Thursday, March 13, 2014

Furniture for Connie's Living Room

I've shown you guys all the stuff we didn't get for Connie and Chris's living room.....
Today I will show everyone what we did choose.
I wanted straighter, squarer lines for a more contemporary twist.
Because I was doing back to back sofas, they were the first thing I had to choose.

All the new upholstery in the room is in the same off white fabric from Lee Industries,
Its name is: Canvas, color: Winter.

These sofas, the pair of chairs by the fireplace and the single club chair  are also from Lee Industries,
The sofas' style number is: C-3907-03, and they are slipcovered.
Connie and I really liked the look of the one big seat cushion.

The single club chair by the sofa closer to the window is Lee Industries #C-3106-01, 
This too is slipcovered.
This chair is really comfortable, and I love the lines of the arms and back.

The chairs by the fireplace are a slightly smaller scale to allow for room to get by them.
These are also from Lee, but they aren't slipcovered, but upholstered in the off white fabric.
I like the proportion of the high back.
I think they will look great flanking the fireplace.

For the chairs by the game table, we chose some from Standford Furniture.
Style number: D649.
They are also being covered in the same off white fabric, and the legs are in a softer toned wood finish.

They relate well to the shape of the pair of antique chairs we found.

We chose a metal and stone table to go between the two sofas.
We discovered it in a store in North Palm Beach.
I like the way it will go with the antique tables we had already picked.

To keep the room from being just white,
we plan on hanging contemporary art on the walls that will supply big splashes of color, and then repeat those hues in toss pillows and accessories.
I first tried to talk Connie into this, but we decided that canvases with more of a wash effect would work better.
These are more what we want, but with a little more punch of color.
because I don't have enough to do.....
I played around with the Picasa collage maker, and this is what I came up with to show you all the furniture together!!!!!

We still have to find some more tables, but that will be for next winter,
or as we say in Flerida.....
That will have to wait till next season,

I'm thinking about one more trip down to Florida this winter.
Connie is threatening to buy some sconces without my input.
But every time I fly I pick up something.
I've heard about taking airborn.
That's all I need, another pill,

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


bmayer said...

I find a few shots of Emergen-C work better than Airborne before flying. Was the North Palm store True Treasures? I'm sure you've checked out that store by now. (high-er end consignment). I think there is more to choose from in the Northlake Blvd location, than the Crystal Tree Plaza one, though.

techy_homecky said...

Can you post the dimensions of the room? Pretty please?

Lisa said...

Going to be a GREAT room! Looking forward to watching this come together. I agree that room dimensions would be nice to know. Keep Blogging!

Beth C. said...

Love everything. Glad you went with the watery art. So serene. Best, Beth C.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it will be beautiful, but I really miss your signature style. Still..look forward to watching you work your magic. Gail

Unknown said...

Don't bother with taking a pill on the plane. Just put on a face mask--like you might where if you have allergies and wanted to go mow the lawn--that covers your nose and mouth. I've done this for years (after suffering the worst upper respiratory mess of my life) and it works like a charm. Give it a try!

Anonymous said...

I have gone back and forth through the new posts concerning your friend Connie's house. I love the idea of the bookcase with the door to the bedroom. We had this problem in a house, and could never figure out how to fix it.

I appreciate seeing the entire process. From the house itself, to the photographs showing the decorating of the two previous owners. To the floor plans. To the process of what to buy, what does work, what doesn't work, and why.

Putting the game chairs in a photograph with the antique chairs was an Ah-ha!! moment for me. The same with the various tables in a photograph together, another Oh - I see it moment. And then the entire collage, of what is now going in with whatever is already there, was very interesting.

I live in a chalet, where I have gone from a very pastel look to a very colorful look. Now, I need to pull it all together. Thanks to this blog, I am beginning to get a sense of what works well, and what needs to go. Gail

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