Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sometimes Plates On A Wall Have To Be Changed!!!!!

I wasn't happy with the way the plates looked around the mirror over the chest in Kris's guest room.
I felt they blended in too much with the wallpaper.
But 'cuz Kris had bought them.....
(without my knowledge or advice.....)
(she's ALWAYS doing that.....)
I tried to make them work.
They are very pretty, but they are too much like the wallpaper.
Kris is always on the lookout for more good stuff,
and she found some really nice leetle watercolors.
But they were framed in some really bad frames.
Bright gold, and too tacky for words.....

She wanted to reframe them.
But before she did.....
I suggested that she let me see if I could rework them first.
I liked the size and the detail, just not the finish,
So I figured I could paint them or sommin, like that!!!!
I took them down to my basement. dungeon, workshop, and decided that because they were so shiny,
that I would first give them a light sanding, so the paint would be more apt to stick.
Well....knock me over with a feather!!!!!
Beneath the crappy paint, was a nice red showing through!!!!!
So, I lightly sanded them with a fine sandpaper.
And them, I waxed them with a dark furniture wax.
I think they now look like a better grade of frame!!!!!
Of course the photograph sucks, because I blew it up from a shot I took of it hanging on the wall in the room.
I am not going to show them in the room until my next post because I am stringing out this story as
long as possible!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Unknown said...

Now see I would of just skipped the sanding part, slapped a coat of paint on those puppies and called it day. But it takes a pro to do it the correct way and discover the treasure that had laid beneath...just sayin. :)

Mary said...

You are clever!

Susan' Hearts and Flowers said...

Love the changes you made.

Anonymous said...

I love the changes but still love those plates. Hope they find a room that will show them off.

San Jose CA

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I just gold leafed a ceiling and I painted it red first...that red coat is what you must have discovered. The frames look great so much better against the paper than before. Brilliant outcome.

bmayer said...

It was probably painted red to resemble what is traditionally used as the base for authentic gold leafing. Fake outs abound!

Sam I Am...... said...

Wow! Good thing you sanded...who knew? I adore those plates and I love the wallpaper but they would stand out more like a pale yellow wall? They're so pretty and I love that room. It reminds me of when I was young and how they decorated back in the day...fond memories!

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