Saturday, July 6, 2013

Creating a Cottage Look

Before we get to today's post, I'd just like to complain a little.
Golly Gee!!!!*
It sure has been hot around heah!!!
Well, just cut it out, already!!!!!
I am a delicate flower, and my hair gets frizzy.
And I get sweaty.
And I get grumpy.
*insert multiple swear words.
enough about me...
Let's return to my buddy Kris's home.
Next to her bedroom is her daughters's bedroom the guest room.
Isn't it wonderful when kids graduate from college and leave the nest????
Another room to redecorate!!!!!
Like I did with Kris's room, I am not going to wait till this room is all done, but share the process with you guys along the way.
We are part way there, but have a ton still to do.
Here's a shot of how the room looks this far in our process of design wonderfulness......
I wish I had a picture of the way we had done it for Kris's daughter.
It was so much fun.
Lime green walls, billowy white draperies and a funky modern twist.
Here is a shot of the room after the furniture was removed.
We gave it to my niece for her extra bedroom in her new home.
Not much of a change.....
We hung this on the wall over the poor girl's bed, as it was her favorite thing to say at the time....
To get started on this room, I first had to find a wallpaper that we liked.
Kris finally let me have some flowers in one of her rooms!!!!!
I do love me my flowers.
My lovely assistant Kris, held the wallpaper against the wall for me to check this baby out!!!!
Because of the layout of the windows, I once again decided the best placement of furniture was beds in front of each one.
Kris wanted a mismatched pair of old iron beds.
We found the first one on ebay.
She sent it to a guy to strip and prime.
He was an idiot.
He repainted the old brass fittings on the bed in some sort of gold paint.
He thought he was so cleaver.
I thought he was so stoopid!!!!
But I told Kris,  
"Don't worry!!!!!, everything can be fixed with paint!!!!!"
So when we painted the bed this soft pretty beige, we just painted the brass parts too.
I went back to ebay, and spent a million hours looking for a bed with a similar shape and size to match this one, but not too closely, because they were supposed to not be an exact pair.
and I found one!!!!!
Kris bought it, and arranged for shipping to the guy who would strip and prime it for us.
The ebay seller shipped it to the stripper/painter.
 The stripper/painter took forever to strip and prime it.
Then it was shipped to my basement workroom where we opened it up to start painting.
It sat in my basement for a little while.
I didn't think anything about it.
Until I went to paint it.
He shipped the wrong bed!!!!
So the painter painted the wrong bed!!!!!
So we had the wrong bed!!!!!
So we didn't want the wrong bed!!!!!
So we were pretty #$% off!!!!!
It's a perfectly nice iron bed, it just doesn't match the one we already have.
I'll have Amy Chalmers sell if for us at Maison Decor.
in her new store in Reading Massachusetts
I had to go back into the bowels of ebay, to look for another bed to match the one we had already painted in our pretty greeny beige.
It took me MONTHS.
But I found one!!!!!
this time it took forever for it to ship.
I mean months.
But we weren't sending it to the stripper/primer guy.
So it came right to Kris's house, 'cuz she was going to paint it in her basement workshop!!!!!
It came missing a piece!!!!!
We were batting 1000!!!
It has three of these spindles.....
missing the fourth.......
It had all of them when Kris bought the damn bed.
Of course they are an unusual size.
We haven't been able so far to find a replacement.
But we will prevail!!!!!
The most important thing is that it is of a similar height and shape to the bed we were trying to match.
Kris took all the other spindles off....she's planning on finding something that works, and getting four that match.
Good luck to her!!!!

That's as far as I'm going to go today.
You'll just have to tune in for the continuing story of Kris's guest room.

On that note.
Latah, Gatah


Thehouseofhampton said...

So far everything else get two thumbs up. What a transformation.

Vikki said...

Your story on finding and actually getting suitable beds was great...well not great for you but great to read. Love the beds & wallpaper and drapery in the room so far.
Vikki in VA

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

hmmm. Here's my 2 cents (and that's probably all it's worth). Could she use 2 of them and just have to buy 2 more? I think it would be cute to have 2 different pair and it would save her a few dollars and time not having to buy all four.

PattyM said...

Reminds me of the time I took the brass trim off of my iron bed so that it could be sandblasted. After I painted the bed the brass trim was no where to be found. My roommate had decided the plastic bag was full of trash and threw it out! I had just graduated from college and didn't have two nickels to rub together so I just lived with the bed the way it was for a while. The second iron bed I bought and refinished I sold years later without ever using it. It was beautiful but so, so heavy. It would have dented the hardwood floor and probably made a hole in a rug. I'm done with iron beds!

Sam I Am...... said...

I LOVE that wallpaper! I want roses in my next bedroom/house (coming soon I hope!). I've always loved wallpaper anyway. How do they ship furniture? I have some gorgeous French/Italian Provincial that belonged to my parents but I wouldn't get a dime for them here where I live. Know anyone that might want some? LOL! So sorry you've had so much trouble with the beds but they are precious!

Jayne said...

Such a pretty room!

Beth C. said...

Those beds! Swoon! Best, Beth C.

truthbtold said...


Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE the wallpaper, fabric, beds and ceiling fixture...IMO, you design the prettiest rooms on the internet.
And the valances...just beautiful!!!
Did I miss anything so far? Looking forward to more details, thanks again for sharing!

Anonymous said...

PS, as a delicate prairie blossom myself, I HATE the heat. I spent years in the foggiest district of San Francisco, and loved every chilly summer moment there. Now I'm 40 miles inland from SF, and we just endured a week of complain away, I definitely sympathize with you.

Katie Mansfield said...

I love wrought iron beds. The one that is going to the shop is a cute one too.
I can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

the wallpaper and valances are so beautiful! how do you do it????:) cant wait to see more..

CK SN said...

Love those bed frames! If you can't get four matching spindles, just use the two in the headboard and take out both on the foot board for continuity. Not the best plan, but at least it won't look like it is missing piece. If you don't point it out, no one will know it's missing the spindles on the foot board. :-) Or just get two matching ones for the footboard...they'd be different than the headboard's spindles but the same for the footboard :-)

fixitfaerie said...

I think this is the blog. You wrote that you like the look of wooden rings for draperies that don't have clips, that need to be hand sewn. Now believe it or not, but, I keep seeing all of the pictures in blogs and some magazines, where they use the clips. They look cheap. I hand sew mine on too! I know you don't like questions, but, please, does Schumacher still make Cynthera pattern wallpaper? That's it for today. Oh my, I just realized it is 7pm her in California. Have a good day tomorrow. Paula

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