Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Nursery For Leo

Let's leave Connie and Chris's house for a bit and return to Miriam and Ross's home in Massachusetts.
I've shown you guys their dining room and living room redos.
Here's a shot of the living room....
There's still a lot more to do, and I'm working on it, but things keep getting in my way.
Like this.....
Miriam and Ross refused to put their family planning on hold so I could finish the living room.
This will be my first great nephew!!!!!

Kids are great, but decorating a baby's room is GREATererer!!!!!

let me share what we are going to do.
This is a before shot of what will be the nursery.
It was Ross's office and a catch all for lots of crappola.
And let's not forget this attractive view!!!!!
I booted that chair and ottoman out of the living room, and now it's AGAIN in my way.
First we chose a rug to work off of.
Pottery Barn has some great stuff, and I used their website and store A LOT.
I found this rug and just loved it, imagining when the baby boy.....
anyway....imagining the little boy playing with cars on it.

We ordered it , and checked it out in the room with Perla the wonderdog's help.
To go with the rug we are doing Pottery barn ready made window panels in madras.
And will paint the walls blue, like the gingham crib sheets we bought.

We chose the light blue ones.
We are not going to use a bumper, because of concerns regarding them.
I don't know, don't ask me, I never had kids.
For the crib, we're going with a very economical one....
I chose the largest changing chest I could fit, as Miriam can use all the room for storage she can get.
The baby shower is in two weeks, and I am rushing to finish the footstools that go in front of the two slipcovered chairs in the living room.
Miriam has invited 1327 people to this shower, and we need extra seating.

Just a note for my readers.....
I've never changed a diaper, 
and I'm not going to start now!!!!!

On that note, 
Latah, Gatah


Kathy said...

You are a GREAT aunt! (Pun intended). LOVE everything you've picked,esp the rug, it's awesome!
Tell Miriam that she is one lucky young lady to have such a talented aunt!

Anonymous said...

So very cute - and your great nephew will love his rug when he is a little older. I really like the drapes, those are so awesome. Gail

Dolores said...

Congratulations on becoming a Great Aunt via Leo, that is such good and happy news for your family! Nothing better than a new baby to be welcomed and loved by you; you are so lucky!
And with your help, he will have a really lovely room that will carry him through many years.

Bonnie Schulte said...

...1327 people invited? then I expect my invite must still be in the mail..waiting..waiting..waiting...

Anonymous said...

Really cute !

Donnamae said... wonderful! You get a grand nephew...and we get to see another room come together! Win win! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Good for them and good for you! You'll love the little rascal. Boys are fun! I only learned this when I had a grandson. That rug is going to be so much fun for him. Trucks and buses were the way to my grandson's heart. I can hardly wait to see the room all done. Nancy

Anonymous said...

My grandson had a similar rug and he really did love to play with his cars on it! Love the madras curtains!

Beth C. said...

I see this baby as Miriam's diabolical plan to keep you decorating her house. Genius! Blessings to all! Best, Beth C.

fixitfaerie said...

Love the things you've picked out. An awful lot of people, but, just think of all the presents. lol

Unknown said...

Great choice on the rug, my son had a mat like that almost 30 years ago and he played cars on it endlessly. The nursery is going to be darling. Congrats to you and to the rest of your family! Come on Betsy, never too late to learn how to change a diaper.

Jaybird said...

Ahh Congratulations to everyone...even Perla!!
I made a mat like your rug for one of my sons. I used a green army blanket and appliqued alllllllllll of those roads, signs, etc.. Thank the Lord for a zig-zag sewing machine!!!!
Blessings to you,

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