Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Betsy's Musing #627

When I was 30, and talking to my mom about marriage.....
she told me that she thought I would be happier if I never tied the knot.
before you get all up in arms about her anti-marriage views.....
let me point out that she has been living in wedded bliss for over 70 years, 
and her four other children have spouses.
It was just me.
She knows her chillins so well!
Of course...
I didn't believe her, 
and had to succumb to society's (and my hormones) pressures, 
dating anything and everything that wasn't nailed down.
I think I even dated some inanimate objects too.....
At one point I was even engaged.
(boy, that freaked me out.....)
(I realized, that once we got married he would never go home
I have a good friend, Jeff, who was married once,
he still likes his ex-wife.
he told me the problem at the end of a nice day together was that she didn't leave.
He now has reached the same conclusion I have, 
we are both living in single bliss.
there are downsides to living alone.
Last week I had to waste 20 smackers on a co-pay at my doctor's office.
There was a round red spot the size of a nickle on the back of my thigh.
If I had a mate, he would have been able to look at it for me.
It was hard to see in the mirror.
I twisted thisa way and thata way, and still couldn't get a good view.
I was afraid it was a Lyme tick bite.
(It wasn't)
The bulls eye rash can take some time to appear, and I didn't want to take any chances, since it's an epidemic here in the good old Massachusetts. 
My family, full of doctors, wasn't around.
(useless people)
So I did what any freaked out old biddy would do
and went to the doc.
At least she didn't laugh at me.
No tick bite.
Not even a bite.
It was just a little patch of psoriasis or eczema or something like that.
Weird, but not lethal.
Very attractive!!!!!
If I was married I could have save 20 big ones.
But don't worry.....
I will make at least that much this month from this blog.
This was just a post with TMI.
You guys are so special, I tell you everything!!!!!

Before I go.....
I have written a guest post over at Fine Craft Guild on color and pattern flow, just an FYI.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Katy said...

oh man, I feel you. I'm divorced (b/c he was a monster) but every time the topic of remarriage is brought up, I think .. no. I'm not meant for all that mess.
As you say - I need people to go home. :) some of us are meant to be free!
I just call my good friend when I need something on my back examined lol


I have a 34 year old, profesional photographer daughter, who just broke up with her 'almost' fiancee for many reasons and she's so happy! Knowing her she will find another man that would be nice and who knows what God has in store for her life. Her sister who is happily married with two g'girls, wish she had what she has, but she also reasons that she's happy as she is, because she doesn't have to long for something she's never had! I thought that was a very intelligent thought of her. Thanks for sharing sweet friend.


I meant..the sister wished her sister had what she has..a hubs and family. I didn't frase it right, lol..

Beth @A Little Country House said...

Betsy, your pretty funny! and you make pretty stuff, so your quite the catch even if you don't wanna be caught..God Bless!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

I always laugh when I visit here... & I say 20 bucks is cheap to have the place to yourself..
(& I have been married for 38 yrs. ) Heck, I would pay more than that for some time alone : )
BUT I do have a single/never been married brother who lives in your neck of the woods, probably about your age....good looking, artist, not gay...& has your same philosophy.... in case you are interested... : )

fixitfaerie said...

Good for you. I have been married for 36 yrs. (holy crap!) I lived by myself in an apartment (pre marriage) for 4 years. I had my cat, friends and dates if I felt he was worthy. I love living alone and I told my husband if he goes before me that I would never marry again.
I've also got 2 daughters, 30 and 33. The oldest Is a head case. She is moving out of the apt. she shares with her worthless boyfriend. I told her she would be better off getting a cat or dog. And she took this very well.
Even agreed. TMI have a good day, Paula

Squeak said...

I was married for 7 years, 25 years ago. I hated being a wife. I wouldn't mind having a boyfriend now, but he'd definitely have to go home at the end of a nice day!

P.S. Being single may have cost you $20 last week, but being married would have cost you a lot more throughout the years.

PattyM said...

Your timing is great. I have been feeling very sorry for myself lately because I'm not married and at this age, I doubt that men are going to be knocking down the door, in spite of having just signed up for e-harmony - it was a weak moment and I had a fight with my sister and the dog ate my homework and... Then I think about the last time I dated and how I would get up at 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. to drive home so I could wake up in my own bed without worrying about whether I brushed my teeth before he woke up. The thing is, we just have to build other support systems to help us in our old age - and be really, really nice to our nieces since I assume they will be the ones picking out the nursing home. Wouldn't it be great to hand select a group of friends that could pool our real estate equity and buy a big house. We could each have our space but at least there would be someone close by to button the hard to reach buttons and drive you to the hospital.

Etcetorize said...

I'm single, never been married, and have absolutely no intentions of ever getting married. People all around me think there's something wrong with me, but I just know, it's not for me. I'd pay 20 bucks to stay single any day of the week~

Donnamae said...

Interesting post! You always make me laugh...can't wait for musing #628! ;)

Anonymous said...

You're a hoot, I turned 50 today and last night I felt sorry for myself that I didn't have someone to spend this oh so momentous occassion with. well my son left me a lovely card to read this morning and I haven't seen him since last night (he is 15) except as a lump under the covers this morning, I never heard "boo" from his Dad the Loser, I had a great day at work and I am doing what the hell I want this evening, which is drinking wine, posting on FB and reading blogs. Don't ever lament spending money on your health and feeling foolish when it isn't something horrible or diagnosible....rejoice....and know you are brave and don't ever feel lonely because you bring joy to complete strangers who read your blog and mostly remember that you're "that girl" to so many men who are intrigued by the fact you don't need them! Rock on single sistas

AndeM1 said...

I love your decorating posts....but this was so good. THank you!

Rose :: Fine Craft Guild said...

Well, Betsy, it is TOTALLY ok to mention that you are being given our A STITCH ABOVE award at the Fine Craft Guild, as someone in the DIY-blog-world who is really inspiring to us all.

Beth C. said...

I love your musings almost as much as your design tutorials. You are a treasure. Best, Beth C.

Mary said...

My great aunt Violetta(that is a name isn't it?) was always sad when one of her great nieces married. She was a school principal and married because there was talk something was wrong with her being single. I secretly think she was glad when her husband didn't live long and she could be a widow. She LOVED being single. She was probably one of the most interesting people I ever knew. She had three apt. buildings and rented to college students and professors. There was always excitement and fun at the apts. She loved pink and florals. She would have enjoyed your blog. I miss my most interesting relative everyday. And as far as a husband knowing if the spot on your leg needed medical attention, he wouldn't. You would have spent the 20.00 co-pay anyway. Congratulations on the award and I am so thankful I found your blog. You are a fun chick.

from Virginia

Ellicia said...

Thank you so much. After all these years, I finally have an answer as to why I have never liked entanglements. I was always puzzled and thought something was wrong with me, but the answer is so simple - they never leave!

home before dark said...

I have been married for 38 years and we're still lovers and friends. Society tell us the way things are supposed to be and the way we should act. But life tells us a different story. When you are happier without than with, it's a big clue. For you, it's not being married. For me, it's not getting sucked into my members of my family's endless lies and manipulations. Life is short, go for what works for you.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

You go girl...and do what's best for you! Happy to read that your spot wasn't anything serious.

Anonymous said...

Betsy..if my brain wasn’t fried from this incredible heat that has taken hold here in NJ , maybe I’d have something worth while to add- but all that comes to mind is that the happiest people are those that recognize their nature and tailor a life to fit their requirements. You obviously are happy with your life choice, so it was the correct decision for you. And, you are doubly blessed because you have such an insightful mother.
I’m just happy that you have time and interest to share your creative personality with us..

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