Friday, June 13, 2014

Hanging Pictures On the Wall.....

I've gotten some grumbles from you guys about not blogging as often.....
I'm sorry.....
but I've been teaching myself a whole new graphics program....
and learning how to lay out repeats on a computer.....
and arguing with Josh at Studio 534 about what's pretty for fabric design and what's not.
He thinks I'm an old fogey, 
and I think he's a smart alack upstart!!!!!
He and I are doing my fabric line together, and it will be sold in his showroom at the Boston Design Center.
For my more whimsical and fun patterns, I will be selling them from my blog, maybe using Spoonflower for the vendor.....
I don't know yet, lots can happen in a year!!!!!
I love dog patterns.
I love flower patterns.
I love my look!!!!!
He's just one of these new youngsters who think abstract patterns are cool.
Let's get back to looking at what Kris and I have been up to in her master bedroom.
(That didn't come out right, but you know what I mean!!!!!)
We left off with me showing the new old chair she just got.
I must say...
if you don't mind the prices....
1st Dibs is great for finding just the right piece.
I just snagged a wonderful table for Connie's Florida home.
It was exactly the look and style I was searching for without being a reproduction with a fake looking finish!
Here's a close up of the leg that the dealer sent to me.
Pretty spiffy!!!!!

Where was I?????
Oh yeah, Kris's bedroom.
We needed to find something to hang on the wall over the chair, because Betsy hates a decorating vacuum.....
The physics in my noggin just ain't likin' them at all......
We were at this point in the design.
When a wall paper has a lot of visual action....
(that means, when it's a busy design.....)
I like to break it up by hanging stuff on the walls.
Kris went shopping in her closets that hold stuff she's been accumulating over the eons, and she first pulled out this framed print of Yale.
Her daughter is a Yale graduate, so it actually makes sense for her to hang it in her room.

We had a lot of wall to cover, and the print was a good large one.
Of course every time I went to take a picture, Kris would be in the way.....
She doesn't like to have her picture taken, but I did a portrait of her that day, so you guys could see what the old hag looks like!!!!!
It was hard to make her stand still.
Every time I said, OH!! that's good, hold it just like that....
she'd move, or look down, or not hold it!!!!!
where was I???
writing about decorating!!!
anyway, in the room below, you can see that something needs to be hung on the wall over the chair.
So, we started with the framed print of Yale.
Kris started pulling other things out of her closets, or from under her beds, or from behind her chairs....
I don't know where she hides all this stuff!!!!
It's a mystery......

Luckily, Kris has TWO chillin's, so we could use another print of her other child's alma mater.
He just graduated from William and Mary.
Kris is now done with tuition!!!!!
Oh, yeah...
congratulations to your son, and all that stuff.....

Where was I????
Oh yeah!!!
Kris pulled out a couple more hand colored prints of New Hampshire mountain scenes.
(or Vermont)
(or somewhere.....or other.....)
But they were in krappy frames.
I didn't like the oval cut out in the mats.
I felt it looked too Victorian.
We pulled them apart, to see what was what!
I really liked them without the oval mat hiding the paper.
Laid out, the three looked good together.
So we took them to the local fancy schmancy frame shop, and had custom frames made to work with the silver and gold leaf tones of the Yale print's frame.
I just wanted a small scale simple gold leaf frame.
I wanted a line painted on the mat, but the woman at the frame shop wasn't feeling my design.
She and Kris compromised with me by having a thin green line of another mat show around the print,
No one ever listens to meeeee..... 
Here's another informative and annoying side by side!!!
I wanted a black detailed frame for the William and Mary print.
Again, I got my line detail by using a second mat in a dark green color.
We hung them over the Yale print.
The new frames worked well with the old Yale one.
The corner was looking much more finished!
I just need to find a different footstool, reupholster the chair and make a toss pillow for it.
Kris wants me to design a fabric for this room.
I just may do that!!!
I think this room is really coming along, and you've been with us every step of the way!
We also need to fill up the little cabinet with fabuloso stuff.....
The best part is Kris loves this room and is thrilled with the way it's turning out.
Here's the before to refresh your memory.
who da bomb????

I da bomb!!!!!
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


sunnybatra said...

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Thanks for sharing...
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fixitfaerie said...

Looks, not beautiful, but, cozy, pretty.....I like it. It looks nice and comfy. I can't wait for your fabric line.

bmayer said...

Many (many, many) moons ago, I managed a picture framing shop in in the late 70's. I did a few custom "French lined" mats, but nobody wanted to pay the extra bucks for it ( and I was making a whopping $4 an hour!!) I forget what we charged, but it was a lot. I ALWAYS pushed for the double or triple mats which were SO much easier to cut. It's amazing what a difference a good framing job can make. I always notice the frames (not necessarily the artwork) when watching movies. That and wallpaper. Sometimes I actually follow the plot.

Unknown said...

I too am excited to see your fabric line ! Love flowers and dogs also ! I have a question for you - what is the rule of putting ribbon behind a painting or print ? I love that look - what are those ribbons called ?

Dolores said...

Many moons ago, I would stay with my friend in a old Victorian bathhouse in Hempstead, London, that had been converted into a bed and breakfast by the owner..and- my bedroom looked soo similar to this one, except, that in the Hempstead one, the dust of ages came free with the stay..I loved it!! are a lovely woman with a beautiful friend..

Ann said...

Love this room and the newly hung prints. IMHO it would be really good to hang more prints to the left of what you've done and make it a full on gallery wall. Don'tcha know?

Bonnie Schulte said...


Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Have I told you that you are amazing...yes amazing!...

Rhonda said...

You definitely da BOMB!!! :)

Anonymous said...

What leg were we supposed to look at in the picture of the table? (Sorry, I'm just being silly.)

San Jose

Unknown said...

Hi Kris, nice to have finally met you. You are da bomb, Betsy and FUN!

Anonymous said...

Please please please stick with the "Betsy" look we love. Cabbage roses, sumptuous florals, coordinating stripes and plaids in classic colors. There's a reason you are a legend and it ain't because you're a minimalist. (And I swear to god if I see one more chevron pattern in a gray and yellow room I will scream.)

Mary said...

Kris is beautiful! and YAY for William and Mary- which is 45 minute drive up the road from me!

LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are doing with the beautiful pictures.

I totally agree with Anonymous' comment!

Can't wait for your fabric line, I hope like heck I will be able for afford to purchase.

from Virginia

Stacey said...

Who has collections of beautiful art work like that hiding in their closet? Oh, I'm so jealous! That room is just amazing.

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