Sunday, November 25, 2012

City Cottage Dining Room

OK campers.....
We've explored my buddy Kris's living room.....
her stairs.....
her upstairs hall.....
now on to the....
dump da dum dummmmm da dummmmmm!!!!
(That was supposed to be a flourish of horns....could you tell?????)
I had trouble shooting this room because of all the dark colors.
I brought my photography lights over to Kris's house, 
carried them into the hall, 
and was too lazy to set them up and plug them in.

I was originally hired to do Kris's living room.
If she had realized the hurricane I would become in her quiet life, I don't know if she would have picked up the phone on that historic day she called me.
No use crying over spilled milk.
The damage is done, 
(where was I?????)
Oh, yeah, her living room.
So after I was done doing the living room, 
I guess her husband, Keith, liked it,
 'cuz he stood in the hall and pointed at the living room....
then her pointed at the dining room and said.....
"I want this room (the dining room)
 to look at good as that room (the living room)!!!!!
At this point in time the table hockey game had been move into the dining room and held the place of honor,
 smack dab in the middle.
There was an awful chair rail and some old worn blue bird wallpaper on the walls.
So I says, says I.....
And then I got down to work.
I wish we had before shots, but this was over a decade ago, and I didn't have a digital camera.
Being somewhat brain dead....
(who am I kidding....somewhat....HAH!!!!)
I didn't think to do a close up of the wainscoting detail I designed,
 so I have blown up the picture and it is very fuzzy,
 just like my brain.....
I had the walls covered in the paisley velvet I used on the host and hostess chairs.
This continued the feel of the living room and hall, creating a nice flow of color and pattern through the downstairs.
Here's a shot from the dining room across the hall into the living room.
That's Petey on his bed in the hall.
We moved the bed there while I shot the room so he could keep us company.
He's 17 and likes to be around us.
The stuff to the left of Petey is the crap I moved out of the shot in the dining room.....
and then was too lazy to move it again.
The paisleys in the two rooms are different but complementary.
I am very good at what I do.
YES I AM!!!!!
Here's the shot if I cut out all the messy stuff.....
Even though the rugs are all different patterns, I was able to find three different ones that complement each other.
Here's a shot from the living room across the hall into the dining room....
The blue polka-dot satchel is my camera equipment bag.
Like how I didn't move it out of the shot?????
I am an accomplished blogger!!!!
I take good pictures!!!!!

That's it for today.
I will show more on Tuesday.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, will surprises never cease?????
With one's family, you can never be sure...... 
I ate a ton.
I weigh a ton.
Latah, Gatah
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Lee said...

Just beeUtiful! Love it...wish my husband would speak those lovely words. But he has a really hard time parting with money. Drats!

Anonymous said...

The best part of your designs is that they last! To create a space that still feels good and lives well over a decade later is just wonderful. My goal! BTW - I hate being "anonymous" but I do not have a blog to link to

lady jicky said...

Give dear old Petey a pat from me :)

Love the room !!!

laney said... is just so wonderful to see pretty rooms...there aren't too many of those around these days...but you do the prettiest of the pretty...funny (and super talented)betsy...blessings laney

Cynthia said...

This room is beautiful, I love that chadelier and the furniture is stunning. You are a talent.


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Betsy,
I love all the color, texture and pattern in the rooms. Just my style. This is the kind of home I would love to live in. Also the entry is amazing. They just don't make nice sized entry's anymore well at least in my neck of the woods.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Be Colorful Coastal said...

very very pretty. love the paisley velvet walls. stunning. Thanks for sharing on BeColorful.

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