Monday, March 10, 2014

A More Contemporary Look

When Connie and I started looking for furniture for her new home, 
she told me she wanted a cleaner more contemporary look.
We first went to a store called Pineapples and Palms in Jupiter.
The women who own and run this business are a delight and really know their stuff.
They made it so easy that we ended up buying all the living room upholstery from them as well as Connie's master bedroom.
I really loved these bookcases, but we had no place to put them.
I think the finish is just wonderful.
Lately, I've just been a sucker for this driftwood washed look.,

But Connie and Chris had decided to keep the bookcase that was already installed in their living room.
Of course, being a designer, I wanted to reinvent the wheel and have this removed and reworked.
I also fell in love with this sofa.
Unfortunately, it was too long for the floorplan, so I had to choose another.
We found some great pieces in another store, but ended up getting most from
 Pineapples and Palms.
We saw some wonderful iron and stone pieces that I felt would meld well with antiques.
This demilune was a contender, until we found the antique consoles.
There is a lot of really fun art out there that is reproduced from originals.
They look like one of a kind pieces.
How about a pair of pelicans?????

Or some men talkin' to their dogs?????
A happy dancing pooch!!!!!
Or a dog smelling a butterfly????
You can never have too many multicolored dachshunds!!!
We found this white lacquered chest, giving us the idea to go a little Hollywood in Connie's bedroom.
However we found another one we liked better.
This desk was a stunner, but too big for where we wanted it to go in the bedroom.
Connie loved the look of this stool, but didn't find it comfortable, so we're using another in the kitchen.
these were pictures of all the 
stuff we didn't use in her house!!!!!
Next post I'll actually show you what we did buy.
and when I say "we", of course I mean Connie.
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


bmayer said...

How do I live in Jupiter, and not know of this store? The secret is out!

Di said...

This store looks like a wonderful place with unusual pieces. I can't wait to see what you two are up to!

Amy Chalmers said...

I was wondering....what the heck DID you buy? Then you said at the end you you would share it next post. Great! I love that finish too, we have been buying some pieces for the store like that bookcase. Love watching you in action.

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