Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ah Do Love Ma Roses!!!!!

Check out the foundation plantings I had put in in front of my condo!!!!!
I could lie, and write that I planted them myself....
but those days of bending over and digging are in the past for my old aching bones.
My back just couldn't handle the manual labor.
When I bought my condo, 
my entry looked like this.....
I couldn't be havin' none of that!!!!!
The plants in the front were huge ink berries.
It took some real grunt work to dig them out.
Luckily that's what money is for!!!!!
And young men!!!!! 
Like most of what I do in my gardening endeavors, 
the first stuff I had planted didn't make it.
Some of it was squashed by snow.....
Some of it, that was planted along the path,
 was clobbered by the salt used in the winter to keep us from slipping and falling on our keesters.
Some of it didn't make it for reasons only the plant knew, and it wasn't talking because it be
dead, dead, dead.
Before I had the front replanted, I increased the size of my front stoop.
The existing one was so small, that I could just imagine falling off it due to my
 chronic condition of klutziness.
I've been informed by my doctor that there is no cure....
no vaccine,
no pill.
no inhaler.
no therapy.
So, I had to take the solution into my own hands, and use what I know!!!!!
I had it made large enough for a small bench on which to place my groceries, as well as a place for a planter or three. 
For now, I only have one.
I found a fake concrete urn at a local garden store and bought a hanging Martha Washington geranium plant to go in it.
I don't like to use real concrete because then I have to clean it out and cover it in the winter so that it doesn't crack.
Resin and plastic can be left out.
I love fake sometimes.
Not all the time..... just in the right places.....
and that decision should be always left up to me, as I am the arbiter of taste in my tiny universe.
(where was I????? Oh, yeah, plants....)
After I bought the hanging plant, all I did was pull off the wire hangers and plop the plastic pot in the urn.....
voila!!! instant accent!
I have a drip irrigation system that waters it, I hate watering stuff. 
It's boring.
 I just occasionally cut off the dead blossoms.  
Here's another of my WONDERFUL side by side comparisons!!!
the roses have been happily living in their new home for a few years, and are starting to fill in nicely,
In the early spring, I cut them back to just the main branches, really cutting them down.

below is the view coming from my parents condo.
Here you can see my parents condo just to the right of mine.
Next post I will talk more about the plants I used that actually worked in the harsh New England weather.
I will explain a little about landscaping for foundation plantings.
But now....
I have to go to work on my fabric line.
It takes a lot of time because I don't know what I'm doing.

On that note,
Latah Gatah


Mary said...

The landscaping is beautiful! I love the color choices and I am looking forward to hearing the details.

Any hints about your fabric line that you can share?

Mary from Virginia

Vikki said...

Looks beautiful Betsy. I only grow Knockout Roses or "Roses for Dummies" as I refer to them. I admire those of you who can grow the most beautiful of roses. Vikki in VA

Donnamae said...

Your landscaping is gorgeous! Even if you didn't dig the did pick out the plants. And in my world...that's enough! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your landscaping. The exterior of your home is as delightful as the interior! Thanks for sharing it all with us.
Martha from Michigan

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, as usual. Can hardly wait for the fabric! Hurry.

Anonymous said...

Talk about curb appeal! Your yard is lovely. Sadly, if it isn't silk or plastic it doesn't have a chance of survival at my house.

Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

Hi Betsy, One of the things I love about your decorating approach is your fearlessness about ripping out ugly stuff created by the original builder. So many of your projects feature ceilings removed, kitchens relocated and bathroom reconfigured. Brava! Brava! Brave!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! Gail

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