Monday, July 29, 2013

Vermont Mountain Gazebo

Hokay Kampers.
Let's return to my friend Connie's Vermont retreat.
I'm going to take a break from showing off the inside, 
to reveal a little of the outside.
By the house are a couple of small ponds.
One has a little dock for fishing.
Connie's hubby, Chris, has it stocked every spring.
and the minks,
and all the other fish lovers....
and eat all the fish.
Poor Chris; guy can't catch a break.
For a special present, years ago, Connie had me get my decorative artist to paint a portrait of Chris as a surprise.
We presented him as a gentleman farmer from the 18th century.
She wanted the artist to paint in Chris's nemesis.....
If you look closely, you can see the dead heron at his feet.
We also put in a mink.....
The painting is pretty good, it really looks like him.

I'm such a dork, I have to show you a side by side....
But, this wasn't what I meant to write about today.....
I wanted to show you guys their gazebo that sits out on the other pond.
Traditional Home 2004
This is the shot from the magazine article.
The pond is right by the house.
There's a pretty stream that flows down from it.
Inside the gazebo, I set up four wicker rocking chairs that create a cozy conversation area for coffee or cocktails.
I had my drapery workroom, Drape It, make the cabana curtains, to soften the overall effect.
All the views from inside this outdoor room are pretty.
That's the little guest house in the background.
This is the Traditional Home shot from 2004.
The first few shots were before we got the little tables that go between the chairs.
They are from Maine Cottage Furniture.
The wicker is from Lloyd Flanders.
I wish I had had a digital camera in the olden days, when I first started working on this house, so I could show you the before shot of this structure.
It wasn't very aesthetically pleasing.
I put my stamp on it and made it FABULOSO!!!!!
(I am so modest.....)
We added the metal roof.
We added the lattice around the base.
We painted it a nice soft color.
And then we added the curtains.
It's become a favorite hang out for the family.
Even if the heron has gotten all the fish.

On that note.....
Latah, Gatah


fran sakis said...

Did you mention this fabulous place is for sale. If anyone's interested.
All the touches of a renowned decorator make this a great buy.

CK SN said...

Gorgeous! I'd be spending many an hour there reading.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing this post ... I remember the Traditional Home article... Loved the house and gazebo... Thanks, Teresa

Donnamae said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! What a view...and those chairs...look so comfortable! I can just see myself sitting there! ;)

Vikki said...

and FABULOSO it is!!! Vikki in VA

td said...

Yeah! I can post again! Really a lovely property and it's amazing how the green tables added so much to the gazebo. It has help up stylistically as well. Classic doesn't seem to date.

Betty Stapleton said...

what a beautiful gazebo, the pillows and the curtains are gorgeous. Love it. I have a small pond -have had for almost 20 years and the heron is sure a problem over the years. beautiful post, God bless...

sillyheart said...

You are a total stitch!!! Thanks for sharing the beauty!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember the gazebo as well, such a beautiful setting. Love the fabrics and color!

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