is not so big that it over stuffs the cover, creating a too tight fit.
In this case, the pillows were actually larger than stated, and the feather fills I got weren't large enough, so now Kris can wait another gazillion months for the correct size.
I am really earning my fee!
'Course, I'm not charging anything, so there ya go....... 
The beds were done in a cream on cream color scheme, with green duvet covers folded at the ends.
They needed a punch of color against the pillows, so that's why we got the needlepoint covers.
Remember these?????
I spent some time cutting off the tassels trim and rope edging to create a more fashionable look.
We felt the trim was just too heavy.
Here's a before and after.
I like them much better with the trims cut off,
In the room they add just what I wanted.
A splash of color at the heads of the bed, pulling in the feeling of the wallpaper and draperies.
I still need to pick up the lampshade for the little sconce between the beds.......
Kris is not impressed with my memory.
I keep forgetting to get it when I'm at the Boston Design Center.
The room is really starting to come together.
It's all a matter of adding layers of color and texture to a design.
I took this picture and edited it, so I might as well show it to you.....
I have nothing new to say about it.......
The touch of color at the head of the beds makes such a difference!!!!
Won't it be wonderful when I finally get the lampshade????!!!!
We are recovering the old one I had that's in the photo on the left.
We keep tweaking this room.
I'll show you some more on my next post!!!!!
I know!!!!!
Another cliff hanger!!!!!
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Unknown said...

Oh this room is beautiful. I love the cream on cream. The wall paper is gorgeous and so is that pillow......I agree with you cutting of the fringe on the pillow.

Vikki said...

One of my favorite rooms that you have done Betsy. I love the feeling this design evokes. Vikki in VA

Unknown said...

Everything about this room makes it one of my personal favorites. Oh how I wish you would make over my entire home...a girl can dream can't she?! Sigh...

fixitfaerie said...

This room is beautiful and yet cozy. I love the pop of red in the pillows. I also like that you cut off all of that fringe. As always, you have done a beautiful job decorating this room.

Anonymous said...

I love this room so much!! A dream! You are amazing..gail

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