Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Needle Pointing for a Friend

Continuing on with my buddy Kris's upstairs hall.....
She lives in an old turn of the century house in town.
It's very tall.
Three stories with 4 rooms on each floor.
2 front and 2 back.
I love this house because the 2nd floor hall isn't just a long narrow space but an area that actually creates a place to sit and read and see who's trying to sneak home in the early hours of the morning.....
This seating grouping is between her 2 kids rooms....
tres convenient!!!!!
But they are now older, and out of the house.
See how the ottoman cushion is all squished down?????
This makes me happy, 
it means my design has been well used.....
At the other end of the hall is where the back staircase used to be.
We took it out when we renovated the kitchen.
You can see where the rug is cut out, where the stair case used to be.
There was no reason in a house this small to have two staircases practically side by side when we could use the room for stuff.......
We have carpet left over, so we can patch the floor.
Now we need to find more things to hang on the wall.
The chest used to be in Kris's bedroom, but we're changing the style in that room, so now it's used for linens.
Both Kris and I have a weakness for these old Irish chests.
We put one in the living room too.....
To the left of the hallway chest is a little side chair that I covered in a custom needlepoint design
 a la Betsy.
Kris can get me to do almost anything for her, and she loves my needlepoint.
She wanted something with a saying on it.....
I suggested such gems as: 
but she was being all mushy about her house and wanted something loving and sweet.
It's almost like she doesn't know me at all.......
But being the buddy that I am, I caved in, and this is how it turned out.....
I know!!!!!
I created a tweed effect by alternating two color yarns.
I had never done that before.
I am very clever.
No one told me how to do it.
If you want to copy it, here are close ups.....
This says home!!!!!
This says sweet!!!!!
I don't know what this says.......

Kris lives with a couple of big galloofs.
She loves them, but they shed stuff all over her home.
So she uses the back of this chair to store some of their hats.
So, this is a funner take on a hall tree.......

That's it for today.
If anyone wants to feel sorry for me.....
I've screwed up my plantar fascia, 
It hurts,
I am limping,
all I do is eat and sit and do my foot stretching exercises.
Last time I had this it lasted for 
3 #$% years!!!!!
I am not a happy camper
I can feel my stomach getting bigger.
Thank goodness for the Real Housewives!!!!!!!!
They piss me off so much, that I burn up some calories yelling at the TV!!!!

On that lovely note....
Latah, Gatah


Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Love this sitting area and the needlepoint chair! I've had problems with plantar fascia. It's a major bummer. Take care.

Nutbird said...

Have you tried a Strassberg sock? You sleep with it on. Amazon has them. But then, if you have had this before, you know all this. Massage helps. I love that chair. Can you tell us more about it? I love odd chairs. By the way, re Tuesday Q & A, I am selling my house in five years because my husband needs to retire then. We have a house in Colorado already waiting for him. If you are going to be sitting around with your leg up, how about some educational posts on Irish chests, Welsh dressers, and how to DIY Irish Georgian mirrors. Thanks, Ann

Anonymous said...

Your needlepoint abilities amaze me. You have done as much as it would take 10 women to do in a lifetime! Sorry to hear about your foot pain, have heard that is extremely painful.

Susie said...

Please explain how you get so much needle pointing done. Seriously.

laney said...

...you are such a good friend...and such a fun friend...those are the best kind...the ones who are both good and fun...i love that you love stuff...oh my...stuff seems to be out of style...but how do people know who you are if you don't have your own personal stuff...i must be getting old...but i know good stuff and design when i see it...and that is why i keep coming to visit you...hope you get a pain free foot for thanksgiving...blessings laney

Debi Jaynes said...

Try magnets for your feet--really. You can get magnet inserts just like the Dr S brands and it really works. On the other hand , you can get a lot of needlepoint done with your feet up. I have so much #%^& needlepoint in the house that I'm trying to find different things to do--next is a LARGE tote bag! Tropical theme of course!AND, what a good excuse not to venture to the kitchen tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Betsy, Kris's home is so pretty and I love the needlepoint, even though I liked your ideas better! My husband had plantar fascia and I know how painful it can be. Hope ou feel better soon.

Divine Theatre said...

The thing is...and here's the thing...YOUR BLOG DID NOT SHOW UP IN MY READER!!!!!!! It's a CONSPIRACY!
Your recent blog post just rambled by. I thought the whole" my foot is better thing" was code for something else...maybe even something funny. Lo' and behold, I go back to "Older Post" and here you are...all in pain and stuff. But now you're better so I can't say, "I'm so sorry" because I already know how it ends.
Your friend's house is lovely...but you already knew that!



Katie said...

Did you go to the podiatrist? I bruised mine last winter and it hurt for six months until I finally had to have a steroid shot. I hope yours feels better very soon.
Love, love the gentlemen's chest. Your needlework is amazing.

Unknown said...

Try rolling your foot over a golf ball as hard as you can stand it. It's the only thing that worked for me...


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